Stickman Readers' Submissions July 8th, 2010

Losers’ Paradise: A Reality Check

My first responses to the “Losers’ Paradise” submission were as follows: 1) I was immediately reminded of the Jayson debate a few weeks ago, in which the intrinsic and unquestionable superiority of the hi-so Thai-Chinese
was postulated as an absolute axiom: and 2) unlike MacBKK, I saw no reason to disbelieve the author’s claims about her identity. At the risk of sounding a tad racist, but on the basis of over 20 years’ close acquaintance with the
Middle Kingdom (including speaking fluent Mandarin), I recognise the authentic Chinese-female touch. I was until recently married to one, as my earlier submission “Gadzooks Hits the Trail Again” explains, and thus I may have a little
bit of a chip on my shoulder.

Basically, we have an obsession with ranking people as “winners” and “losers”, in which the members of a certain race see themselves rather as Germans did circa 1941. What it is in the Chinese diet which prevents
their shit from stinking I am not sure; but, if you listen to them, it sure as hell doesn’t. What this tends to lead to (I don’t know whether I am right in assuming that Jayson is also part-Chinese, but I wouldn’t be surprised)
is an approach to relationships which is based entirely on relative status. The question such people ask is not “do I like or fancy this person?” but “is this person of a sufficient status to complement my own?” (In
practice, of course, the two questions merge: one trains oneself not to fancy persons of inadequate status.) Thus Isaan girls, for instance, are deemed to be low-status, as they’re poor and tend to have dark skin. Ergo, all those of us
who sleep with them are automatically losers. Whereas, of course, someone who sleeps with a bloke who shags a new girl every week is not just a rather sorry new notch on a well-notched bed-post, but an alpha female, because she allowed herself
to be nailed by an alpha male. (Did she enquire, incidentally, whether every one of her beau’s conquests was a 9 or a 10?)

He Clinic Bangkok

I’ve got news for you, babe, and I speak as one who’s shagged more Chinese girls than you’ve had hot dinners. We don’t think like that. When we fancy someone, we don’t ask “Will I lose face by being
seen with this person” or “how will my hi-so sisters and cousins and aunts rate this person”, or “is this person a 4 or a 7 or a 10 by some objective scale maintained by a team of aesthetic experts in Shanghai”.
We think “do I find this person a) agreeable and b) shagworthy?” If so, we go ahead. We don’t worry about what anyone else might think; besides, your 10 might be my 4 and vice versa. I, for instance, deviate from the general
norm by liking the occasional fat girl; my latest is known to her family as “little elephant”. I’m not ashamed of this; I’m no lightweight myself. And, if you think about it, you maintain a slim figure by discipline
and self-denial. You get fat by saying “screw it, my body gets what it wants”. Which of these attitudes is more likely to make you a hot lay? And I don’t go with fat girls because I can’t get slim ones; I can. I just
like a bit of luxuriant flesh every now and then. Anyone got any objection?

Now, it takes all sorts to make a world, and I wouldn’t wish any mode of thought to be banished from the Stickman forum. But I do appeal to those who think in terms of some people being intrinsically more beautiful and of higher standard
than others to be a little less cock-sure of themselves. We’re all individuals, we’ve all got our own aesthetic, and we don’t have to measure ourselves against anybody else. We Thailand-and-Stickman fans come here because
we like it, and for no other reasons. Yes, some of us complain about the ghastly attitudes of Western women, usually from bitter experience; but our complaints are really directed against the unjust laws in Western countries, which give our women
every incentive to behave like Gorgons. Maybe some of us would be hard put to it to form relationships in our home countries; but that might be just because we are not rich and/or subservient enough, or prepared to concede a 51% controlling interest
in the whole of the rest of our lives. Finding a girl for the night in Bangkok or Pattaya is simply less hassle.

And, to return to my original theme, it isn’t only Western women who behave quite so awfully once they’ve got their man on a string. My own recent good lady, Chinese of course, had decided long ago that I didn’t have
as much money as she had hoped, and dumped me by getting me arrested on a bogus assault charge – subsequently dismissed by the court – a week after her UK residence permit had come through. Most of these women, you see, think that
if they hadn’t been distracted by you they could have married Rupert Murdoch. With predictable irony, she has now discovered that rich and powerful men were not queueing round the block to take her on after she left me, and is now trying
to get me to take her back. Not a chance, babe. And no more would I touch, with a ten-foot pole, a 23-year-old half-Chinese girl, however beautiful, with an attitude like that. Not that she’d touch me, as I’ve already revealed that
I’m neither thin nor rich. OK, babe, let’s call it quits.

CBD bangkok

Stickman's thoughts:

Very interesting to hear the analysis of the attitude of the Chinese. Plenty of hot women over that way, but yeah, the attitudes of the few I have chatted with are appalling. What you say is spot on – my rugby shirts and worn jeans were about as attractive to them as a soi dog is to me on my morning run!

nana plaza