Stickman Readers' Submissions August 20th, 2009

Pattaya V Bangkok

It’s been a while since I last sat down and written a submission for the site so hear goes.

Many of my friends and customers in Bangkok and at my bar in Jomtien (Hot Legs Bar, Jomtien Complex) reckon I have the perfect lifestyle, through the week I work for a major Thai Oil Company in Bangkok staying in a condo 5 minutes from the office, (so no traffic worries) and from Friday to Sunday stay at my house in Jomtien and help Joy, been together 4 years, run our bar, well not so much run the bar more the genial host as they say.

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Because of this arrangement I get to see the good and bad sides of both Bangkok and Pattaya, so below I have written down a few points from both, some may disagree but all points are from experience and just my opinion and may be of help if you are coming over for the first time.

The first question is where would I rather stay? Definitely Pattaya, why?

Well the obvious reason is you can get around the roads quite easily, where Bangkok can be a nightmare, although the MRT is well ran and cheap. I tend to be out down around Sukhumvit every night through the week trying different bars and restaurants and obviously the gogos. I reckon Bangkok has a much better class of beer bar than Pattaya with lots of owners putting in a real effort in doing up their bars, nice décor, clean toilets etc. You can listen to good live music in both areas, but my vote for best live music would have to go to the Blues Factory off Walking Street, again depends on taste. As far as gogos are concerned, Bangkok is not a patch on Pattaya, where in one or two gogos anything does go, and I mean anything. Anyone reading this about to come over to Thailand for the first time and not sure about where to see the most action, believe me, there is only one choice, Pattaya.

Are the girls any different? certainly plenty more freelancer spots in Bangkok, Biergarten Soi 7, as Stickman has mentioned in the past, most in here are of the “been around the block” variety, Gulliver’s and New Wave, Soi 5 and 7, slightly younger model of freelancers here and most will kick your arse at pool, then you have the more hi-so (in their eyes anyway) girls in the Q Bar and several others, you certainly don’t get much of the girlfriend experience with any of these girls, its purely a case of you come – you go!! (IMO).

Down in Pattaya/Jomtien you do still get this girlfriend experience, certainly judging by the amount of girls who get bought out of the bars. Note, heard a recent story of an English guy paying 62,000 baht to buy a girl out of one of the most popular Walking Street gogos, his mates tried to talk him out of it, but he knew best – all I can say is best of luck to him.

Pay for play prices do seem to vary but depends on what you want to pay, I’ve been with one Nana girl, from probably the best Gogo in Bangkok for 1500 LT, you can get ST for 1000 Baht including room, you can and will get the same deals in Pattaya.

Drink prices are generally more expensive in Bangkok, but there are some great deals around, Stickman has mentioned a few in the weekly column recently, down in Pattaya some places are giving it away, several bars in Jomtien Complex for example are selling San Mig Light for 40 to 50 Baht, same in Pattaya, many bars are trying everything to get customers through the doors. We are hearing that this is the lowest low season ever, certainly some of the normally busiest gogos in Pattaya where you would struggle to get a seat after 22.00 are still half empty if the last few weeks are anything to go by, many bars, restaurants, massage parlours have closed down in the last few months, will it pick up again? I think so, the pound v the baht is getting better by the day and as long as there are no more political carry ons we should start to see numbers picking up again this high season. (I’m an optimist).

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One thing you don’t get, or at least very rarely in Pattaya is normal working girls with normal jobs out for a night who will happily have a few drinks then back to your room, or even their room and not a mention of “how much you pay me”, this happens fairly regularly in Bangkok, saying that most do seem to have sponsors from abroad and do like to call them for a chat while in the middle of the act so to speak. This subject has been covered many times in other submissions, but if you are one of these overseas sponsors – BEWARE, these girls are pure professionals when it comes to talking on a mobile, sounding sweet and innocent, yet at the same time getting some other Farang out of his jeans…

Things to do, Pattaya has more things to do if you are an ex-pat or on holiday, well maybe that’s not strictly true, in Pattaya you can go golfing, go fishing, go bowling etc and be there 30 minutes after leaving the hotel/condo, in Bangkok it will take you that time to get through the first couple of major sets of traffic lights.

If you move over here should you try your hand at a business, running a bar – BE VERY CAREFUL, I will submit another submission sometime in the future on this subject, but if you want to try this line of work there are some golden rules.

1, Don’t jump in, do your homework, that means checking out the bar you are interested in, 2, Get a reputable solicitor,

3, Check out lease agreements, This is VERY IMPORTANT, you might find you have a 3 year contract with option for further 3, When the time comes the rent suddenly doubles.

4, Things are much easier if you have a Thai involved, it may be your partner, friend etc, make sure they are trustworthy, double check all money going out and coming in.

5, Make sure you have all the correct licenses for selling alcohol, tobacco and music, this will save you hassle and money when you get checked out, and you will.

6, Try to get a bar with a good ex-pat trade, don’t rely on the Tourist trade, many bars are suffering because of this.

If you have got to here, thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings, and if you are unsure as to whether you should come over to Thailand for a holiday, all I’ll say is get it booked, you will have the time of your lives.


(Future TAT Employee)…

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