Stickman Readers' Submissions May 28th, 2010

Just a Few Sex Tourist Experiences

Before I get started on this submission, I would like to mention that Smooci is changing the face of the Bangkok sex scene with a concept which bridges the gap between the freelancers, bar girls and agency escorts. It’s not a substitute for the bar scene by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s an excellent day time option for Bangkok mongerers, or for those days when you don’t fancy heading out.

Ok, I mentioned in my last submission that on my last trip over, I was with 35 women in 17 days. I based myself around the Nana Plaza Sukhumvit area, which for a sex tourist, that seems to be party central. I've stayed at the Nana Hotel before, as Dana calls it "The Mothership." No doubt, because it's right across from Nana Plaza. Talk about one stop shopping. you can pick your girl out in Nana Plaza in one of the many bars, and walk right across the street to the Nana Hotel. I've done that a few times. The place is pretty tacky and the rooms are old and run down. For a basic sex tourist, this place would do the trick, but I was told by a bargirl in Nana about a new hotel just up the street called the Dawin. I checked it out. Wow, a brand new classy place and the prices are the same as the Nana Hotel, so that has become my "Mothership" while over there. It's just a 5 minute walk down the street from Nana. There are many bars, etc. on the way from my hotel to Nana Plaza. Quite a few freelancers to choose from on the walk also.

I'm sure every sex tourist has their own little routine and hangouts, and does it really matter where you are in Thailand? There are always bars nearby with a supply of girls to choose from. Any area will get you fairly similar results. It's personal preference if you think one bar has hotter girls than the next.(unless it's Tilac in Soi Cowboy, or Rainbow One in Nana Plaza. Those girls are hot!) I could probably try and just be with smoking hot chicks all the time, but I've found that I don't always "click" with each girl just because she's hot. With thousands to choose from over there, I usually try to find a girl that I feel a connection to. I think each guy reading this knows what I mean. I can have sex with any of them, but it's always better if you feel a connection with the girl and can have some fun with her. I think so anyway.

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I averaged 2 girls a day, but on two of the days I was actually with 3. That just happened. It wasn't something I planned. For example, I got up one day and went to Lolita's for a little after breakfast relief, or should I call it "brunch?" I guess it might be for the girl. Ha! Anyway, I then planned to just hang out exploring, etc. and then go out at night and do another one. Anyway, I thought I'd check out this open air bar on Soi 7 called the Beergarden. It's full of hookers or freelancers, I guess they are called, and a small amount of farang guys. Usually 10 to 15 old guys during the day. These are usually guys that live over there and hang out on the same bar stools almost everyday. Anyway, the girls are usually what I would call just average, and they are all very hungry or "eager" to meet guys (or customers, as they call us) Hell, some of them are down right desperate. I've talked to several that come in there for many days with no customers. It's kind of sad really when you realize how these girls need money. Anyway, a guy can just sit by the girl of their choice, buy them a drink, then it's off to wherever to have sex. Anyway, I went in and sat between 2 girls and bought them both drinks. We all talked and laughed, but then, I could tell each of them wanted to take me out of there. I looked at both of them, and decided that the one on my right was a little cuter and younger, but I couldn't figure out how to leave there with her without pissing off the dark haired one on my left. Finally, the dark one on the left said, Ok, I know you really want that other girl, just go ahead and be with her! She got up and went to the bathroom, and I thought, great. That makes things easier. So, I grab the remaining girl, we walk out, and take a taxi to my hotel. We do a little quickie, and she leaves. By this time, it's 9p.m. and I'm tired and I thought, well, I guess I'm done for the day and started to fall asleep. Suddenly, my phone rings. I'm thinking, that's crazy. Nobody on this planet knows I'm in this hotel. The desk girl says that a girl, Bonnie wants to talk to me. I said, I don't know a Bonnie, you must have the wrong number, then I hung up. About 3 minutes later, there's a knock on my door, I look out the peep hole, and it's that dark haired girl from the Beergarden. I opened the door about an inch and she just pushes the door open full force and barges into the room. She starts asking me why I left with that other girl and she looked around thinking she would see the other girl be in bed with me. I said what girl? What are you talking about? I'm just sleeping. She pushes me back on the bed and starts this fake little sobbing about it, and at the same time she's stripping down and crawling up on top of me. I'm pretty shocked, but I must say that this girls body was hot and I seemed to be rising to the occasion. She gets on top and straddles me and she wants to have sex right there, now, and without a condom. I pushed her back and grabbed one that was nearby, well, much to my surprise that was number three for the day. I gave her 1500 baht and she leaves. I'm thinking, wow, I wasn't even planning on that one, but, hey, I'm thinking, that's just one of those "only in Thailand" fun experiences. I must have told that girl what hotel I was in and my first name, and just with that info. she ends up at my door. I couldn't believe the girls at the front desk told her what room I was in.

Well, the next day, I thought I'd see what I could find at that same Beergarden. It was about 2 in the afternoon. I walk in. I figured I could sit next to any girl that caught my eye, but instead, I went into a mass of them and sat down. Each of these girls are smiling at me, thinking I'm leaving there with them. I told the bartender, I want to buy drinks for all 8 of them. They were all just thrilled. I start joking with them, telling them that if I take them all back to my hotel, I'm going to have to get a bigger room. Ha!

Each of these girls starts telling me how great they'd be if I picked them. These two that were roommates told me they'd do a little lesbian show for me, they also said, you've heard of 69?, but we do a "68" They said we get in a circle with me licking one, that girl licking the other and that girl orally on me. I'm joking back saying, ya know girls you're awfully shy aren't you? ha! This other one says, hey if you order a coffee, I'll provide the cream as she clutches one of her boobs. I'm thinking boy, this is amazing just being right in the middle of all these hookers and talking like this with them. Then I think, wow. I'm planning on going out tonight to Soi Cowboy. How am I going to get up and walk away with none of these girls? Then, I got an idea. I broke a 1000 baht bill, and handed each girl a 100 baht and said, here buy yourself something to eat later. They were all just thrilled and were so grateful. I guess that idea worked great. Then, I thought to myself, I can't believe I'm handing out these bills worth $3.30 U.S. to these girls and they are thrilled. Try that back in the states with any girl. Ha!

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Then, one of the girls to my right says, hey would you do me a big favour and just let me take a shower in your room when you leave? I said sure, thinking nothing of it. We get to my room, and she showers. She was really a strange girl. Not one I would've ever have picked. She came out of the shower and I'm thinking…well, this is my room, she's naked and I'm a sex tourist, so hey, how about a short time? Yeah, Ok. and we do our thing. Then, she says, you know, you are really stupid! I asked what do ya mean? She says, yeah, you come in there and buy all those girls drinks. I know you're just being a nice guy and all those girls loved it but I think you are fucking stupid. You are a stupid farang. She just went on and on about it. Finally, I sat her down and I said. Hey, It's like this. I'm a very wealthy guy, and if I want to spread my money around it's really nothing to me. That seemed to make her more mad. I thought about it later, and I think it's that this girl was so poor, and here I was throwing money around, I guess that would seem rather stupid to her. Anyway, she was really getting weird about it to the point where I asked her to leave. She was about the only girl in 5 Thailand visits that I considered to be somewhat mentally ill. I hope I never meet anymore of those. (reminds me too much of my ex-girlfriend) ha!

Well, luckily the rest of the trip went great. I was getting rather tired by that 17th day and those 35 women. I just do that because the women are right there and so readily available. ( did I mention I have no willpower?) ha! I was AFO. All f__ked out.

My next trip I'm packing Viagra, Not that I needed it, but I figure It'll be like having back up batteries, so, I won't have to keep telling girls, sorry, I've been with two girls today, and I don't have any power. Whenever I tell girls that, they always say, That's OK, I'll get you going!

Thailand = Many hot girls!

Many hot girls = Fun!

Just remember, Prostitution is illegal in Thailand, ha! That's a good one! And I'm not a SEX TOURIST!

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With approx. 10,000 hookers in Pattaya alone, I was sitting drinking a beer in a Walking Street Bar, thinking of all the sex out there in the whole world, this is the center of it all, Yeah, I think Walking Street in Pattaya is the "Sexual Epicenter of the World" Am I exaggerating? I don't think so!

Stickman's thoughts:

It sounds like you really enjoyed yourself.

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