Stickman Readers' Submissions June 20th, 2011

Western Women

There have been an increasing number of rants from readers recently about western women and there was even a quote of the week from one reader saying that he found them so unattractive that he regarded them as a different species. What has
happened to these guys to make them so resentful?

Going back to my experiences of growing up in the UK it is difficult for me to understand the hatred. I had a long term ‘white’ girlfriend for seven years until we split up whilst at different universities. No big deal, you
move on. After that nothing much came my way or interested me until I left the shores in 1993. I think after a long term relationship I preferred the company of my mates and enjoying the social scene (i.e. getting the beers in) and doing lads
activities rather than trying to pick up girls all the time. Fortunately you get the odd bit of luck from time to time to give the pipes a clean but a lot of guys seemed obsessed about pulling birds at every opportunity. I made the mistake once
of going to Tenerife for a fortnight with some old school mates. All day and night they were chasing slags from the UK and I just couldn’t see the point of it. Sure if you find a cracker then fair play but anything would do for them. For
me the whole escapade of chasing girls was a bore. Also it seemed to be a disaster for a lot of guys if they didn’t have a steady girlfriend. I think these are the guys who may have developed the hatred.

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Late teens, early twenties and they would no doubt get married far too early. Some hadn’t even left the country to experience other cultures and of course, women. Two of my mates got married in their early twenties. Both marriages
fell apart within five years with drastic financial consequences for the man. Another mate shagged a horror outside a pub when he was twenty. She became pregnant, did the DNA test, took him to court and he was faced with maintenance bills every
week for the next sixteen years. These are the obvious tales which would give rise to the hatred. But it’s not the fault of western women, is it? The guy has clearly made a mistake.

I went through a phase of not so much disliking western women but just becoming indifferent. This started in the early nineties when I went to the Monaco F1 with a couple of mates. There was a team back then sponsored by a Japanese company
called Footwork and each team had promotion girls handing out freebies. Well the Footwork girls were all Japanese and wearing skimpy swim wear. I was blown away and knew I had to get to the Orient (wherever the hell it was) at some stage in my
early life. My experiences of Asian women started in 1993 when I travelled to Hong Kong looking for work as a graduate engineer. They were just so much more exotic and intriguing. I eventually married one. Whilst I have experienced Asian women
for quite some time I have noticed myself taking a renewed interest in western women. Not for a relationship as I am happily married, but to look at. As I don’t have any bad experiences with them I can simply look at them objectively and
there really are some stunners out there (obviously!!). Maybe that is because we get a better class of women from all parts of the world here in Singapore. If I was single I would probably date western women here as much as the local lasses. Quite
a few expat women have quite a tough time when they go to work overseas. The majority of western men working overseas are either married, have an Asian partner or enjoy the naughty scene which doesn't leave many fish in the sea for them.
A female French engineer used to work for the same company as me. A very attractive woman but she confided in me after a few drinks once that it was a very lonely experience for her in Singapore. I see attractive single western women all the time
here and clearly they don't get the attention they would back home.

However there is no doubt that we frequently observe the odd horror of a farang woman. Sometimes it’s a bossy expat wife in the local supermarket, fat monsters at the airport and on holiday or the over curious beast in Cowboy or Nana.
We see them all the time and the husband or boyfriend is normally being berated or moaned at and the guy just takes it all. I’ve seen quite a few women who speak down to their husbands in a way that strikes fear into me. Imagine being married
to a woman you are scared of. I was in an Australian restaurant a few weeks ago in Singapore and a western family sat down next to us. The mother/wife was clearly the boss and she even made the husband look pathetic in front of the kids. I could
feel my anger building (at him, not his wife) and had to leave.

What I don’t understand is why guys get involved with such women. Surely the signs are there from day one. Are they that desperate to prove to the world that they can be Mr. Regular, get married, get a house and have kids. I remember
hating a mate’s girlfriend before they got married because I could see the signs and I had only met her twice. She proved to be a complete bitch and destroyed his life YET he went and married another one who already had kids. WTF! Some
guys are either just plain dumb or desperate to be ruled. It took me twenty five years to find the right woman and be comfortable with marriage which I admit is a bit too long but it’s a relief to have experienced many things and not to
have rushed into a marriage and crashed and burned with a bitch.

Stickman's thoughts:

You speak a whole lot of sense!

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