Stickman Readers' Submissions August 15th, 2011

A Matter Of Respect

I'm at the point now that I actually look forward to the girl being late or telling me some lame bullshit story. I relish the opportunity to show that I don't take any crap from a beautiful face. My attitude is that I have more to offer them
then they have to offer me. I'm the prize, and there are a million other choices if they don't want what I have. They have to prove to me they are worth my time and respect. I portray no desires, I don't coddle them or stare at
their chest. I look them in the eye, pitch them high, and watch them buy.

The last date I went on Anne was 1.5 hours late. I called her at the 5-minute late mark and asked her where she was and she said she was on On Nut around soi 19 (which is about 5 minutes by motorcycle taxi away from my room). After another
75 minutes she called to say she was at the bank because she needed money for the karaoke room she rented for the night. This was actually our second date and she had no excuse. She had already picked me up with her sister and knows the way. The
first date she was only about 1 hour late, but I let it slide because she wasn't driving and her sister was as big as a house and I didn't want any trouble.

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So after 1.5 hours she calls. I don't answer. I punish her a bit with the unknown and make her think she might have wasted her time coming to see me. Just to give her a taste of her own medicine.

I call her back after a few minutes and then take another 10 minutes to come down to the car. In I get, no big smile, and she was staring at her shoes saying sorry over and over again. It ended up taking 2 hours to get to the party room where
her two sisters had already ordered food and drinks and were waiting for us. Along the way we have to stop for gas. It's 500 baht and she looks over at me and holds up her hand. Obviously I'm expected to pay for the opportunity to be
around her. I let her sweat some more and asked her, "What about the money you just got from the bank"?

She said she would pay me back.

The look on her face was priceless. I handed over the money. I was fully expecting to pay anyways, because it is better than giving my money to a taxi driver and it helps her out too.

Off we go. More respect from her because I made her sweat, and girls like her don't experience this from guys very much. Everything is handed to them and her only job is sorting through offers from frustrated chumps. I'm different,
I'm a challenge, she longs for that, and rarely gets it from anyone in her life. She is Cinderella, and even the ugly step-sisters jump through hoops for her. Daddy never complains, only mommy sets boundaries and both the parents are younger
than me.

We are still driving around, she is chattering away to her sisters, it's dark, she's lost. We stop and I get out and have a think-a-thon. I'm not happy, another 1.5 hours of Bangkok traffic and we still have no idea how to
get there. I flip a coin, heads I go, temples I stay. It's temples, okay, that's my destiny.

She asks me why I'm not saying anything. I tell her I just want to go home. Now she is scared, she says she only has 100 baht in her purse and her sisters have already spent over 1000 baht. If the walking ATM doesn't spring for
their good times, she needs to borrow money from her parents.

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She stops a taxi, and we follow him to the entertainment complex. I get out and pay him 60 baht. Now I'm thinking, do I get in the taxi or do I stay and meet the rest of the party and save her face big time. I'm not in a good mood,
and I'm not hiding it too. Sure she is a hot chick, but not off the charts amazing. If I just want sex I can find it just as good on my soi for less money and hassle. She knows that too.

She looks relieved when I tell her that I will go and eat something and have a drink before I go home. I put on my happy face for the sisters. It's not their fault their sister is a spoiled flake. They speak no English anyways and are
just doing their jobs as chaperones.

I order food and a bottle of whiskey. After a couple of drinks and a belly full, I'm in a much better mood. I start to relax, and listen to them sing songs in Thai. I manage to sing a couple of English songs myself. I'm not having
fun, but at least there is air-con and plenty to drink and she puts her hand on my leg to show me how happy she is that I stayed and she doesn't have to worry about a red face in front of her sisters.

This is the second chaperoned date. The first one was a big surprise. I was expecting this night to be ours in a nice cozy restaurant away from scrutinizing sisters.

I have a couple more drinks, and go outside for a smoke and pay the checkbin. I come back in and tell the girls I'm going home now. The bill is paid, the fun is on me tonight. I'm not asking her to drive me home.

She walks me to the taxi. I smile and thank her for the night as if everything was perfect. I give her a polite wai, and I'm off, she is waving, I'm waving. I don't expect to see her again. Every guy I talk to tells
me not to confront Thai girls with anything. The are not used to taking responsibility and it's only the farang that isn't allowed to be late or lie about it.

Some how by magic, the taxi gets me home in about 20 minutes. I'm stunned and can't understand how it took her 2 hours. She calls with uncanny timing the moment I arrive home.

She had a great time and wants to meet me the next night. I tell her not to be late. She wasn't. It was awesome and we'll be seeing each other again. She wants me to teach her about respecting people. I will.

Stickman's thoughts:

Hours late? Expected to fill the petrol tank for a mere ride across town? chaperoned dates? Jeez, you have the patience of a saint!

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