Stickman Readers' Submissions February 23rd, 2010

Tips For The Big Durian

Just been catching up on a few of your posts of the past months and couldn't help responding to you based on your posts about Jakarta, in particular the nightlife.

The main difference in Bangkok, is that the 'happening' places are not necessarily found in clusters such as you'd expect. As you rightly observed, Blok M is no Nana Plaza/Soi Cowboy. Blok M is pretty dead these days …

He Clinic Bangkok

Close by to Blok M, is a place called "In Country". It is located in a shopping center called 'lokal sari shopping center', on the second floor. There are no other venues around it, but taxi drivers know where it is. Here,
it is night time 24/7. Dark, with round the clock techno music, and although you will find lack of 'bule', it's friendly and welcoming enough, if very slightly 'edgy'. Last time I went I ended up hanging out with a group
of Singaporean expat chefs who were living in Jakarta setting up a Chinese restaurant – excellent company they were too. You set yourself up at a bar table, and mamasan will bring a veritable 'buffet' of 'menu items' to choose
from. Some of these girls are absolutely stunning: tall, slim, those big round striking Indonesian eyes, shapely hips and busts that have an almost Latino flavor to them; something very exotic and different to the kind of girls you'll find
in Sukhumvit. The process is simple, choose your poison then they'll escort you round the back. You pay up (can't remember exactly, something like 600-800k INR) get handed a room key and some hats then off you go; 1.5 hours and full
service. Once your done, showered, you can simply stay in the bar and pick another … or move on to some of Jakarta's even more racy night spots.

X2 club is an enormous venue, and a very modern progressive nightclub. It brings a full mixture of locals and expats, great music, drinks, service. Girls are absolutely stunning – this is a clean place, where you can meet local girls with
education, jobs, STUNNING LOOKS and great English. You say it isn't easy in Jakarta – I'm absolutely stunned to hear this. It is WAY easy…

STADIUM is completely off the handle – you just can't go to Jakarta and NOT go there. It is incredible. I'm not going to describe it when it is so well described
HERE. Again, stunning girls (p4p) by the truckload. They have private rooms, for the same 800k or so, you get 1.5 hours with
a stunner. The rooms have the music piped in via large speakers in room, and the walls are mirrored …. you have to see it to believe it.

CBD bangkok

Avoiding the hotel bars was your BIGGEST mistake. It may be different in Bangkok, where I can appreciate they are not your thing – but these are the exact equivalents to places like Thermae (at its peak), Bangkok Beat, etc. In particular,
'CJ's at the Hotel Mulia is particularly good. In all, you simply can't shirk the nightclub scene as well, which hosts some of the most incredible nightlife in all Asia, period. The link above also details many of these places very
well, so I don't need to go into them here!

I don't get it – are you trying to stave off competition for the nightlife in Bangkok by saying Jakarta isn't as good? You really need to do more research and give it another shot!

I'm an Englishman living in dull and bland Singapore, and haven't been to these places in Jakarta for a couple of years … although I understand from others, it is as good as ever..

Here are some other stories I have heard about Jakarta, yet have not witnessed myself. These are a little stranger than fiction, however I have no grounds to dispute them as anything but factual accounts, most told to me by Singaporean businessmen:

wonderland clinic

– VIP SUV: You cruise around town in a huge, blacked out SUV which has everything you would ever need, on board.
– 'Birthday Suit' Bar: Everyone – the staff (all female), the punters leave all clothes behind at the door. Anything
goes. (Haven't experienced and not sure if I would … )
– 'BJ' restaurant: You book booth tables, pick something from the 'goldfish bowl'. Sit down, order your dinner as you would in a normal restaurant. Things then
go on under the table.
– 'Helicopter BJ': I have no idea what this is. <The mind positively boggles at what it could beStick>

Indonesian Dating, Singles and Personals

Stickman's thoughts:

I was in Jakarta for reasons other than being a naughty boy. Of course I wanted to check places out but that's all, just check it out. When you talk of places where you choose a girl, pay an amount and have her for an hour and a half, that would never have been my idea of fun. To me, I was never interested in that – although I realise many are.

nana plaza