Stickman Readers' Submissions February 19th, 2010

When Everything Fails

I don't believe anyone will change. We all make mistakes. The hardest part is admitting why it happened: our own wrong attitude? or…Somebody else's fault? Bad luck?

We all have ideas and dreams. That's what we live for. That what gives us a reason for our existence. These ideas could vary (depending on our culture, and our own convictions?) Like: -"women will make me happy" OR "money
will make me happy". Whatever, it is you dream.

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Problems start to arise when we put these ideas to a test. The expected result may be non-existent or we get a result other than that which we expected. Even the direct opposite result to what we wished for may eventuate … How strange!

So, what's next? Our dream was shattered by the illusion it was. Do we give up? -No. We gain life-wisdom and some experience (hopefully). We try to learn from our mistakes and do the same thing better next time.

We have many false ideas and conceptions. About everything in the world and about ourselves. But we have to have them, to keep our sanity and justify our wrongdoings…

Funny, we can make the same mistake 100 times not realize the cause of our failure, then imagine the world is unfair and evil, and continue make same mistake 100 more times (because the world is unfair and evil what does it matters?!) etc
So we justify or wrongdoings,…The greatest misconception is that based on negative experience,

mis·con·cep·tion (mskn-spshn)

A mistaken thought, idea, or notion; a misunderstanding

misconception [ˌmɪskənˈsɛpʃən]

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a false or mistaken view, opinion, or attitude

Everything takes time. To learn about Asiatic culture and relationships, Thai-women, Thai-people …They have their own misconceptions, pride and attitudes, their own ideas (like every human being?) But it doesn't make them better or
worse. And it doesn't make us better or worse. Only we learn more about ourselves? Our own motives and attitudes?

They take great pride in them self, their culture, their king and religion… "Who are you farang talk bad to me" OR "Go home stupid farang" etc.. well! Now you can argue this is a misconception based on negative experience.:-)
Maybe so. But then in my own culture we do not even like immigrants (doesn't matter where they come from!). like 80% look down on immigrants, doesn't matter.

About women. some sage of wisdom said "there exist two kinds of women: Women-mothers and women-prostitutes" … "women-mothers" have good values and morals (whatever that means) Hardworking, they believe in raising child
and family, and long-term relationship etc. "women-prostitutes"? They do NOT believe in hard work, they do not believe in raising a child and take the responsibility it require, they do not believe in honesty, faithfulness, loyalty and
long-term relationship etc …

So, it's really not a question of "prostitution in Thailand" even "good-girls" (all over the world) that we imagine educated with good jobs and high status may still be "women-prostitutes"…They DO NOT
want be subjected to a man (honest and loyal to him) they do NOT want be faithful to him, they do not want to raise a child and take all responsibility it require, as a matter of fact they have no NEED to be faithful to a man, get rid of him when
she wish etc …

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