Stickman Readers' Submissions August 18th, 2009

The Story Of Deng Part 2

Thailand was on my way to somewhere else, and finding myself unprepared for what I was to see in Patpong, it was all much of a blur. I soon lost the two guys I was with and ended up in some small bar with a very young thing, who got me back to my guesthouse
somehow. I can say if that first night had not been so great I might have been spared. One of those nights that lasted till the morning. I was totally blown away by how this young girl was, looked, and behaved.

I remember the next morning, first noticing the sign, about no local girls allowed in the guesthouse, on my way to the shower. How effortlessly the young girl showered dressed, helped herself to some baht, smiled and left. She had taken a couple of thousand,
left a similar amount. I didn't care.

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I thought to myself, three more days and I am out of here.

I did the trip around Bangkok thing. Ran into a guy from Sydney, and a Brit also newly arrived, did the markets, ate, drank lots of beer etc.

I am leaving on the third night at 2:00 in the morning. The guy from Sydney suggests going for drinks at a place I won't forget. The Brit is up for it, he hasn't seen Patpong. I am all packed and checked out, got my backpack… the idea is three
hours at Patpong, and a taxi to the airport.

My first visit to Pussy Galore. Oh my God. I met a girl called Orr. Some might remember her from the tattoo on her shoulder, 'My first time~Bangkok', which I never got my head around. Well, my mate from Sydney sees I am rather interested. Makes
a call and puts my flight back a week. I never figured that out either. I think I stayed that night in a hotel in Patpong, pretty much a blur, except the girl.

Orr was drop dead beautiful. The alone time with her a total let down after the first night I had, three days earlier. 'If only that first one had not been so great' is something years later I must have said a hundred times.'

I met up with my two pals the next day for breakfast still lugging my pack, and we jumped on a bus for some away time in Kanchanaburi. We hung out there doing the river and bridge thing, sleeping on a raft, awesome time. My buddies were off to different
places. I headed back to Bangkok with 2 days before my flight. I had way too much baht, so I booked into a good hotel, the Royal, a few blocks over from Khao San Road. Got dressed up and set of for Patpong for the first time alone.

Something weird and wonderful when you set off there alone for the first time. I headed straight for Pussy Galore, stayed till late and ended up with Orr again. Again the let down. The next night I was determined to try somewhere a little more laid back.
Meeting up with Orr again would be OK, but twice now it had been a real let down.

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I figured last night ever, so I walked into the Superstar bar. I think this must have been the original place with the Disco upstairs? I sat at the end of the bar, with my back to the door, and started to drink. That was the first time I saw Deng. She
was dancing right in front of me at the nearest pole. I thought she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my life. I actually said out loud to myself, “Imagine marrying a girl that looked like that?”

I never met her that night. A few seconds later there were two girls on me, moving me away to a booth to the side. I ended up with a girl called Ede. She was a little older than the others, very attractive, and totally permed out like Diana Ross. Usual
thing… story like all the others, she took over my time, got me on the plane and I promised to see her again the next time I was in Bangkok.

Fast forward like eight months. India by train, Nepal in a hotel with a block of hash the size of my hand and an old friend I had met on the flight there. Got to go back to real life I guess. I was ready, no thoughts of Patpong honestly. My flight to
Melbourne is via BKK. It was fate.

I met up with Ede again, this time not so happy to see me, but still OK. Then, OMFG! Third night back, I am in a room just down from Malaysia Hotel, enjoying life, thinking I will kick back in Bangkok a month or so, when Ede's friend walks in. I
have seen her before, can't remember where, and oops, she has the studded leather belt Orr liked so much.

Ede's explosive, “So you promised to see her again etc etc”, and it is sour.

Well, I was 25, and right there made that error of thinking, this is a girlfriend thing. God I was so dumb.

So we try to iron it out. Ede wants me out of my room. Hell no! It's a great room and I have paid for it. Things get worse, I move to another room, and who is in the next room? Deng.

At this time Deng was with a guy from Argentina. I hung out with him in the afternoons. Got over Ede and started prowling like everyone else.

Fast forward a few more months. I am out of money, going through the last of what I sold my Nikon for, my best friend has already sent me a couple of thousand, and now he sends me a God damn ticket only refundable in Brisbane! I have become friends with
Deng, through the Argentinean, and a couple of the girls I got from here and there.

I remember waking up one morning, she is in my room, packing my same backpack mentioned earlier, and tells me a taxi is waiting. It is the day of my flight, I don't even have my departure tax! Such a dead loss I have become. She gives me the 500
THB, pays the taxi and I am speeding away with her waving and smiling. I should mention the guesthouse owner trying to catch me to pay the bill.

I went back to a really great job I had working for a couple of cool dudes in Melbourne. Paid my bills, got rid of the STD I had picked up. Got back with my beautiful Greek girlfriend, got forgiven for my indiscretions. Life should have gone back to normal
right there. I realized Bangkok would be the end of me. It nearly had eaten me alive. Then I did something stupid, I wrote Deng a thank-you letter.

Stickman's thoughts:

It's the proverbial train wreck about to happen in slow motion!

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