Stickman Readers' Submissions December 31st, 2009

No Man Is A Failure Who Is Enjoying Life

No man is a failure who is enjoying life"

Where did I hear that saying? Perhaps in a submission on Stick's site? Enjoying life is very important and what better place to enjoy it than in Thailand? If your main purpose for being in Thailand is sex, than you've definitely
come to the right place! 5 million satisfied sex tourists can't be wrong! Being that I love women and sex, I've found my second home. If sex is a drug, than in Thailand, one can purchase sex like it's high grade heroin. There are
people who indulge, then there are people who just go plain overboard. On my last trip over, I entered the second category. I couldn't help it. It was my third trip and each time I seem to raise the bar. Did I need to be with two women a
day for the 20 days of my vacation? Perhaps that was a little over kill. I remember going to the doctor after about 5 days and complaining of an ache in my lower groin area. It wasn't anything I caught, because I always used a condom. The
doctor ran some tests and said he didn't find a thing, and perhaps I was having too much sex? I thought about it a minute… Well, it's been 10 days so far, and 20 women… I guess that's about 20 women more than I would've
had at home.ha! Maybe he had a point. He gave me something that immediately took away the aching and I was back in action. I figured it was like having a car in the garage for long time. Every now and then, you should take it out and run it to
keep the fluids moving around. I considered it good maintenance. I don't want the parts to rust up from lack of use! I guess in my case, it was like taking the family sedan out and racing it with Farraris on a race track. All good things
in moderation.

He Clinic Bangkok

When arriving in Thailand, I feel like a guy who's been wandering the dessert and finally comes upon an oasis with plenty of fresh water. I just can't help gulping it down. It's like a child who's been told all his life
he cannot have any candy, and all of the sudden, he inherits a candy store. Am I getting my point across?

I go to places like Soi Cowboy and wonder why there are guys sitting outside these bars having a beer and visiting with their buddies? WTF Aren't they in the sex capital of the world and right outside numerous bars filled with hundreds
of available women? Are they gay? I just don't get it. They must be locals that live there, and they're just burnt out on the sex scene. I guess I'm on a mission when I'm over there and that is to fully enjoy the nightlife
that Bangkok has to offer. Sometimes, even when I go into a great bar with tons of beautiful babes performing a very sensual sex show, I look over at some guys that aren't even paying attention to the girls. My question is, what the f___
are they doing in there? Did they come in to visit with the guys? I just don't get it. I've seen guys like this before. I'm convinced that there are guys out there that just aren't into women. Being the type of guy I am, I
can't understand that mentality. They put up a good front when around other guys, but they really aren't into women. (I'm sure those guys make great marriage partners) Those type of guys, are more into hunting, fishing, and hanging
with the "guys." I think they look at having a woman partner more like getting laundry service or meals cooked. They truly don't "enjoy" being with a woman. I just can't relate to that thinking.

Anyway, I'm on a mission when I'm over there, and that is to: 1. totally have a great time 2.Treat the women well, 3.Have some great daily sex. 4. Enjoy the exoticness of Thailand and the wonderful people that live there. I'm
not into anything out of the ordinary as far as the sex goes. Just a great physical release. Call it what you will. A person could almost call it "masturbating, using a female ." Sure I like the gal I'm with, but it's not the
deep connection that most guys truly desire from a woman. That's why the experience can leave a person feeling a little empty if a real relationship is what you go over looking for. I know there is no future with these women, but they sure
are fun to hang out with. They're into it for the money, and I'm enjoying the companionship, even though the encounters may only last for a day or two. Catch and release. That's my plan when I'm over there (or, should I say
PAY and release) ha!

CBD bangkok

Am I the only guy who has thought about the Thai sex scene and how the guys that indulge in it compare with Tiger Woods? That poor guy. Who's better off? The guy that lives it up on his visits to Thailand? or Tiger Woods loosing his
wife and reputation in front of the whole world? Wow. I'd rather not have it all like he had and then loose it. All for pussy? I really think what did him in was getting hooked on the sex, and needing "variety" or more than one
mistress. It seems crazy doesn't it? I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps his wife was a total whack job once they got married. He stayed in the marriage for the kids? but wasn't having any sex at home? Even then, being
a public figure with sponsorship, he was way out on a limb. He won't be the first guy who's messed up his whole life by trying to get some strange stuff on the side. So, if anyone spots a guy that looks like Tiger Woods sporting a fake
beard and glasses. sneaking into the entrance of Nana Plaza, rather that asking for an autograph, just give him some space and let him do his thing. ha!

I have to admit, I may have to go cold turkey from the Thai sex scene eventually. In some ways it's a road to nowhere. Most guys here in the states can not relate to someone actually going over there for the women. It sure is a great
way to pass time though! ha! A few friends of mine have mentioned going to strip clubs here at home. I'm thinking…after experiencing Thailand, a strip club is so tame, and totally a waste of money. In Thailand, you don't just look
at the menu, you can actually sample what's on the menu. It's like going to a restaurant to just sit there and "look" at the food. Makes no sense to me. And watching porn videos? Heck, in Thailand, you're IN the porn video.
Heck, you're the star actor, director, and can even be in charge of the props if you so desire. Ha!

January 7th, I once again arrive in the Land of Smiles. I think the biggest smile will be the one on my face for the entire 20 days. Will I do the two women a day thing again? Hey, it seems to work for me. Besides the hotels, food etc. I'm
taking plenty of spending money. I'm going to try Pattaya for a few of the days. Guess prices and the girl's attitudes are better down there? I've always stayed in Bangkok and had a great time. Wonder if the hotels down there can
supply an oxygen tank next to the bed in the room? Ha! Just kidding. Back at home, the only way to wake up every day with a big of a smile on your face, is to go to bed with a coat hanger in your mouth. ha!

I find the submissions here very interesting to read. I've learned a lot about Thailand (not just the bar sex scene). Some guys are hilarious with their comments. Some submissions I can relate to and others, not. Every now and then,
I'll read a submission, and think, wow, this guy really gets it. Shear genius. I guess some of those have got the "green star"? Those are usually really great reading. Even before I met Stick, just by reading his comments, he really
seemed like a great guy who was really honest and sincere with his comments to people. I know he puts in a lot of work on this site, and it's greatly appreciated by many. Those articles he writes each Sunday are very informative. I hope you
all check them out weekly. The pictures are great too.

wonderland clinic

All you guys getting over to Thailand before January 7th, could you please leave a few women over there for me? Thanks.

Stickman's thoughts:

Plenty of girls left for you this high season…more than ever in fact with fewer guys about.

nana plaza