Stickman Readers' Submissions April 26th, 2011

Response to Patti Dern

Dear Ms. Dern,

I read with interest your recent to submission to Stickman and must admit I was intrigued. I feel that I now know so much
about you that I feel comfortable hereafter referring to you as Patti.

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I noticed that you refer to yourself as a neo-conservative feminist. I assume by that that you mean the jack boot wearing, racial superiority type of feminist and not the traditional liberal I can't get laid and therefore I want your
job kind (By the way, I hate the way so many ex-liberals whenever they get what they want, try to deny it to others and call themselves neo-conservatives. What the hell is wrong with good old stomp them in the head conservatism.)

Anyway, I very much admire your clear and forceful writing style. I also agree with many of your descriptions although I disagree with a lot of the implications and conclusions you draw from them.

First of all, I assume that you have visited Pattaya at one time or another given the specificity of your observations. From that I deduce that you were a member of that tourist class you so deeply despise. I imagine, given your well expressed
abhorrence of tourists and tourism, you are now happily ensconced in a home from which you no longer venture. I do hope that home is located in a place so undesirable no-one would consider visiting it.

You spend a great deal of time in you submission wonderfully describing the unsavory physical characteristics of the males of primarily European extraction who gather there. Unfortunately, I must disagree with your conclusions. Instead of
a veritable hell on earth in which the gross, inept and ugly congregate like diseased cattle as you seem to picture it, you should try to imagine it as a slice of paradise instead.

Consider for a moment, here in this place called Pattaya, any person no matter how rejected by the artificial expectations of society can achieve their hearts desire and get laid every night with the someone that meets all the expectations
of their grandest fantasy. Think about it, in so-called western society, if you are fat old and ugly, only the richest of you can get laid by the woman of your dreams.

Why for example should a man or women be denied glorious happy sex simply because they do not conform with society's current image of what is a desirable sex partner?

You cannot honestly deny that feminism liberal, conservative or neo is not in part a product of women being forced into sex roles that they found less than satisfactory, if they found any sex at all.

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As for the Thai women you seem to imagine yourself superior to, I suspect that your reaction contains a bit of envy that they seem to have made a relatively profitable business out of what, if you got it at all, you probably gave away for

Are these ladies who as you point out turn their last trick and sleep away their daylight hours, any worse off than the Patties of the world?

Imagine if you will our Patti, a young lady from rural Idaho giving blow jobs to all comers behind the local road house decides that this is no life for her. And so she packs up and moves to the big city, goes to school and works hard to
get good grades and if necessary blowing a professor or two (or sleeping with the occasional dyke professor). Her good work and commitment gets her a job with a large public company that ignores her and requires her to work day and night and also
sleep with a boss now and then to move upward through the ranks until finally she gets to be top dog. But unfortunately, by now our Patti has become old and wrinkled. However, she now has enough money to afford the ridiculously expensive cosmetic
surgery available in the West.

She spends the months slowly recuperating from the multiple procedures required. Although when she looks into the mirror she is happy with the results, to most of the world she now looks a lot more like a store mannequin than a human being.
Nevertheless, with her new found confidence sets out to get laid on her own terms. But alas…well, you know how it turns out.

On the other hand, our Thai young lady has whatever cosmetic procedure she feels advantageous to her profession at the inexpensive rates available in Thailand while she is still you enough to come out looking like a human being.

As for the apparent resentment of these women to sending back some of their income to their parents back home, what about our Patti and all the other Patties, do they send money home to their parents in rural Idaho or even visit them other
than a rushed resentful trip during one annual holiday or another.

I strongly suggest Patti, that you immediately leave whatever you are doing now and return to Pattaya, get a boob job if you think you need it; put on a dress short enough to show a flash of your crotch when you sit and low cut enough to
provide a peek or areole as you move and go to Soi 6 and plop yourself at one of the bars and fuck all night while getting paid for it, and if you want to sleep all day, well good for you. Remember Patti even if you are as fat as a hog and as
ugly tusked boar, in Pattaya someone will pay you to sleep with you.


Happy in Pattaya

Stickman's thoughts:

At last, a decent response to Korski, ooops, I mean Patti!

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