Stickman Readers' Submissions February 8th, 2010

The How, Where & Why of My Thai Wife Story Part 4

To Marry or Not to Marry – Sin Sot is the Question!

My mobile receives an SMS and it’s Memee saying she is just arriving at the hotel.

We meet at reception, show her ID card to the hotel and we are off up to the room.

I honestly don’t think either of us were quite prepared for how events transpired next and also how fast they happened… I told Memee that I had something I very much wanted to discuss with her at the same time as she too told me she had something very important to announce to me. We laugh together at this situation so we decide to firstly jump into bed together and get rid of the unspent passion and then to hear each other out.

Memee insists that I go first, so with a big smile on my face I announce that I would like her to be my wife. Immediately she retorts with “So what’s your plan for me” – I play dumb and make her spell out word by word what she means. Memee says well you must pay money for Thai wife, Thai wife not come cheap, how much you pay for me? She also went on to add that she would not give the money to her parents but keep it for herself as a nest egg just in case she needed it later in life or if I was ever to leave her and trade her in for a younger Mia Thai!

I had thought about this sin sot business (however not to the extent that I have since read about in depth on Stick's pages) and replied with 500,000 baht. She thought about this offer for… well a few seconds and then said OK we get married.

Memee went on to explain that with her money (soon to be my ex money!) that she would then pay for the whole wedding; 2 baht of gold, venue, flowers, food, drink, video & photographer, 9 x monks and their envelopes, guest gifts, wedding night accommodation, pre wedding photos, Thai custom dress for us both, make up artist, honeymoon accommodation and flights for us both in Samui, her visa to my country and her international airfare to Australasia.

Memee was pretty shell shocked with this all, I mean ecstatically happy but not what she was expecting and the discussion had taken, well… all of just about 5 minutes. That was it. We were getting married in 3 months time.
She then calls her Mum and Dad and tells them the news and they are very excited for her and that now at least one of their four daughters is getting married to a Farang!

I then remembered that Memee had wanted to tell me something urgently on her arrival, so I asked her about it. She said that she had come back to share a good time with me but that afterwards when we went our own ways, we could only just have fun over the Internet – nothing more serious!

She had chosen to abandon that news of hers for me after we had had the marriage conversation.

We spent yet another blissful 4 days together and time came for my “Find a Thai Wife business plan” to come to an end. Memee escorts me to BKK airport and I fly home and she buses back to Korat.

Well the days following my trip are spent almost 24 hours a day on the PC with our cameras going via MSN. It’s an absolutely lovely experience. She says good night and falls asleep with the camera on all night – I can watch her as she sleeps from the other side of the world in real time. I reciprocate too and we watch each other’s lives start to entwine as friends and family come and go.

I felt and understood that potentially there was a real danger to our distance. My desire to be with her was as much as her desire to be with me – so very very strong. So we agree to move the wedding forwards to just 6 weeks after we had first agreed to marry. Memee goes to action and she plans and arranged the whole event. Literally all I have to do is turn up and listen to the 9 monks chanting… J

So I head back up to Thailand (my 3rd trip in just 3 months) and 1 week after my arrival we are married Thai custom style and go off on honeymoon.

I spend the next 2 months living ‘Thai style’ in her flat, meeting and eating with her friends and neighbours (mainly other single girls also looking for Farangs). The local Thais were so very generous to us, using their cars and taking us to visit my new family, lending us motorbikes and helmets (which we chose not to wear on occasion and got stopped by the police!!)

After just 1 month Memee’s visa is approved for down under so the next four weeks are spent tidying up loose ends, selling her personal effects, enjoying a visa party with friends, a quick trip to Pattaya and visiting family.

It’s now almost Feb 2010 and a year has passed by, well actually flown by…

I swear I am the happiest, well looked after and contented man in the world. I appreciate, enjoy and love my Thai wife very much. I just have to look at her gorgeous face and I smile, her young naughty sense of humour. She is my best mate, my companion for life and I treasure every moment of her and us …

I will write one more final episode because I think it is now also important to share why I think my experience has been so positive and the relationship so strong and stable (after all there are so many horror stories over the years, laid out for all to read within Stickies readers submissions) so that will be in Part 5

By the way; Did I say thank to You for taking the time to read this?

Stickman's thoughts:

It's great to hear that you found happiness so quickly.

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