Stickman Readers' Submissions June 25th, 2011

Respecting Women, God’s Gift to Mankind

Dear Stickman,

I’ve been treading your readers’ submissions for some time – not all of them: I skip past the boring ones.

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I would like to share a few thoughts with your readers that occurred to me while reading those submissions.

Everybody has a conscience. There is no man or women in the sex industry who believes that prostitution and fornication is normal moral behaviour. No matter how well they defend in words their lifestyle they cannot deceive themselves.

I will prove it to you.

Take a good look at the Thai escort girls in the advertisement photos. Notice the hard faces and the hard look in their eyes? These ladies are not happy. There is a deep sadness in their souls. Their freely chosen life-style is self destructive
and some of them know it.

Remember that story from Oscar Wilde about the picture of Dorian Grey? Dorian Grey led a dissolute life for many years, but he continued to look handsome and attractive. But in the attic his portrait became uglier and uglier as he continued
to sin.

Would you like your teenage daughter to be fornicating with a stream of strangers every day of the week? How would you feel if some dirty old pervert came up to you and started discussing the sex he had the night before with your daughter?
And what about if he showed you the video recording his mate made on the camera when the sex was going on in the bedroom? Would you not feel disgusted? You would sense your daughter was being exploited even if she was perfectly willing to participate
in these sex activities with foreign strangers. You would feel your daughter had gone morally wayward and needed to be rescued.

What would you do? If you really cared for her you would pull her out of the sex industry. You would try to get her into a proper job, and give her back her dignity and self-respect.

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I love women. I find them attractive. That is a formal feeling because I am a man. In particular I consider Asian women more attractive than western women. That is just my own person preference—I have nothing bad to say about western
women. I felt this preference for Asian women even when I was a young child. I remember many years ago I felt that Chinese girls and those from other Far Eastern countries looked cute. I like long silky black hair and dark Asian eyes and the Oriental
bone structure of the face and physique. I can understand why foreign men would love to marry them. I would too. Their feminine charms are so enticing and appealing. But I know the sex industry is both demeaning and destructive, both to women
and men. Anyone who thinks differently is deluding themselves or just arguing for the sake of arguing.

Human beings are not animals. We were created in the image and likeness of God. It demeans our dignity to debase ourselves through leading a sexually promiscuous lifestyle. Doing something simply because we enjoy the pleasure it brings doesn’t
necessarily mean it is right. We also have a sense of right reasoning. Going out and drinking alcohol in order to get drunk is a form of self abuse because we are abandoning right reasoning for the sake of the pleasure cravings that come from
the addictive drug alcohol. In the same way, smoking nicotine, while pleasurable, is slowly damaging our health. But smoking is not as serious as fornicating.

God gave man sex as a gift to use in its proper manner in marriage. Not to be a slave to sexual pleasure. But sexual pleasure can be addictive if it is encouraged. It can have as powerful a hold over a man as alcohol or drugs. When a person
is under the sexual addiction he is not at peace in his heart. He knows there is something wrong. Self control and discipline are old-school virtues that have a lot of wisdom behind them. It is a pity they are not taught as much nowadays. If you
really want to be at peace in this crazy world you have to start by respecting yourself. Then you will have respect for other people and you will feel a joy in your heart that you cannot find in the girly bar districts of Bangkok.

Many people who go to these places are really in need of proper council to guide them through the difficulties of life. We are all managers of our own personal lives, but we need wisdom to make right choices. Engaging in destructive behaviour
in these places not only can be damaging to ones health, but it is morally damaging, resulting in unhappiness depression. Not only are you damaging yourself, you are also damaging the girl.

The only way out is to stop and change. No man can say he is free if he is a slave to vice.

What happens in some cases is the man is usually vulnerable because he is lonely. He seeks female companionship. But love and sexual intercourse are two different things.

The sex urge can turn men into slaves, squandering their money on mercenary Thai girls skilled in the arts of deception. Over time self-restraint and discipline can bring the sex urge under control.

The greatest form of freedom is freedom from all addiction. Your greatest enemy is yourself. Once you have conquered your evil ways then you are truly free.

You don’t have to be a Christian to see the sense in what I’m saying. This is common denominator common sense that any sincere Buddhist monk could agree with.

A proper, stable, sensible relationship that leads to marriage is the wisest choice for lonely men. A marriage will last if both man and woman respect each other and sincerely want to be with each other. When men see women as human beings
rather then mere objects for their sexual gratification and then when they treat them with dignity and respect then the sex industry will go out of business. Men need to be loved. Women are a gift to mankind. But the Bangkok sex-industry is a
gift to nobody.

— Harry Lime

Stickman's thoughts:

Some of the points you make strike a chord, such as the loneliness factor and the hard looks on the faces of so many women working in the bars these days.

Will be interested to see if this submission receives any replies…

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