Stickman Readers' Submissions June 17th, 2011

Cop This!

I’ve been reading and writing articles on this website for years and I still do but to a somewhat lesser extent lately. Lets face it, these days we get a lot of regurgitation here so scanning is the way to go.

There’s something of a pattern in the way some expats and frequent travellers to the Kingdom project themselves. I don’t know whether anyone else noticed this but it’s disconcerting for me having been a resident in Thailand
up until about 6 years ago..

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There’s always been a saying in my family which I’ve heard oftentimes as a kid and this was : “Don’t shit in your own nest”!

Well this goes both ways, the nest being your original abode and your adopted one.

How many times have we read here about a guy sounding off about his homeland while praising the attributes of his new one, I.e. Thailand.

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Now it’s true that some might have chosen to live in Thailand for a number of different reasons but hardly any would have chosen Thailand per se, because it’s generally a better country than his own. In fact most people who settle down here
for an extended period of time do so because of a liaison with a Thai lady or enjoying the nightlife or having a job with a multinational.

Nowadays when I stroll down the seaside in my hometown looking at a pristine beach and the adjacent parklands dotted with free gas barbecues, exercise machines, playgrounds for kids and breathing fresh air, just to mention a few, I wonder how it compares
to the polluted atmosphere in Thailand with its filthy beaches.

Crikey, do I have to state the obvious? How does it feel to suck in dirt and forced to drink bottled water?

Can I drive around here with comparative safety providing I observe the traffic regulations as opposed being subject to a Brown Bomber shake down in Thailand?

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I don’t really want to enumerate every aspect of West versus Thailand scenario as you all know if you’re unbiased what I’m talking about. <That's the problem, so few are unbiasedStick>

The point I’m making in this essay is more about the dropkicks who whine and moan about the place they left back home as being impossible to live in as citizens. Mind you, they never can become one in Thailand and thus suffer the consequences.
Conveniently they never bring that to the table as they complain about political correctness in the West while ignoring their disenfranchisement in Thailand as aliens.

What really grates me is the fact that these ingrates, some of whom live off the social services of their homelands which enables them to live in Thailand then slag off the countries of their birth. I’m mostly speaking of citizens of English speaking
countries here as it seems that Europeans have more pride.

These guys need a reality check. After a while they accept their lot in Thailand as being the norm having forgotten about civilisation in Outer Earth.

Heaven forbid they’d get into legal difficulties or being accused of a crime they’re innocent of; they’ll find out quick and lively what it meant back home to be innocent till proven guilty.

Coincidentally, a farang living in Thailand won’t be bothered with having to face responsibilities and duties of a former citizen of his homeland. Sure, they can go and vote in their embassies when the time comes but many can’t be bothered
to support a system they abandoned. Yeah, pick up your pension, disability or otherwise, run away from maybe child support, debts or bankruptcy and while skimping off from creditors or other commitments trumpet to anyone who cares to listen what
a shit hole your country is.

Well, I beg to differ. More like a user to me. A “bludger” we call them.

People who matter make things matter. They don’t run away from it but stay and work to make things better. Running away to a third world country for reasons which bug you at home is a cop out.

Why is it that the Thais treat a lot of farangs with disdain? Think about it! Look at the flotsam and jetsam that ends up on the shores of Thailand and the answer is obvious. It’s not exactly the cream of Western society.

But even that would be ok too, if they’d just be quiet and live under the radar. No such luck. Go and do the rounds of the watering holes of lower Sukhumvit, Pattaya and Patong and you’ll come across many of these drongos who
don’t mind telling one and all how terrible their country is. There they sit on a bar stool puffing away and guzzling all night whinging about the places they came from. How they got screwed left and right without it being no fault of their
own. Right, believe that if you want.

Then they go home to their dreary places and take to the keyboards to further besmirch their countries on the pages of this esteemed website.

So I decided to give them a serve. That’s why I wrote this. I feel better now…

Stickman's thoughts:

Spot on. Excellent points about those who pull a pension of government support from the West, yet slag their homeland and live in the East!

Thailand might win in terms of availability of women, warm weather and the ability to live on the cheap *if you're willing to live like a local* but in so many other ways it is hard to argue against one's homeland.

One of the things I really like personally about the West is the ease with which I live a healthy life. That's the fresh air, a climate conducive to being outside and exercising outside year round, superb quality produce that is healthy and inexpensive, clean beaches….and on it goes.

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