Stickman Readers' Submissions July 12th, 2010

A Loser Is Anyone Who Is Second In The Race or Below

Like a lot of people I read these submissions and have never responded. I'm not sure what the traffic levels are like – Stick could tell you but I'd bet there are a lot of guys like me. <My best guess is that perhaps 2 – 3% of readers contribute a storyStick>

I thought the loser submission was interesting in that it does sum up the thoughts of many a western female in my country, Australia. Many girls here feel that the only guys that go to Thailand to live or play up are losers that cannot get
a girl here. There are a few points though that this girl should be aware of. First of all a bit about me – I am in my mid twenties, 6 foot 2 and sporty – I have no problem getting lady action in Australia. I am university educated and have a
good job and a current girlfriend who is 23 years old, 5 foot 5, blond, blue eyes just like the example of a hot chick she stated.

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I first visited Thailand in 2007 – my first overseas trip. I went on the advice of a family friend, who I respect highly as a man of sound mind and good values. A guy you can rely on to give you hand up when you need it and a slap down when
you are getting ahead of yourself. He is 54 years old, never been married and well travelled, has bedded 100s of women in his younger days (mostly European tourists – but plenty of locals) when he was a bar manager in various tourist locations
around Australia. He had been every year for a good ten years and every time he left he insisted I should go and he got the shock of his life when I finally agreed to come, together with my best mate.

The first stop was Patong – Bangla Road. My family friend explained to me that this was probably the most expensive part of Thailand but I was happy to go there as I had heard so much about Phuket and I insisted that I wanted to spend my
time kayaking, snorkeling, elephant trekking etc like you see in the brochures for Thailand. However, what I found within 3 hours of landing could only be described as a sex paradise. You have to pay for it but that doesn't change the fact
that there is freely available sex with amazingly gorgeous women at a price equivalent to what I would spend on a round of drinks at home. Un-Fucking-Believable! That was the only way I could describe it. Paradise is how my friend described it
to me in Australia and he delivered on his promise. That night he found himself a lady as we trawled the bars of Patong together drinking cheap beers. Then we left Phuket and things got even better and I realised I was paying top dollar!

The writer insists that for someone would only enjoy this if they could only get 2's in the west. I don't really rate girls but if I had to guess I'd say I can easily get 8's in the Australia, no problem – a lot of a chat,
a few drinks and away we go at the end of the night. My girlfriend now would be a high 8, hotter than all but maybe 3 or 4 of her friends (not bragging – just being realistic!). I have a handful of friends that can get 9's and of the 100's
of people I know there is 1 guy who can consistently pick up 10's. Keep in mind the guy who can get 10's is a model. He has bedded 100s of girls mostly 6 – 8 rating. The guys who get 9's consistently are fairly rich earning over
A$1,000 each week (which is a lot for a young person in South Oz). They work out at the gym to look their absolute best – spend $1000s on hair products, skin products and probably $10,000s on clothes to stay desirable. They work hard to maintain
a close circle of female friends to keep the introductions rolling. Unless you are a 10 yourself, getting a 9 or 10 chick is pretty hard and expensive.

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What makes Thailand a paradise is that there are girls of comparable beauty to those in the west – maybe not on a par with the 10's but certainly as good as the 8's and maybe even 9's. The writer explains that Thai girls "are
basically all 4s – 6s" WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!. It never ceases to amaze me how many girls in Australia think other girls are so ugly. So many girls I know find a former miss universe in Australia – Jennifer Hawkins – ugly. They say to me "I
don't know how you can like he, she is too made up, too skinny, just looks weird". I've actually found it is a really good way to get out of a bad situation if you are chatting to a girl or a girlfriend and your eyes wander to a
pretty girl – if you get caught out just say – "I was just looking at how plastic she was!" and your girl will agree with you and like you more. Likewise girls tell me this movie star or that movie star is hot, but I don't get it

My point is that girls don't know what hot girls look like, and guys don't know what hot guys look like for the most part.

My opinion is that in Thailand there are a lot of 4's and 6's in the bars, but do a bit of walking around and you will find a smoking hot 9 within about 10 minutes. The bodies on these women are just sublime. I've never been
with a "free girl" in Thailand because I am always on a busy schedule of tourism when I am there, but I can tell from the look on the reception desk girls' faces that it is possible.

Compare that with Australia, where leaving one club and going into another can cost around $20 plus standing in a line for around 1 hour to find a room full of 5-7's with a few 8's and 9's scattered and one 10/10 chick surrounded
by guys and girls fighting over the right to be in her presence. The girls that are available are normally a little loose around the stomach – a real turn-off. But these girls are still desirable to the punters, you better be buying them a drink
or 3 and charming her socks off.

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Re: other hot Asians – I've also been to Singapore and Japan. Singapore has about the same proportion of hot chicks as Australia I would say – with the same obesity problems. Japan has lots of cute girls that go crazy for guys like me
(so does Thailand) but these girls speak hardly any English (not being an ex-pat or touristy type place) and actually seem to have a epidemic of girls with bad teeth. By bad I mean not growing straight or uneven sizes, it is quite a strange phenomenon
compared with where I am from, where dental care is mostly free for under 18s.

I know where sex paradise is. Not in the west. Why – because it is just easier in Thailand. There is no doubt you will find a hot chick and have a great time and spend less money than in the west. It is so easy to go home with the bar girls
and it doesn't matter if you are not dressed impeccably, drink an uncool beer, your hair is not perfect or if you are paying more attention to your friend than her. It is so easy and relaxed.

So am I a loser? I would say Yes! My mate who is the model is the winner. I am not the winner, I am a loser – 2nd in the race and below, but 99% of people here in the west are losers also. Not everyone can be winners and mostly people are
losers. That is the game of life. I am in the top 25% of the males I reckon in Australia, but Thailand is still a sex paradise to me. Top that off with the cheap drinks, beautiful landscapes and seeming friendly people – I will be back time and
time again.

I'm not alone either- a work friend who is a travel agent tells me that Gold Coast is the number one holiday spot for people from my part of the world (South Australia) followed by Thailand. Old fat divorced guys go there, but young
slim single guys go there too. Do most of the guys that go pay for sex while they are there? You bet…

The only reason I am not there now is my income levels in Australia are much higher. Unfortunately for me I didn't know about Thailand while I was at university and in the early years of my career. My job is Australian specific in a
financial field which is not easily applied overseas. I am considering retraining to get a more international type job so I can move in the future as I inevitably fade from an 8 to a 7.5 to a 2 over the coming decades… I hope it is a slow slide
and I make it there in good health!

Stickman's thoughts:

It's interesting that a guy who is popular in the West prefers things in Thailand. If more guys in the West had the same attitude, I wonder how things in Thailand would change…

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