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The How, Where & Why of My Thai Wife Story Part 3

Real Life Wife Testing and Selection Stage

25th Dec 08 – Bangkok

He Clinic Bangkok

As arranged Memee had taken a 3.5 hour bus trip from Korat and meets me at Bangkok airport. We jump in a cab and head off to Soi 22.

Memee (33) was the girl I had spent the most time with online and to be honest I favoured the most.

She lived in Korat in Isaan, and taught computer skills to other Thai ladies wishing to meet Farang. Her ability to speak and write English was fantastic – even more so when she told me she had taught herself by watching western TV programs, studying English subtitles on DVDs and learnt from Thai to English translation dictionaries on the Internet.

CBD bangkok

The following 5 days was truly a blissful encounter centering fundamentally around bedroom activities, sleeping and mixed with the occasional short but essential interlude, introducing me to her favourite Thai foods. We enjoyed trips to MBK, IT Plaza and the Lumpini night markets.

It’s a bugger, however the 29th Dec came round far to fast and Memee accompanied me to the airport where we both met Richard off his flight from Europe.

The three of us shared an hour together before Richard and I had to go off to board our Air Asia flight to Phuket.

Now Memee and I had not planned our goodbye. I have to tell you that it was hard for me, very very hard. You see she was my 1st encounter on my wife search and I knew then that she had set an extremely high standard that the others now had to follow. I really did not want to leave her but I was here in the Land of Smiles with a strong purpose and knew to be true to myself I had to see it through to the end. Yes after leaving her and debriefing with Richard, there was a tear to be found lurking in the corner of my eyes (don’t tell Memee!)

wonderland clinic

Dec 29th 08 – Phuket

We booked into a hotel, I called Lek (42) and Richard and I arranged to meet her for dinner. Lek had told me she was a hairdresser, so we met her about 8 PM when she got off work. We had a fabulous dinner on the beach at the water's edge, I gave her a few pressies as I’d bought pressies along for all the girls. English was no problem as Lek had lived in New Zealand.

Now Lek did mention that after work she quite likes to stroll down Bangla Road on her own looking at the ladyboys. My instant reaction to this was to ask her if as such an attractive thing as she is, does she not get chatted up and invitations from single men?? Lek smiled, looked away and refused to answer such a direct question!

Lek was fun albeit a little reserved and after dinner she said she fancied going to the Tiger Disco on Bangla Road. She had a friend there that might like Richard.

So we get to the disco and have a drink and Lek announces she has to go and find someone. Lek is gone for about 20 minutes and I actually thought she had left us there!! Now when she returned after seeing someone it was as though Lek had undergone a personality transplant – We thought not much of it, maybe just the second beer clicking in and she was now ‘the party girl’. Her friend arrived and took a liking to Richard and they danced and cuddled around the dance floor for the rest of the evening.

Home time came and Lek decided to spend the night with me. We did the deed but it seemed very perfunctory and not exciting. I took her for breakfast the next morning and walked her to her hairdressing saloon.

Same again that evening, met her at her work, dinner and on to the Tiger Disco. What do you know, just like a scratched record Lek’s off because she has to see someone. Once again she comes back after quite a while and man she’s on fire – dancing up on the plinths with the poles, pulling me up and pole dancing.

It was at this point the penny dropped to Richard and myself (I’m so pleased my life long buddy was there as a leveller for me). She is a drunk, buys drugs on a daily basis and most likely a freelancer on Bangla Road.

Needless to say, my mate and I then had to go and find somebody and we high tailed it out of the Tiger Disco and never to be found by her again!

Phuket moral: Lessons being learnt and fast! Illusions over MSN with camera are not always the same in reality.

Gosh I was still thinking of Memee and SMS and called her every day.

Jan 02nd 09 – Ko Samui

Richard and I flew into Samui and arrived at Chaweng Beach. We immediately go and visit Kieow (45) at the massage saloon. All sisters very pleased to see both of us and we are told that as it is peak season, she can only spend time with me overnight at the hotel. I have no problems with this. Richard and I spend all day and evening together and knock around also with the Swiss guy who sponsors Kieow’s sisters venture of the massage saloon.

So I am entertained with nocturnal visits from Kieow who stays for breakfast then leaves. The only fly in the ointment is that the more days I spend with Kieow the more obvious it becomes how hard daily life would be, with a Thai lady that I am unable to communicate effectively with will be.

F**k I miss Memee, I still call & SMS her every day and now it’s MSN camera from Internet shops too.

I decide to leave Samui a day early, extend my trip and ask Memee if she will meet again as the last leg of my journey. Not surprisingly she agrees, so I make said arrangements, including cancelling the meeting with Noina to gain an extra night.

Jan 08th 09 – Bangkok

So I land at BKK check back into the hotel in Soi 22 and Bee (25) comes along. She is new to Internet dating, in fact never met anyone before and is chaperoned by a close female friend. The three of us go to the German beer garden where I buy them lunch. Soon more friends form their German speaking class ask to arrive (all Thai girls with Farang partners) we have a ball and everyone agrees I am a good guy and can be trusted with Bee. We go back to the hotel and spend our mucking around, actually it’s all a very childish kind of behaviour but fun – you see Bee hardly speaks any English at all. She has an electronic translator but it down not know half the words we wish to use. Yes we dance the dance of love but I think she's so new to it all her friends forgot to tell her to shave her pubic hair off – this is a 1st for me with Thai girls J J

Jan 09th 09 – Bangkok

A quick hotel change (just incase contingency) and I meet Kanjana (33). She in all honesty was my #2 choice – yes I had rated them all before I left.

A bit of a surprise she announces that her period had just started and we had to go and buy supplies for her – This girl is sending a strong signal here!

We get settled and talk and then go for dinner and end up at the Irish bar opposite the Emporium centre.

Back to the hotel and down to business, but no business is not going to happen, Kanjana then tells me at 33 years old she has only had sex 3 or 4 times in her life and also that she thinks she has a bit of a problem ‘down there’.

We discuss marriage, sin sot (what will happen with it) and that I must meet her elder sister first in Roi Et (before meeting her parents) and that if her sister approves then we can announce all to her parents.

We go shopping over our few days together, however I just cannot wait to meet Memee again in a few days time. It’s as this point I feel Memee has rather won my heart, I know this deep within.

Anyhow Kanjana’s time is up – she leaves the hotel and I have 2 hours to wait before Memee turns up at reception and I have to face reception again after checking one girl out and then check the next girl in.

So what happened next?? Well that will be my last and final instalment in Part 4

Stickman's thoughts:

I can appreciate that you don't have much time to spend with these women but I know that for me I could never make a decision with confidence after having spent so little time with a woman.

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