Stickman Readers' Submissions January 5th, 2011

Amateur Night

A Harsh, Unwelcome Dose of Reality

The previous night a very sexy, somewhat trippy, young Filipina rocked my world. This afternoon she and I left my Angeles City hotel at the same time, me in the hotel's complimentary transportation and her on foot, both of us heading east. My driver
casually asks "Where's your girlfriend from?" That beautiful girl swaying down the street, off-handedly accounted for as my "girlfriend": chalk up one more of the countless, ego-feeding delights of paradise. She left me
with a deep, warm smile and knowing wave, this unforgettable "Jenna", of Crystal Palace.

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The car was taking me to the local mall, SM City. When I asked for a ride there, I didn't know there was a much, much shorter footpath, and ABC's hotel staff was too polite to say anything. Once I saw the shortcut I apologized to the driver,
and said there would be no need for him to return for me.

I needed sundry toiletries, was looking for breakfast, and intended to look around, maybe find a souvenir or two, hoping to have a generally pleasant shopping experience. Who knows exactly what one might find? I had never set foot in one of the famous
malls with the signature blue color, and shopping can be a fun diversion any time. The mall was very large, quite modern and clean, absolutely 100 percent up-to-par with typical shopping malls in the US.

I walked around, locating a small restaurant where I took breakfast. It looked like a franchise or a chain restaurant, but one I'd never seen (it was not the ubiquitous Jollibee). The food was okay, but with so many interesting eating options I would
make it a point to not return there, and took a lesson to avoid the blasé.

Inside the mall, I was feeling overwhelmed, and not in a good way. The mood was different, very different, from out on the street. On the street, everyone is fully aware of everyone else; there is a feeling of interaction, heart, seeking, desire, interest,
with minor undercurrents of excitement and tension. But here, in the mall, the primary feeling was of arrogance. Everyone had money, no one needed anyone else. This incited a distinct feeling of sadness: I could see and feel the corruption brought
on by money, how money robs people of relationships. Even though this setting was the most familiar to me of everywhere I'd been in the Philippines, it made me very uncomfortable, and I was anxious to get back out on the street, back into
the unreal, real world. I found what I was looking for, and walked back to ABC.

Another Night in Paradise Unfolds

My plan for the night was to get the two hottest girls I could find. No joke, that was the entirety of my short-sighted plan. This would be the night my naïveté about the pace and rhythm of the nights in Angeles City would work against me. I
could have, and should have, been a tad more strategic about procuring these two yet-unidentified ladies.

Around 4:00 PM or so, I decided to amble over to Pony Tails. I knew they were already open, and I had seen their website and read a good review, so I expected good things. (Pony Tails is very close to ABC.) I was very pleased with the layout of the place.
There's a relatively large stage, surrounded on all sides by plenty of comfortable seating, including seats at the stage, tables, and couch seating, and it's arranged in levels, so everyone can get the kind of seating they want, and
every seat has a good view of the stage. I look around and am sure this is a good choice: there are dozens and dozens of girls all about, with a lot of real beauties. There had to be at least a hundred girls in total, and fewer than ten customers.
As I sat and watched the dancers on stage, I noticed that they turn over about every three songs, so there's very little wait to see something new.

One of the girls on stage sported a fantastic, rounded derriere, and awesome, long, black hair, a combination that always piques my interest. I gave my waitress her number, and over she came for a lady drink. Being one of the dancers who wears body paint
in place of a top, her number was prefixed with the letter "P". Her name is Aimee, pronounced "I me". As she approached, and I got a close look at her face, I lost a little of my enthusiasm. She took a seat next to me, and
she was very open and receptive, but there wasn't any immediate chemistry. Very soon, I knew I wouldn't want to barfine her. Her English was excellent; this girl was clearly well-educated and intelligent. Since the music wasn't
terribly loud, I took advantage of the opportunity to really converse with her.

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I learned that girls who wear body paint earn more, P350/day as opposed to P180/day, but wearing the body paint is a two-way street. The girl has to be a good looker, but it makes the girls feel very naked, and very self-conscious. She asked if I thought
she should put on weight, saying that someone had recommended it, and she wanted my opinion. I was flattered that she asked. I had her stand, and examined her very closely, again enjoying one of those countless, subtle pleasures of paradise. My
bottom line answer was "no". Although she was quite thin, she had great lines and proportions, including her superior posterior. I explained that if she were to add weight, she must be very careful that it all be muscle, or she risks
adding unsightly gain that would interfere with her body's natural lines. I think she understood exactly what I was saying, and appreciated the candid critique. It was far too early for the very best feature dancers, and I didn't see
anyone who really got my top spinning. [Amateur's mistake #1: timing. I didn't see Pony Tail's best girls because it was too early.] But, I wrote down a couple of numbers for later, just in case. I walked back to ABC to get a ride
to Dollhouse.

When in Dollhouse two nights ago, I'd seen a few dancers on stage who I now intended to get a much better look at. Dollhouse was not busy, and I was taken to a couch-style seat with a great view of the stage. It was still early, maybe 6:45 PM or
so. Jeanette, a very friendly dancer and consistent Dollhouse friend, descended upon me along with her roommate Eileen, a waitress. I enjoyed the attention and was having fun, but I tried to be clear that I wasn't "interested".
These girls are very perceptive, they see this every day; they got the message. Soon another waitress came by, asking about lady drinks, but I politely said "no", removing any lingering ambiguity. The girls stayed nearby, remaining friendly
and pleasant. I sat, looking about, intent upon locating and evaluating some of the hotties I had seen on stage here two nights ago. I went CR, and on the way back, there she was, one of the dancers I was very interested in. On stage, she portrayed a very stern, severe look, sporting straight, black hair, and an exotic, dark complexion. She gave me that same stern look as I passed by. I made it an obvious point to look at her number, 4668, and returned
to my seat. As I think this through later, I know she had seen me in Dollhouse two nights ago (we had very briefly made eye contact when she was on stage then), she saw me go CR, and she intentionally positioned herself so I would see her as I
was returning to my seat. But, she was only one of maybe five or six who had interested me, so I wanted to wait to get a better look at all of them on stage, before buying her, or any of them, a lady drink. [Amateur's mistake #2: I should
have grabbed her for evaluation right then.]

On the previous night, Mama Lorna had been such a help at Crystal Palace that I decided to buy mamasan a lady drink here, and see if she could help me make a selection. When I told the waitress, she said "which one?" Well, that stumped me, since
I didn't know there were multiple mamasans, and even if I had, I'd have no way of knowing which one to talk with. So the nearest mamasan was summoned over, flattered to have a lady drink. [Amateur's mistake #3: I shouldn't
have generalized, I should have waited to see if a mamasan reached out to me.] She was nice, but she really wasn't much help. Her advice, over and over, was "talk to the girl". I already knew that much, and I didn't have any
trouble doing that, it's just the "the girl" will stick around for thirty or forty minutes, and I'd rather save some time by doing a little pre-screening.

The Well Going Dry Early?

Since mamasan wasn't helping much, I decided to buy a lady drink for the one girl I had some interest in; she was not yet on stage. Being in the holiday mood, I couldn't remember the second digit of her number. I told my waitress I was interested
in the girl whose number is 4-something-6-8. These girls are so perceptive and catty that I felt sure my waitress, or someone, would have noticed this particular girl having positioned herself near the CR when I was coming out of it. But I was
wrong, and I was in for a bit of a comedic treat. No one knew who I meant, and several girls scurried about, just about turning the place upside down looking for her. They brought me two substitutes whose numbers ended in "68". Finally
someone found her, by this time she was with another customer. I asked if she'd been barfined. "Yes" was the reply. [Amateur's mistake #4: Assuming that the girls always know exactly what's going on. I sort of forgot I
was in SE Asia.] Thinking that this girl had been so suddenly snatched up was one of the factors driving me on during this particular night.

Over to my left, back in a corner, was a group of three Japanese customers, sitting with four real hotties from Dollhouse. It was very amusing, but also frustrating, when they left: three girls went with them, and one was dispatched back to the stage.
I cannot imagine the range of emotions these girls must go through on any given night. But the circumstances cemented in me a resolve to act quickly: in total, six of the Dollhouse hotties were immediately occupied and unavailable by the time
I could make a cogent decision, even though it was still very early. [Amateur's mistake #5: Pointlessly embracing negative emotions of jealousy and mild desperation.]

The very hottest feature or spotlight dancers often don't start until 9:00 PM, so while it seemed to me as if the well was drying up very early, there was plenty more yet to be seen, at Dollhouse and elsewhere, later. But, my mood and tone were set
for the rest of this particular night, and now I was determined to move quickly and decisively on anything I saw that met my internal standard of outstanding, sexy beauty. At this particular time, there wasn't anything available at Dollhouse
that I was interested in. Mamasan said more dancers would be in at 9:00 PM, but I wasn't comfortable sticking around for the next hour or so. So, I left, for Club Atlantis.

At Club Atlantis, I was shown to a barstool, but I told my waitress I was interested in a better seat. The nicer couch seats had "Reserved" signs on them. I knew that was bullshit, but the waitress looked at me and said "Sorry, reserved".
Well, that did it. I was already frustrated from losing out on the hotties at Dollhouse, and I was not going to sit idly by while some group of Japanese (or anyone else) comes in here, is shown to a better seat, and takes all the hottest girls.
I didn't waste a minute. I surveyed the scene, wrote down some numbers (including Joy's, a girl I'd met here the previous night), and called over a waitress. In a demanding tone, I said: "I want to buy lady drink for [this
one] and [this one], and I want a better seat." In about three or four minutes, I was comfortably nestled between two stunning, sexy ladies. [Amateur's mistake #6: Right thing to do, wrong attitude.]

Winnowing the Field

Right away, Joy recognized me from the previous night (just LD, not BF), and this time there was much better chemistry; this time we were old friends. My other choice for a lady drink, Joyce, was an absolute stunner. She was the complete package: hair,
face, body, skin, poise, but she was only 19 – I wasn't too sure if she'd really be good overnight barfine material. But she was very nice, and quite friendly. I asked Joy about barfine, but she had started menstruation. I told her she
was my favorite and I was very sad, and I had considered barfining her the previous night. She smacked my arm and said "You should have, why didn't you?!?" (Another ego-feeding delight: a hot, sexy girl frustrated because she hadn't had sex with me.) I was telling the truth, I really was disappointed, because I was beginning to like her quite a lot. I told Joy that I would probably barfine Joyce, but I was concerned
about her young age. Joy said that she, too, was only 19. I laughed, because Joy has the temperament of a girl at least 22 or 23.

The chemistry with Joyce was good. As we sat and chatted, she was very friendly, she seemed comfortable with me, and I was very comfortable with her. I bought a second lady drink for Joyce, and soon asked about barfine. She enthusiastically said "Sure",
and seemed genuinely happy – her enthusiasm was exciting. Then, I revealed my interest in getting a second girl, and asked if that would be okay. Without hesitation, she said sure, it would be okay, and she looked and sounded like she really
meant it. I did not ask about her making sex with another girl. I assumed she would not want to do that, which was fine with me. But for some reason, I did not ask all of the hard questions, which later proved to be a mistake. [Amateur's
mistake #7: Self-explanatory.] I decided to barfine her (P3,000), and I called over the waitress to give her the number of my next choice, to join us for a lady drink.

Emily, I think, was her name. She was very nice and friendly, nice to cuddle with, but I knew almost right away that I didn't want to barfine her. Although she was very pretty, and looked great on stage, somehow up close she just didn't have
the big, commanding beauty I was looking for. I think she could soon sense that I wasn't interested in barfining her. Very soon, I spied another girl of interest, a girl I'd met on the previous night, Sheryl (just LD, not BF). But I
wasn't able to see her number, I couldn't remember her name, and she very soon disappeared from view. I sat looking and looking, but did not see her anywhere. I told Joyce I'd spotted a specific girl, but now I was looking for her
and could not locate her. Joyce suggested that if I cannot find someone there at Club Atlantis, we can go somewhere else and I can pick someone out. (Why can't wives be like that?) [Amateur's mistake #8 (probably): Overlooking Joyce's
suggestion. Looking at this in hindsight, this was probably a message given in that subtle, indirect way common to women of SE Asia that she would be more comfortable if she were with someone she did not work with. But, I perceived her tone to
be more that of trying to be accommodating to me; this would have been a subtleness challenge even for the savvy.]

Joyce left to change, and while she was gone, the Brazilian Thong Show started. Well, that explained why Sheryl had disappeared: she was changing because she was one of the girls featured in the show. But, the girls in the show were not wearing numbers,
so I still had no foolproof way to identify her. Between Emily and mamasan, we got things figured out, and mamasan, risking Sheryl's eyesight, got her attention and communicated to her that she was wanted off-stage.

While that was going on, Joyce returned from changing. Wow, wow, wow, she looked FABULOUS. She was wearing a pretty and sexy knit black mini dress, pearl earrings, and heels – she was a
knockout. Joyce stands about 5'5", is slim, maybe 33B-22-33, weighing I'd guess around 108 lbs.

About this time Sheryl was down off the stage, and I didn't waste any time with the hard questions, just the "mens" question, and then I asked about barfining her with Joyce. She
said "Sure", and seemed quite happy. I barfined Sheryl (P3,000), who is about 5'6", roughly 34B-25-35, around 118 lbs, and 22 years old. [Amateur's mistake #9: I hadn't given this girl any kind of evaluation, either
implicit (feelings) or explicit (inquiry).] After she came out from changing, we sat there for a few minutes, finishing our respective drinks. Both the girls' eyes opened a little wide as I reeled off sufficient 1,000-peso notes to pay this,
my largest bar tab of the trip.

It was her appearance that induced me to make amateur's mistake #9, bypassing evaluation. Sheryl's face, her eyes, her beautiful features: the appeal is more than skin deep. "The eyes are the windows to the soul", and she has that
heritage, that Asian way: eyes of infinite depth, with no block, no shield, no bottom. Within her I see the power to effortlessly, painlessly consume men: no shame, no guilt, no second thought. Within her I see the dragon. This is the essence
of her appeal, the appeal of the Orient.

Night Out with the Girls

Stepping out of Club Atlantis, I asked the girls if they wanted to go anyplace in particular. I was in no hurry to get to my room, I was quite interested in enjoying the evening out with these two stunning ladies. They both, almost simultaneously, suggested
Dollhouse. I was amused, since Dollhouse is where I was chiseled out of the beauties I first wanted. Now I would be walking in with a couple of genuine beauties from another club, at their behest. We were shown to comfortable seat, where we had
some pizza, drinks, and general good fun. I saw #4668 on stage again (and she saw me); obviously she had not been barfined, as I'd been informed earlier.

Sheryl was more flirtatious in public than Joyce was, and a little older, so frankly I had higher hopes for Sheryl than for Joyce, in private. Joyce later proved to have maturity and finesse beyond her young 19 years.

After a while, we left. I asked if we could use one of their phones to call for a car. Neither of the cheapskates would pull out their phone, so we took a stinky, overpriced, unmetered taxi back to ABC. Yes, this scam was a bad sign. [Amateur's mistake
#10: I should have laid down the law, and said we're walking back. If either of them was uncomfortable walking, she would have produced a phone.]

"3" (pronounced "Chree")

Joyce showered first. She very willingly stood naked before me as I kissed and caressed her body, while Sheryl showered. Joyce seemed to take genuine pleasure in being appreciated for her sexy beauty. Sheryl came out, then Joyce snuggled in bed, and I
asked Sheryl over for the same thing: to touch, admire, and appreciate her body. As I lifted her towel, I was surprised to find that she had her panties on. She very cutely said "oh-oh", briefly stepped away, removed them, and returned.
She was very self-conscious, saying that she did not have a nice body, and trying to cover her behind with her hands as I looked at her. Her body wasn't quite as hot as Joyce's, but really, how bad could it be, given that she is one
of the girls featured in the Brazilian Thong Show at Club Atlantis? Plus, she had that awesome face that really got to me. She did not warm as I caressed her body, she remained very self-conscious. I was beginning to see that my assumptions based
solely on chronological age were not well-founded. Then I showered, while they watched some Philippine movie.

I came out, sat on the bed, and neither seemed the least bit interested, they just kept watching TV. I essentially had to demand their attention. I turned off the TV, then we got in bed, but neither girl was very enthusiastic. They insisted we turn off
most of the lights. I was disappointed about this, because they were both so very attractive that I wanted to see every little detail. Again, the mood lighting in the room proved exceedingly valuable.

The ensuing time was mostly fun, a tad mundane, a little bit unusual, and nothing extraordinary, at least within the context of a night in AC. I am compelled to recount one very amusing incident. At one point, Sheryl had understood a specific, simple
request, but did not understand the accompanying term I'd used. In Tagalog, she asked Joyce for a little vocabulary help, and Joyce responded, distinctly (and very amusingly) mispronouncing the words: "duggy-still". I so wanted
to laugh out loud, but it really just wasn't an appropriate time to do so.

After engaging these two ladies for some time, I said "Let's take a break." The mood had soured a little, and it felt like a "reset" was in order. Both of the girls seemed a little concerned, and not very happy.

I laid back down, when Sheryl said "Already hour! You strong!" Then, "Why you not finish?"

I answered honestly: "Because you're both really beautiful, and I wanted to enjoy fucking each of you for as long as possible". [Amateur's mistake #11: Holding back too long.] They understood, but they didn't like it. The unease
that each of them expressed (as well as the overall general experience) taught me that I should have "stuck to the script" and asked each of them all of the hard questions before barfining. It was now clear that neither intended to stay
long-time. I queried each of them, and they each had that "mysterious excuse" about why they had to leave soon. (Boyfriends both, I would later learn.) They both seemed genuinely concerned, like there was some unfinished business, but
not concerned enough to stay. I had developed a headache (probably due to the backup now in my system), and Sheryl could sense it-God love those Asians. Without saying or asking anything, she began rubbing my temples.

Sheryl promised to stop by to see me the next day. I really didn't know what to make of it. She made a point of memorizing my room number, repeating "two-chree-five" a few times, and explained that she had to be at Club Atlantis at 3:00
PM the next day, and would be by, with a friend, around noon, if that was okay. I didn't know what she had in mind, but I was very curious, so I said, sure, that will be nice.

I was overly generous: I gave them each $50, plus an additional P1,000 for Joyce. [Amateur's mistake #12: I tipped based more upon beauty than performance.] Joyce worked harder to be pleasing, and she definitely took the brunt of the, uh, well, you
know. Sheryl didn't do as much, but she had that face, that priceless face. (Some will roll their eyes at my generosity, I know, but I am accustomed to prices in the USA, where this level of beauty and service, with two girls, for this amount
of time, could easily run up to around $2,000.00, perhaps more. I must confess I get a tad peeved when I read men complaining about prices in these paradise-like venues, when the costs and risks for P4P over here in my country are higher by a
full order of magnitude.) They both dressed, and left. Youthful Joyce took 5 packs of M&M's when she left.

Joyce was a fantastic choice, and would have been better alone. Switching was cumbersome, because every switch meant a new condom. I'm glad I followed the advice I'd read, and brought plenty. Sheryl was funny, in an odd sort of way, like she
just wasn't built for sex at all. She had the look, but she sure didn't have the demeanor for intimacy.

"Alone Again, Naturally"

I wouldn't exactly label these girls "runners", since we did enjoy a fun time together. Neither was the "starfish" I've read about, but I think Joyce's enthusiasm may have put a little peer pressure on Sheryl to perform.
But I'd made some amateur's mistakes, by relying on beauty and hope, instead of inquiry and intuition, and by seeking beauty without any regard for the pace and rhythm of Angeles City nights. This was the first and last time I made the
mistake of barfining both hastily, and based almost entirely on appearance.

After they left, around 1:30 AM or so, I tried to talk myself into heading over to the very-nearby Pony Tails. I really, really, really didn't want to spend the night alone, and my backup was making me a little uncomfortable and edgy. But I was very tired: I simply could not muster sufficient energy to wrest myself from the bed, and prepare to go out again. Tomorrow is another day, and when I have regained sufficient energy, there will be zero difficulty procuring a pretty girl who will be
happy and eager to relieve this particular problem. This is the genuine, masculine, spiritual freedom I've referred to: what I need and want, as a man, is always there for me. When I wake up tomorrow I will still have the keys to the treasure
house of El Dorado. I consoled myself about spending the night alone with the fact that I would finally get a full night's sound, peaceful, deep sleep. And I did.


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