Stickman Readers' Submissions April 25th, 2011

D Max Buffalo

My Thai ex-wife is coming today to my house to try to work things out together in Europe. After my divorce I was looking for something different. I was actually looking for a girl that was only in it for the money. I am talking about a REAL
professional. Since I was hurt so much by my former Thai wife I needed a girl I couldn't get feelings for to ease my senses, so to say. This girl really is worth writing about because being with her whirlpooled me into the true fascinating
bargirl scene profoundly. The first priority of my venture would be that my feelings wouldn't get hurt though I would embark in a GFE with my eyes open as a very sensitive person.

After various unmeaningful liaisons I found her. Actually she found me because I behaved and acted as I would naturally. I learned people have a tendency to meet in the same places bearing similar states of feelings. The first time we met
she came to me whilst I was preoccupied, concentrating on playing pool for weeks. The first thing she told me was I didn't have a clue what was going on around me because I was too busy playing pool. I answered accordingly by saying "That's
what I want" . Those were the last words from a broken man now wittingly going into a journey where anything could happen.

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What did happen? Let's call her SHE for convenience. The usual 3000 baht / 24 hour sure. But there was more. She was great, she was the best, really! She was a professional. I was a Dutchman with a lot of experience and wanted a good
experience. She wanted cash. In my mind I could separate my feelings and her cravings. We did everything I still wanted to do in my life. One day I talked about having another girl in bed together so she suggested going to Angelwitch. 30 minutes
later I was drinking water and looking my eyes out trying to become sober. After we chose a good girl there when the mamasan came to me and asked me if I would like to come on stage because I looked sober and clear. Amazing I felt I was in Disneyland
especially after the show and I tipped the strippers accordingly and walked out with SHE under my left arm and her under my right arm.

After a few days I decided to take it to the next step. Go on a trip together. I was wondering how such a professional would live and what her motivations were. Many guys write about the sick water buffalo and grandma mai sabai.
I wanted to check out the truth. I wanted to go in there and live it. I want to know the truth. On the side many girls who work the Bangkok nightlife are not professional and they really let their true feelings come out if they think they find
a good farang. On the side I understand many girls don't have the "balls" to go wherever she was going and every story is different. Personally I understand but I take the story this way. And I don't mean she really has them.

We went to Kao Yai to see her family. She had 1 baby from an Australian guy who distanced himself from her from the time she was pregnant. She had a sister who has a beauty shop in Korat city that SHE bought. 2 rai of land with chickens,
rabbits, dogs, cats and all the Thai vegetables you'll need, but no buffaloes around. Mama and papa still there and all the neighbours' children hanging out. I helped around with odd jobs and cooking.

One day I cooked my tom yam gai there with help from the older women. We just went around the neighbourhood and helped people and took everybody to the temple to walk around it 3 times and have fun and pay respects to Buddha. We lit the
fire balloons and had a wonderful time there. We even took all the kids swimming in a nearby river and I took care of them as well as I was the only man there. Also at the river I seemed to be the only man there taking care of babies. Where were
all the Thai men? By the way, every logistical move we made was in the brand new 600,000 baht Isuzu D Max.

In the meantime, to her family I was just somebody she knew from the travel agency she worked at in Bangkok and I was made to sleep outside in a baby's room built by her father. One night in the baby's room I heard something strange.
I was familiar with all the crickets when sleeping outside and this was the sound of someone walking close to me. SHE chose this way at 3 AM to speak to me. In Bangkok she had a wall but now it was not there anymore. This was the moment she could
lower the curtains! I took my chance.

"Everything you have here is enough, but if you didn't work in Bangkok you had nothing", I said

"It's a beautiful life I want when I am older, I am 35 now but when I am 50 I want a life like this", I said

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She cried and I held her in my arm.

"If you had a million baht I would take it from you" SHE said.

"Saving face to the neighbourhood and your family is more important then your dignity?"

SHE has no other choice because she got the baby and the family and the house to take care of. There is NO income out there. Zero, Nothing. Her sister earns 8,000 baht max in the beauty shop in Korat city SHE takes care of and has to pay
back rent 3,000 baht to SHE every month. Make the calculation everybody!

"You don't need the D Max! Sell it and get a 100,000 baht car second-hand", I ordered

"I want to build another house where the chicken farm is now where I can live I save money for that now" she replied.

The moon lit our surroundings. We could hear the crickets and the frogs rambling and jambling in the night and I held her with my arm still and it felt great to me, not as a good or as a bad feeling but just as an experience that's unique.

To be continued…

My ex wife is coming soon. She flew from Bangkok to the Netherlands with 100,000 baht in the pocket from the family to make NEW money.

To be continued…..


Your wife is bringing money to you?!

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