Stickman Readers' Submissions July 10th, 2010


Note: I have heavily edited this submission, as a lot of what I wrote has already been said in earlier submissions, e.g. beauty is in the eye of the beholder, etc, etc. There's no use in flogging a dead horse (unless that is your kink!)
I hope that you don't find this sub too disjointed.

I wish I was 23 again, at least physically that is. Frankly, at 23, I was a bit of an asshole. I won't go into details, but I think that most of the readership that is over 40 (maybe even younger) understands what I am getting at and
would probably admit that they could be something of an asshole at that age themselves. Maybe asshole is a little harsh, how about an arrogant "know-it-all". How could I be wrong back then? I was in great shape, reasonably good looking
(not a model by any means, but I had/have some game, and yes, I was banging upwards of 50+ Western women a year at that time, and no, I wasn't paying for it), I had a degree from a prestigious Big Ten University (so I must be really smart),
and I had a pretty damn good job straight out of university. I was the fucking man! How could I be wrong or misguided about anything? Now, when I look back, in light of my experiences in the last 20+ years, at the things I said and did in my early
20's, I am actually quite embarrassed. There is a lot of truth in the saying, "If I knew then, what I know now", if I had, I think I would have done a lot of things differently.

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As I read Miss 1/2 Thai-Chinese's (1/2TC) submission, I wasn't angered, I was actually amused and then after awhile I was a little saddened as I realized that our young friend is in for a serious wake up call of life. I don't
know where or when, but it's going to happen, and it's not going to be pretty when it comes. I think she has a lot of preconceived notions about life, love and romance and has overlooked fact for fiction (she has a lot of unsubstantiated
facts in her submission), when her wake up call comes it's going to be like a set of brass knuckles to her teeth!

Let's look at one of 1/2TC's allegations:

Men who go to Thailand as sex tourists are losers and cannot have a "real relationship" in the Western world.

Think again my light skinned "Queen of the World", I have travelled with and met many successful "whoremongers", ranging from businessmen, to some fairly high ranking government officials, to retired full bird colonels.
These are men that your father would be happy to know and I would daresay, that unbeknownst to you, you've probably sat down to dinner in your own home with quite a few mongers and never known it and I would even venture to guess that you
might have had a good time. Sure, there are a lot of yobbos out there wandering around, drunk, in their Singha singlets causing a ruckus, but there are many men who keep it low key and you would never know what they are up to in their free time.
As to having a relationship in the western world, I think that you will find that more and more western men, myself included, have decided that it is really not worth it in both a financial and emotional sense. Considering the draconian divorce
laws here in the west and all that a relationship entails, and also the fact the I have never wanted children, I just have never really considered getting married. Funnily enough, many of my married friends confide to me privately that they wish
they were single and that the only reason they are staying in the marriage is because they can't afford the divorce and / or for the kids. I laugh when someone tells me that the divorce rate in the USA is 50% so at least half the people are
happily married! One of my regular sexual partners here in the west is an ex-girlfriend who has been "happily" married for the last 20 years!

Another thing that has me scratching my head about 1/2TC's submission is her crowing about her "fling" with a male model. On the one hand she is berating us about our promiscuity and on the other she is flaunting her own promiscuity
and praising her model friend's sexual prowess. She waxes rhapsodic about love and relationships, yet in the same breath she portrays herself as, well, easy (I'm being nice here, as she is only 23). If she feels that it is ok to have
a fling, then why isn't it okay to go out and get a Thai hooker for the night. In the long run it's really the same thing as getting a hooker and getting a hooker is probably going to cost you a lot less, monetarily and emotionally,
than a date! At least, after the gratuitous sex, the hooker is walking away with some cash at the end of the day!

What 1/2TC seems to ignore is that many men, these days, are not travelling to Thailand to find a wife (I believe that Stick made the observation a number of weeks back that he has noticed that more and more guys are travelling to Thailand
for fun rather than marriage, correct me if I am wrong Stick). There are many reasons, other than marriage, why men come to Thailand to engage in P4P, sexless marriages and/or relationships seem to rank high on the list.

1/2TC really doesn't understand most of us middle aged men, and probably doesn't understand most middle aged women as well. Korski had some interesting short term challenges, I'm thinking in the long term. My challenge is this,
on your 20th wedding anniversary, buy your husband a round trip ticket to Thailand or the PI, or whatever is the top mongering destination at the time and let him go alone. In fact, buy him that ticket every five years into the marriage. I bet
you won't, but if by some slim chance that you do, I'm guessing that he'll be sharing a beer with a Stickmanite "loser" in some gogo, complaining about his bitchy, sexless wife, whilst ogling the tits on #21 and trying
to get the mamasans attention so he can barfine her! 1/2TC just doesn't have the life experience. I think that in 20 years she might look upon her submission and be a little embarrassed at her naiveté.

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Stickman's thoughts:

Seems like a lot of fair and reasonable comments to me.

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