Stickman Readers' Submissions January 20th, 2011

The Trend in Western Men… A Racist View

For those of you who enjoy my submissions (and even for those who don’t) I am sure you are getting tired of me writing rebuttals to some of the more silly and bizarre submissions on Stick’s site. I know I certainly am. Right now I have two
articles in progress that are based on some recent interesting Thai events, yet I can’t finish them because I am writing this. Remember some of my rebuttals from the past, like my defense of BrokenMan when some jerk took pleasure in his
pain, or my taking Caveman to task for his anti-gay remarks, or my most recent defense of Thai Town from someone who obviously had a bone to pick with someone there. And, of course, there’s the hate mail that always follows my rebuttals
that I always love so much. I’ve even received more than a few physical threats from some of Stick’s more crazy readers. So, I feel it necessary now to warn all of you that this is another rebuttal to another silly submission and
to those crazies that love to write vitriolic emails to me, spray dust remover across your keyboards and check the wireless connection.

The article in question, of course, is titled “The Trend in Western Men / Women Relationships” which is really
a misnomer as it is not really a trend analysis as much as a rant on the so-called current decline of fortunes of white males in the world. I will spare you a rehashing of the individual points the author makes, but the overall nub of the story
is that white womanhood is being overrun by hip-hopping black youth’s intent on impregnating young impressionable white women. Shut out from their natural outlet for sex, what is a vigorous white male to do but escape to some far-off land
in search of accessible pussy? But things are worse in this black-on-white world; the half-and-half kids from these lustful unions have nowhere to go in society. Do they listen to Jay-Z or Vampire Weekend? Play football or cricket? The fate of
society teeters on the edge of destruction!

He Clinic Bangkok

Lucky for us in the thinking world, this scenario is a total fantasy brought on, no doubt, by one of Mr. Murdoch’s media outlets. For example, his all-the-white-pussy-is-gone scenario about the US (I don’t know what is happening
in Europe, so I can’t comment) is based on the “facts” that 20% of total marriages are black man / white woman. Well, it took all of 2 seconds in google to find this from Wikipedia: “In 2007, 4.6% of all married Blacks
(males) in the United States were wed to a White partner, and 0.4% of all Whites (males) were married to a Black partner.” In fact, what the statistics show is socioeconomic marriage preferences, such that males who have greater status
and resources have a greater pool of partners to choose from. Breaking news: it seems it’s not the color of your skin but rather the color of your money that gets pussy. I’ve known that since high school when the ugly kid with the
Corvette just happened to be the date of the prom queen.

But the author continues down this path of absurdity and states that there is a shortage of black men which leads to multiple partners for black women having children and then … well you know, white men are screwed when it comes to
procreation of the white species. Add to that their inability to attract or buy sex in Asia and suddenly the world is getting smaller for white men, forcing them to lesser venues like Cambodia and Indonesia (BTW, I would not consider Indonesia
a lesser venue). For those of you wondering why I use a strong word like racism, here it is. This downward spiral all started, in this author’s mind, with the black man’s ability to attract more women than a white man. This ludicrous
assumption is not born out in any statistic from any reputable source. It is merely a conjecture based on his warped observations of the world around him. To him, the middle-aged white male is doomed to a life of loneliness tinged with bitterness.

As a middle-aged man, I am here to say not only do I reject this prediction but based on my own experiences, and I am sure that of many others, I can show it is complete bullshit (I promised not to misspell bollocks again). I am no Brad Pitt
nor am I wealthy. But I am not obese; I speak in soft but confident speech to people and I treat them with respect. I try to dress in today’s styles but conservatively. What I observe when I travel the world is that I can find plenty of
pussy everywhere I go, even in countries like America where supposedly black men are ravaging women everywhere. In fact, I usually avoid hotel bars (I am happily married) when I travel as there are usually more than a few fellow middle-aged female
business travelers hanging out, sipping their white wine, and longing for a chance to meet someone decent. There is no doubt that there are lonely people here as well as in Asia, especially where young women in poverty can be bought or coerced
into marriage or sex. But the fact remains that if you are clean, kind, and care a little about your exterior, there is plenty of pussy out there no matter what perceived sociological shifting is taking placed. If you believe the world is fucked,
guess what, it will be no matter how many signs tell you differently.

CBD bangkok

Pulling this back to Thailand, sure the scene is changing. And as those observant few know, the scene everywhere is changing all the time. The old places that were always so reliable fade and disappear while new ones reappear. If you don’t
get depressed, you can find new ones with new adventures to be had. My friend who lives in Thailand year round just told me he discovered this bar on a remote southern island where the freelancers were like queens and prices were half of Pattaya’s.
How did he find it? He just started to travel and happened onto it. Isn’t that the way we find all good things in life? Don’t bother asking me which island, as even my good friend doesn’t trust me with such a jewel. He doesn’t
want to fuck up his good thing. Go find it yourself, he told me. And good advice it is; find the next best place in Thailand or wherever else and quit listening to naysayers about how bad life is.


I have to say that I didn't take from the article which you respond the same points as you did. I wonder if you have perhaps concentrated on just one point The Frenchman made, as opposed to the main point of the article?

The word racism seriously bothers me, especially the way that rather a lot of people are so quick to play the race card these days. Racism gets in the way of addressing the issues and honest discussion and that seriously irks me.

If any race or group of people – be it ethnic, age, sex, interest group or whatever – is shown to behave badly or consistently features badly in statistics disproportionate to the mean, then why should we not feel at least a little resentful of them.

The funny thing is that while people may scream about racism, the country of which this website is about, I think it is fair to say that many Thais are racist! Ask the average Thai what they think about racism and they will unashamedly say that they see it as completely natural and normal! A short anecdote: When I was teaching, the department head who had no computer skills asked me to place an ad online a new teacher. I would print out the cover letters and CVs that came in. If the applicant was a Black or Filipino, she would shriek and tell me that she didn't want them! Only applications from clean cut whites from a Western country had a chance. Trink said it best, this is Thailand!

nana plaza