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One Night In Bangkok Where The Grass Usually Looks Greener

Geoffrey knew what he was being called into Brian’s office for, as the big dinner celebration was tomorrow night and they all had to be there. He was given the table number and times by Brian’s secretary. Next up was Jack who was called in and got his instructions for the evening. Both of them felt the same way; they knew they were not going to enjoy the night but it had to be done. It was just part of the package of working for the company in Bangkok. Lots of good parts mixed up with some not so good duties. Having to be on the head table with Brian and Pak was part of the package.

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As James was not married and was a bit of a loner he did not have to sit at the head table but was free to sit where he wanted at the function. He would not bring any partner as he always seemed to have a new girlfriend every few months. This made Geoffrey envious of him, although he would not show this. James had been in Bangkok with the company for 9 years and still was number four in the pecking order so Geoffrey was higher than him. The four farangs in the office had to be visible at the firm’s celebratory party and he had to sit at the head table with bloody Brian and his little scrubber Pak.

Brian was on his second tour in Bangkok; nobody knew how he had arranged this feat to come back as the Managing Director since he did not seem to have covered himself in glory on his initial posting. Since the first tour he was divorced from the English wife and she and the kids lived back in old Blighty. He had only been back in Bangkok about five months when he married Pak and now they had to put up with his continuous stories about his never ending sex life. Of course he did not come straight out and say it, but he always had a story about how tiring it was at home with what he had to do there or why he was yawning because of what he had done the night before.

Jack thought he could understand it as he was fairly sure that he had bar fined Pak a few years before in the Safari bar in Patpong and remembered the night as one of his good ones. He could remember the Dragon Tattoo on the back. How could the Managing Director of a multinational company marry one like that? If only he knew what the Thai staff all really thought about it. Of course tomorrow night they would be all smiles and wais to Pak at the table and then they would be all talk and laugh about her at the office on Monday. Jack knew he was better than Brian as his Thai wife Nong had some education and class. She did not have any tramp stamps on her body and conducted herself like a good Thai lady in public. At home it was different. Everything had to be done Thai style as she said we are living in Thailand, my country, so you should blend into Thai ways. As he was number three in the company and things were going well, he wondered how life would be for her if they got posted back to London.

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Jack also had thoughts about Susan who was Geoffrey’s wife. She was English with fair hair and the archetypical English peaches and cream complexion and Anglo Saxon looks. As much as he enjoyed most of his life with Nong he often thought about how life would have been if he was the one married to smiling Susan and if they lived more a farang life style as she and Geoffrey seemed to do in Bangkok. Coming home to a farang style apartment with farang food and talking about events in the world and not just about Thailand and waking up next to a warm hearted farang woman from the same country would be pleasant.

Geoffrey was number two in the company and enjoyed his job and working with the Thai staff as his department was functioning well but life outside office hours was not fulfilling. Living with Susan was ok; she was a good person but had such old fashioned English values. It was good to be with her when they visited back home to England on holiday visits but when they were in Bangkok he felt tied down with her. He felt sure that all the other farang guys in Bangkok were out having a great time every night and probably getting their fantasies catered for whenever and whatever they wanted. Having a Thai wife was good for this as he had been told that they expected and understood this type of behavior and accepted that their husbands would do this. But not his Susan. He was under no illusions about what would happen to him physically and financially if she found him playing around. He was sure that he was the only guy in Bangkok not going out at nights having a good time.

James was looking forward to the big night out. He would sit with the local Thai staff and speak to them in their language. He knew that he was better than the other three farang who were all higher in the company pecking order than him but he was happy with his lot. He did not want to advance further as that would invariably mean shifting away from Thailand and he did not want that. They all thought they understood Thailand and Thais but how could they when they did not speak the language like he did. He could communicate with the staff, talk football and gossip with the guys and he could flirt around with the unattached females there and listen to them gossip and talk. Then on Monday in the office he would say small things and then over the next few days he would get to hear the real stuff about Brian and his wife Pak. When they had asked him where K. Pak came from, he said he did not know but thought she come from rich family in Issan. This made all the office women there giggle and laugh. He was having a great time living in Bangkok and had not been back to UK for two years. He would rather take his holidays in Phuket or even Pattaya where he could have the mongering lifestyle he craved instead of having to visit relatives back home.

As the staff and their partners for the dinner were all seated and talking then Brian and Pak made their entrance. James looked across from his table and felt sick as he saw all the fawning and waiing going on to them from all the staff. Even bloody Geoffrey and Jack shook hands with Brian and spoke to Pak. He could see that Geoffrey made Pak laugh and then he had a big smile on his face. He thought that Geoffrey really wanted to get into her pants. He could sense it. Bugger them, he sat at his table and continued to drink his beer and look around and start to look and “appraise” all the office women dressed up in their good going out clothes.

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After the food had been finished and the band began playing, some of the staff got up and started to dance and James looked at them all and was rating the women. Some of them looked really good with great figures but most of them were wearing clothes that covered them all up so you had to imagine what was underneath. He thought he would like to try and discover some of this but knew it could not happen. It was better and safer in an office environment to play away games than to play home games. Of course with Pak, he did not have to imagine anything for it was all on display. He was wondering how long it would be before she got up to dance around.

At the main table Pak leaned over to Brian and said to him that he should take the bottle of whiskey and go around to all his staff and have drink with them. Brian did not have to be told this twice as he was just waiting for her to tell him. Now was his chance to walk among the staff and be treated like God with smiles and wais and he could get real close to some of the young women from the office and not get into any trouble.

He could remember his first tour here when he had the English wife with him. He would come to a function like this and practically have a soft erection on all night just seeing all the young Thai woman around and getting close to them on the floor and then go home and be accused of not paying attention to her and of looking and drooling at the young Thai women all night and if he thought that they would have sex that night, well that was completely out of the question with the way she thought he had treated her. When he had been able to arrange a second tour back as a single man to run the regional office in Bangkok because of his perceived knowledge of Thailand, Thais and the region in general, it was like a dream come true. The first few weeks were a blur with bars and women every night. Then he had taken Pak out and it was like heaven. She asked him what he liked and every dream idea he came up with, she obliged. He could not believe his luck that he could have found a sex goddess like this who seemed to want it more than he did. They married quickly and since then life was not quite the same. The sex life was now sporadic and he could tell when she wanted something as the frequency and intensity was turned up full volume. He knew then that this was going to cost him big time but it was very hard to say no when you are naked in bed with a younger lithe woman who is making a lot of your dreams from younger years come true.

Pak waited till he left and then got up to join in with a bunch of the office women who were dancing by themselves as their men folk were too busy drinking or talking about football. This was her chance now to show them all that she was the one, the main attraction. She had chosen this slightly above knee length skirt with the slits right up to top of her thighs to wear tonight; she just knew that this would get looks and attention from all the males, both farang and Thais. She wanted them to know what they were missing out on. Of course to do all this she had to be married with Brian who was a farang know it all, who was a pain and an old pain at that who could not perform all night like the younger guys but she had him under control. She had learnt very early what he liked in bed and knew the buttons to push. This had allowed her to marry him within four months of meeting him and to get her way on most matters like clothes, allowances and holidays.

Susan sat there and saw Pak get up onto the floor. She said to Geoffrey that she wanted to dance but he was not keen, so she said she would get up and dance by herself. Geoffrey was happy about this as he did not want to get up on the floor with his farang wife, he wanted to be up there close to and dancing with some little Thai bodies and especially wanted to be close to Pak. He could just imagine what she would be like in the sack. He thought it would be a wild night with her in bed. When he spoke to her, her brown eyes always seemed to have a twinkle in them and it made him feel good. Her face had beautiful smooth skin and he would have loved to have stroked it. The body was good although he was not enamored with the tattoo that occasionally could be seen on her back when she was in jeans and a top.

Jack saw Susan get up by herself and join the throng so he asked Nong if she wanted to dance, but she declined. He said that he would get up and join his work mates and started to join in. Within two minutes he was dancing next to Susan and started to talk with her. She was fun to talk with, all smiles and laughs and had what Jack thought was a great farang body for her age. She always seemed to be happy and it made him feel good and alive to be near her smiling face.

Susan knew she was “slightly larger’ than Pak and the other Thai women who were up on the floor dancing, but that did not mean she could not swing it like them. She could still move and gyrate and knew that the exercises and moves she had practiced the past 10 mornings when alone in front of the mirror would help her to move freely. She also knew how to make her upper body move so her breasts would shake and move around: let Pak try to do this. It would be impossible with her little ones. There were some things that an older farang had over the slender local ladies.

Nong sat at the table and then when they all went, she went across to another table where some of the other Thai women were sitting. She knew who were the educated senior ones, the accountants and HR people and she spoke with them. She made sure she sat with her back to the floor so she did not have to see Pak and Susan on the floor. She spoke about everything with the women except the farang company and its ways. She was not going to lower herself to talk about that and the people. This was not the way that proper Thai people would behave in public place. She asked them about their families and the villages they came from and generally got to know them well.

Brian went round all the tables and forced drinks on any of the Thai men sitting there. He laughed with them all and looked all the women in the eye and anywhere else that he cared to. He knew that nobody would say anything to him. He went to the table where all the single women where and he made sure he stood behind the new young one in the sales department. He thought she looked fantastic with a thin curvy body and could imagine how supple she would be. Her looks with the tanned skin, long black shiny hair and white teeth that showed up when she spoke really turned him on. She would not look him in the eye so that made it easier for him to look at her body. He brushed against her and felt the feeling of pleasure it gave him in his body.

As the night closed and they all got ready to depart, James saw that there was more fawning and waiing to Brian and Pak. He could also see that Geoffrey was trying to say a long good night to Pak, whilst Jack was saying the same type of long good bye to Susan. He looked across to Nong who was just sitting there staring at everybody and especially at Geoffrey and Susan.

As they all drove home that night, Brian was thinking about the young girl from the sales department and what she would be like and how could he get away for a little while from Pak. Geoffrey was thinking about how could he get time away from Susan so he could have a few good nights with a Thai woman and fantasized about it being Pak. Life was not always fair. Jack was thinking about Susan: what a dream it would be to be going home now to a farang woman in bed and be able to get up in the morning and have a real conversation. James was thinking that all the 3 farangs and their women were all losers: they did not know how to have a real good time in Bangkok like he did, but how could he get into the new young girl in the sales department. He did not want to break his self imposed rule about not getting involved with anybody in the office. It was obvious that Brian was also having dreams about her. At least now he could go on to meet his friends at Soi Cowboy and he would get one out tonight that looked like and reminded him of the new young sales lady and he could “have her” in his mind whilst with the P4P.

Susan sat in the car and wondered what she was doing here. She had a reasonable night but of course she had to have a few drinks to give her courage to get up and dance like Pak. She thought all the farang guys fancied Pak, including her Geoffrey but she showed them that this older English woman still had some life in her. Nong sat in the car and thought how disgusting the whole night was. Having to go to a farang's company dinner was boring and then having to watch that peasant Pak show everyone how she could dance. It was not hard to know where she learnt those skills from and then that farang woman Susan getting up on the floor and trying to dance like Pak, how awful it looked. She thought at least she showed them some class by sitting and talking to the other Thai people.

Pak sat back in the car and thought how good she was tonight. She had a great time letting everybody see that she was the queen of the show and how she had a great body and was a great dancer. She would like to show Jack this in private but he did not look at her, he only had eyes for that farang bitch that got up on the floor and moved around like a cow. After this show tonight, she would service Brian when they got home and then again in the morning when they woke up and then after they had breakfast she would ask him if he wanted to go to bed again or go shopping at Paragon. She knew at his age he could not really take all this in such a short time so then he would say yes to Paragon to get them out of the apartment and she could get some new outfits. She knew of all the people there tonight that she was the one in control of her life and her own destiny and she was going to make the most of it.

She had come up with a hard life compared to those farangs and did not like to remember the early days back in the village in faraway Issan. She still sent money back every month and spoke to them on the phone every week but she could not go back very often. It made her depressed. She was never going to go there and let them see Brian and what he looked like. They all thought he was a young rich man, but as she discovered a few months after marriage, he was not really rich and certainly not young no matter what clothes she got him to wear. He had to pay debts back in the UK to his ex wife and kids. He hardly had any money in the bank so she was going to ensure that she got her share of his wages every month. She wondered what Jack saw in Nong, she was nothing. She did not have a good body and thought she was big Hi-So just because she went to university, but Nong knew her secret as well. It took her a few months but then her friend found out the truth about her life back in her home village. If Brian was right and Jack was promoted back to London then Pak thought she should be the one to go back there with him and have a great time with a younger man in swinging London.

A good night was had by nearly all.

Stickman's thoughts:

Seems like a highly accurate portrayal of one of these affairs!

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