Stickman Readers' Submissions June 18th, 2011

Response to ‘The Story of My Thai and My Sticky Situation’

I rode the tale at the submission filed as 'The Story of my Thai And my Sticky Situation Now' and I became a
bit shocked. I can understand the feelings of the author and, well, see in the girl whom he's in love a lot of things in common with a lot of relationships that I had in Thailand. Even though I didn't came to Thailand looking for girls
-I've been enough popular in Spain to think about going abroad just to look for a romance. I love women and I spend a lot of my time in romances and looking for girls. The same as I did all my life in 'Farangland', but now in Thailand.

Because of that, I feel that I know something about Thai-Foreigner relationships. The author of that submission explains he's not farang exactly but from another Asian country. But what I've seen here is that if you're Asian
but not Thai and you can't speak their language is the same for Thais as if you were farang. I guess that the author is from a more powerful country than Thailand in economic terms. Hong Kong, Japan or Singapore, for instance.

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The author in that submission explains how he met a girl, fell in love with her after having sex the same night they met, and even talked about the fact she was with a farang who was at his country. At last, that girl was having more relationships,
told him that she was pregnant by him and went with more men. And all the time lying and hiding the truth.

The point is I've met a lot of girls in this country. Really a lot of them. And I'm not talking about bar girls, hookers or chicks who wants money. I'm talking about students, workers and girls who won't accept you paying
for dinner. Those girls are charming because of a lot of things. And the vast majority of them can be poison too. More if you spend some time with them, not just one night or one week. I suppose that the author of the tale is a young guy, good-looking
and charming enough to catch a Thai middle-class girl who has a car, a good life and never asks you for money. I'm in a situation like that. I was popular with girls in Barcelona and I care a lot about my appearance, so here it was not a
problem to be with all the girls that I wanted. I've been in some relationships, every time trying to not lose control. And sometimes it happened to me situations like the one that guy speaks of.

I had girls that really liked me, that paid for my drinks at the disco and that can be in my arms for hours. I've been receiving SMS all the time and sometimes they came with all that shit like "I told my mom about you, she wants
to meet you". That was true. They really liked me, probably more than other guys. But every time they were dating me had another guys too. Messages arrived to their Blackberries or IPhones everyday, and then suddenly they needed to disappear.
And always the same excuses: my mom needs me at my hometown, my friend has a problem, bla bla bla… The shitty excuse of their moms was the most common.

Of course, I was with some of them at that time, not just with only one girl. I just played the same game as them. Here it is normal. They were always saying to me: "Oh, you, being Spanish… you probably have a lot of girls, what have
you done yesterday with your friends? You took a girl to your room?" It was always the same. But THEY WERE PLAYING THAT GAME. For them, it seems that it is just like a race. They need to have the better boyfriend, and for that they try in
every place, at every time… and with anyone.

I need to say this to the author of the tale. Think about this: where did you meet her? In a disco? You took her to your room on that same night? Of course you did. And that first night SHE SHOWED YOU A PICTURE OF HER FARANG BOYFRIEND!!!
But now you know she's with another Thai boyfriend. Imagine her with that Thai guy, speaking with him about you. "I told him that I'm probably pregnant of him, but I'm bored of that relationship…"

She told the author that she's pregnant by him. How can you know if the baby is yours? Is better to have some proofs about that. She can be playing with you.

Nevertheless, I don't think that Thai girls are bad. But the ones that tries with foreigners can be a bit… special. At last, what is the most important thing in a relationship? Communication. For a long-term girlfriend you need communication,
to be clear and to express your feelings in the best way. For that, if I want a girlfriend for a long time, I prefer a Spanish girlfriend, who speaks with me in my language. They think the same, they prefer someone who can speaks Thai perfectly…
but we, foreigners, have something that Thais don't have: exotism. And is normal that they wanna try.

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I remember a friend of one of the chicks I've been dating this year. She was with a German guy with some economic power, and told him that she hadn't any money for paying the University. That guy was paying a lot to her for University
fees, books and even her room. But at last… she was with a Thai boyfriend too!!! And she gave a lot of the German guy's money to that Thai boyfriend!

Another tale: right now one of the girls that I usually date connected to MSN. She put on her status: So many obstacles, but I don't mind… I'll wait for you alone!!" Alone?? I was having sex with her at her room yesterday,
and today told me to go. Alone, she says… But the situation is stupid, because I always tell to her that is not my business if she has another guys or a boyfriend. I know she's waiting for a foreigner – the one she says to wait 'alone'-,
and even that she tries to convince me that the bad person is me. That the one who dates other people is me. I never hide that, for me it is normal… I'm single and I never make love promises. Never. It's what I've been doing all
my life, and I try to be honest about that. If they want to tell you that you're the only one and at last having more guys is none of my business. At last, words go with the wind.

So, directly to the author of that tale -and to everybody who can be in a situation like him – just my advice. Like Stickman told you… RUN AWAY FROM THAT GIRL!!! She's more than poison. You even can't know if she's pregnant
of you, probably not!!! Look for another girls, have a good time… but don't fall in love with a girl so easy. If you fall in love with someone at the beginning of meeting her, just because she's good in bed and not caring about communication
and real feeling, probably she would drive you to hell.

I hope that my words can help you a bit. As I said before, girls here are charming, but complicated too. At least, the ones who wants to have a foreigner boyfriend.

Stickman's thoughts:

There's so much truth in what you say! These girls want to have the best boyfriend (good-looking with plenty of money and generous). They will switch boyfriends in a heartbeat. And some date (and sleep with) multiple guys. These are degree-educated Bangkok girls from their mid 20s into their 30s.

BTW, I like your style about being honest with the girls and not making love promises. Good guys don't need to lie to girls, but it seems to me so many foreign guys dating regular girls feel the need to lie. I repeat, if you're a good guy, you won't need to lie to her!

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