Stickman Readers' Submissions June 15th, 2010

2 Men Boycott Of Pattaya

I've been a very long time reader and a fan of, always eager to check out everyday updates on the site. A job well done Mr. Stick. Am not a great writer so please bear with me. The submission One-Man boycott in Pattaya compelled me to send in my submission so here goes..

He Clinic Bangkok

A bit about me. Am an Indian born in the UK. I have a decent job and through my travels to the land of smiles first in 2000 and then ever year several times since, I became fond of the country and its people. My job gave me freedom to travel and take time off work. In 2003 I decided to take time off from work from the daily grind of life and live in Thailand for as long as I could. Am in my mid thirties now and back in the days I was very young for Thailand.

Now sticking to the response to one man boycott, I'd say being an Indian myself I did come across the stuff Stolle's spoken about. Thais can be and are racist against Indians most of the time. From the God they worship to the language and culture they boast about comes from India.

I was in Pattaya last month and the number of Indians there was massive. I was in the Los after an absence of nearly 5 years. Back then there were only Indian tailors in Thailand, or illegal Indians trying to sell dodgy stuff on the streets. Now things are changing and Indians in India are making more money and travelling abroad, LOS being close and affordable Indians are flocking there. I've been with a lot of Thai birds and have had loads of GFE’s. In my experience I can tell you that I never had a problem picking up girls, be it a bar or anywhere else. I didn’t feel a bit left out when you’re in a bar with mostly white men nearing their retiring age (and beyond) and some look as if they've never had a drink in a pub ever, and me sitting there in my late 20's. Anyone would feel the same I guess. I've treated the birds well, given them what they wanted and never got ripped. I've had some proper nice bitches splashing money on me. I’ve been with so called hi-so ladies. I'd say been there done that. So stuff punters can only dream of. I wouldn’t go into details here as it would seem like a fantasy or made up stuff to some. I ain't no model, just an ordinary Indian looking Indian bloke. I never say I am from the UK when mongering. I say I am from India. Believe me it has saved me thousands if not millions. Now Thais (apart from Thais living abroad and will know that a farang can be skint and there are plenty of skint Farangs in Farangland) think that a farang's got more money and a Thai hooker will be more secure with a farang which is true due to the exchange rate but farang ain’t the only minted person there ever is. The bargirl has got more chances of hitting it off with an old farang as he’s looking for a companion and the farang society is more open to accepting hookers as their wife’s and can be introduced to the farang's family and friends in the west. People might not like that but then who gives a dog's bollocks. And that’s another point coz if an Indian especially from India tries to do it, his balls might be chopped off and he'd be stoned to death. Another thing I've heard about Indians being smelly. Yes some really stink and I agree anyone would dislike that. But Indians are not the only people in the world who stick. You don’t believe me??? You should get on the underground in London during rush hours and then we can have a debate on that. Last month on Walking Street I did find a gogo that was very inviting for the Indians. That the Indian flags and flyers writing to target Indian audience. Very impressive but I wouldn’t dare go in there. So to recap my points:

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1. Indians are not as stupid as some other visitors to the Land of smiles i.e. careful with how, when and where to spend the money..

2. Would not get involved with a bar/go-go/freelancer/ massage women due to fear of repercussion / beaten to death/ balls chopped off back in his country. This puts off a BG as it means it nuffing more than a onetime game. No sick buffalo or sick family member shit's going to work.

3. A keen interest to haggle, haggle for anything which Thais consider as a loss of face.

4. And last but defo not the least, in a country where whitening the skin is considered sacred and the mentors and everyone on TV looks more white than a farang woman back in Farangland, it's no wonder punters from the sub continent come down on a Thai BG's list.

Stickman's thoughts:

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That's another perspective.

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