Stickman Readers' Submissions July 8th, 2010

Adding To The Losers’ Paradise

I usually sit back and watch these arguments from afar, sometimes with great amusement and seldom do I care to partake. I almost got involved in the Lady Boy Syndrome as I virtually mirrored Caveman’s views and thought I had to get
involved, but alas I didn’t. Korski’s sub on LBS almost encouraged a response due to the wild nature of his piece; however, it paradoxically was also the reason that killed any motivation for me to get involved, I dare say much to
Caveman’s disappointment. Normally his (Korski’s) subs are quite worthy; however, this one and quite a few recently have been way off the tracks and too much ranting which rarely arrives to a terminus. I say this, yet I am probably
going to embark on the same thing right now. Hypocrisy is one of my strong points….hahaha.

I must preface this submission by saying that I can be judgemental, superficial and opinionated, although I do like to think that I hear words of reason when presented to me in an appropriate manner. I often believe that people who get overly
aggressive or resort to name calling (aka Korski’s reply to Caveman on LBS) only serve to highly their own inadequacies or in this case, penchant for some homosexual action under the guise of heterosexuality. What my point is that in Half-Chinese
girls sub, I like to look through some of the banter and try and decipher what she is really saying.

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Getting to the point, I must say that on the whole I totally agree with our Half-Chinese submitted. Thailand is a Mecca for western losers; I am not saying that based on all of you, nor a select few of you, just the average ‘farang’
you meet in Thailand travelling to and for the P4P scene is a loser, plain and simple. Yes there are exceptions, but exceptions to the rule are not what we are talking about here.

Half-Chinese girl's submission did have an inherently flawed argument, although she is only 23 years old, and I do not care to proof read this sub, therefore may be guilty of the same. Clearly she spoke with a bit of fire in her belly
but I am not here to nit-pick her submission as generally I agreed with what she was saying. Some of her examples were exceptionally out of context and opened her up to being scrutinized as she has been by several replies. I cannot help to think
that the replies, so harsh and heated and full of name calling, are a case of ‘the truth hurts’. I have no reason to disbelieve the 16 y.o story on the plane. I certainly have seen much worse on airlines, especially with regards
to flying towards Thailand and the inappropriate behaviour of some who still don’t realise they haven’t even arrived yet.

I cannot agree with the piece of meat comment because if you are decent looking, all men, globally, will stare at you like you are a piece of meat. Complain, join a women’s activists group, become a licker, nothing will change that.
Men like looking at objects of beauty and this includes very attractive females. The two pronged argument about wanting sex and wanting half their age subservient sex machines, well, apparently she doesn’t judge that. In her youth and beauty
she should (and most likely does) think she is more beautiful than women twice her age so it’s hardly a stretch to imagine men thinking any differently. When dealing with the lock down a whore issue, well, I have submitted things in relation
to this in the past and these men are just stupid. I cannot agree more, once a whore always a whore, since a young adult I have been saying, “they are all whores, you will pay one way or another”. It is clearly lost on those who
find actual whores and then try and pay for it in a marriage style format. They are asking for everything to go wrong.

CBD bangkok

As far as the community of losers, yes, there are a lot of losers on this site, but it doesn’t mean that all of these people are losers. Many like myself are just fascinated by the banter that you read here. I’ve said it before
and will say it again, I’ve never been with a go-go or street walking Thai-girl, because it’s just not my thing or my time hasn’t come yet. I completely understand why many men do it, but I have to agree that it is a situation
that has been born from the Thai way of life. Thailand, much like China and most parts of Asia, encourage this among their men. I can guarantee that between China, Vietnam, Thailand the incidents of fathers taking their sons to get their first
fuck in a P4P establishment is by far the highest in the world. Due to the nature of such a ridiculous statistic we can only ponder that thought.

I think I understand what she is driving at with the delusion point. It was much the same as what Jayson was driving at, which is that when you are banging some Isaan girl that the Thais don’t rate and you think you are grand champion
it is very much in your own lunchbox. But the same could be argued about anything and anyone, perception is reality.

Whilst saying this, because I like to contradict myself as I have gotten older, my opinion of what is good looking and what is not has changed drastically, from 16 to 25 to 32. I can say hand on heart, when I am 50, I will probably have the
greatest proclivity towards the P4P scene in Thailand. As I’ve gotten older, a nice tight chassis can make up for an average head. When I’m 50 I’m hardly going to be in as good a shape as I am now and who looks at the mantelpiece
when stoking a fire anyway!!! Certainly I will be able to enter a go-go and in my world, be surrounded by beauties.

Delusion no. 1 Sure Thailand is quite conservative but that is just on the surface. All the men are still getting their concubine action and little ‘massage’ girls to finish them off. It’s the ‘face’ that
perpetuates the conservative image that Thais like to maintain so that they have sectors of society bringing up their prospective future wives and mothers of their children. No one really wants to procreate with a hooker. But as a woman you cannot
say anything about sex for men in Thailand. There is no place like Thailand in my opinion, I was there for business 3 years ago and accosted before getting into my hotel room after check-in. In my own country I get accosted once or twice a year
usually having to rely on the traditional man approaches woman theory. But only in Thailand can I be offered sex in my hotel lift before I’ve even got into my room. It is a truly unique place where if you are not a man you cannot comment.
I have no reason to disbelieve Sticks comments on knowing friends of his (50+ age) who sleep with many Thai women they don’t pay for (as in literally). This I find very easy to believe. Why? b/c I have been to Thailand.

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Delusion no. 2 Thais are beautiful. Well this is subjective, having said that I have ranted and raved on about how most of the girls are crap looking to me and have little pigmy faces and I wouldn’t rate at all. It doesn’t detract
from my previous statements about fires and mantelpieces and also doesn’t detract from the fact that my opinion may change when I am Korski’s age. They are all young and tight and pretty when they are early 20s, I didn’t think
it when I was in my early 20s, but it is a general rule of thumb which most men would agree on.

Delusion no. 3 I kind of do agree with, but I also disagree with. Yes the mainstream ‘face’ society is very conservative, but so is America’s and I believe finding some silicon girl in California or Miami is a good dose
of genuine American culture. Just like bedding a girl in Thailand who has a Farang sponsor, a Thai boyfriend and is lying to her parents about what she does for a living is also a good dose of Thai culture. Sure, Thailand may have a lot more to
impart on us culture wise, still doesn’t change the facts.

Delusion no. 4 I agree with, no one should be expecting gratefulness from a P4P transaction.

Having said all this, which seems to mostly go against Half-Chinese’s sub, I am mostly in agreement with her, there are many travellers who go to Thailand who are incredibly delusional and it is a melting pot for the veritable loser.
Take a trip to Pattaya, I went there with a colleague and was never forewarned about the filthy, loser-pot beach resort that it turned out to be. Sure, there are nice people scattered around here and there, but as a general rule there are a lot
of losers in Thailand. As far as the oldies go, I cannot comment on that, who could blame a 50 y.o. man who wants some Thai fun, sure if they are silly enough to think they are finding love in a P4P scene with a massive age discrepancy, they will
eventually learn and pay the hard way. As for the majority of them who are there to have some fun, essentially all they are doing is providing revenue to willing girls who supply a service. Just b/c they are 50 and want a 24 y.o riding them doesn’t
make them losers. In my opinion, it makes them winners!!

Stickman's thoughts:

There are too many points made for me to comment on, so let me just thank you for your submission.

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