Stickman Readers' Submissions January 6th, 2011

Excuse Me

Farang Dave, I am amazed with the gross misquotes in your submission “Thai Corruption Exported to American, A fairy Tale”. You have clearly created quotations I never said and generally misunderstood the message, tone and purpose of my post.
I have no idea where you read the statements you attribute to me. However, your spin is glaring since it is all here in white on black.

For example you credit my submission with your statement “the original submission on this place, that claims it is a seething mess of human corruption”. I am certain that I never said any such thing. I fact in my follow up post
which you obviously did not take time to read I further clarified my position with “I do realize there is not a statistical significance to support anything that could be applied to the Thai population in LA. However 7 of 8 seems a little
odd to me and produces a raised eyebrow.” In my original post I make some obviously overstated remarks for effect but ended it with “but who really knows? “ So we go from a raised eyebrow to a seething mass of human corruption.
Well isn't that creative, Mr. Dave?

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You state “There is so much misinformation in this piece I am not sure where to begin. Let’s start with the demographics. True, there are over 80,000 people of Thai origin living in L.A. but certainly most do not live in Thai
Town“. I never wrote or even hinted that “most” Thais live in Thai town. Rather I said “Thais are present in large numbers within a section of Hollywood officially named Thai Town.” The population figure I got
from the Internet stated the Thai population in Thai Town at 20,000. I have read estimates ranging from 80,000 to 200,000 Thais in the Greater Los Angeles area. I know that Thais live throughout the county. Even if the Thai population I read about
is half that number stated it would still be a large number.

You are dead wrong about the K1 Visa. “The author’s statement that the American K-1 visa is a long and expensive process” to getting a Green Card is just flat wrong”. According to your link your wife was admitted
under an entirely different immigration methods. The K1 procedure is long and expensive. The K1 is just the beginning and involves a rather large document chase, translations, expensive medical exams and so on. I spent about $6,000 to get my then
fiancée to America. My wife qualified for a Social Security Card as soon as she cleared customs. However, her card was stamped with “Work Authorization Required”. She still needs either a green card or a work permit. These are
accomplished with another immigration filing called “Adjustment of Status”. This is submitted after marriage with more forms, a fee of $1090, and another medical exam even though she had to have one for the K1. After more documents,
forms and “proof” of our relationship the Adjustment of Status is completed with a visit with an Immigration Agent. The Green Card that is issued based on a K1 admission is conditional and this status must be removed in 2 years.
I begin the K1 visa process in January of 2009 about 9 months later it was approved at the American Embassy. She came to the US in October and we were Married in December. In January of 2010 we filed for her Adjustment of status. In May of 2010
she received her conditional green card. Within 90 days before her conditional green card expires we will have do all this shit again to get her 10 year card. So 38 months three separate document gathering, fingerprinting, question and answer
meetings with immigration is easy? Not to mention the estimated $20,000 I have spent to date (air fares included).

Everything I wrote about is either factual or my opinion. I am quite sure of my facts. The rest is very clearly my opinion. Mr. Dave if you like Thai town just go. I don't and will not likely return. But that is my prerogative as well
as yours. As for my opinions, I have every right to them. However, do not attribute words to me that were never said. At least have the intelligence to disagree with what I actually said. Perhaps you are one of these Nancy Pelosi politically correct
types. I don't know. They seen to enjoy the spin. Anyway I would suggest the you remove you hair shirt and pull your underwear from your butt crack. Trust me you will feel much better. A submission was published here that was written by a
Thai about Thai corruption it was certainly much better then mine. I am sure you can find all sorts of thing wrong with this one.


Sounds like a bunch of ladies swinging their handbags at each other. No more responses on this one to be run here – you guys can continue by email!

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