Stickman Readers' Submissions July 25th, 2009

Thai Thoughts and Anecdotes Part 219


Men go to Thailand to meet women. Some of these men are single. These men seeking women are often characterized in unsavory and inaccurate ways. Their singleness automatically confers on them negative assumptions. They must be perverted,
or desperate, or uncompetitive, or degenerate, or damaged, or mentally deficient, or insensitive, etc. If any of these men are single and have never been married or fathered and nurtured children the criticism of them is increased.

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At the same time as single men are flying to Thailand to receive smiles from Thai women; thousands of single and mostly white women from North America and Europe are flying to Jamaica, and Aruba, and St. John, and Barbados, and Nassau, and
Trinidad, and Ghana, and Luanda, and Pointe-Noire, or anywhere on the west African coast where a plane can land. There they will walk about on beaches naked, do drugs, and have sex with black men. Are these single women going to marry these black
men? No they are not going to marry these black men they meet on their vacations. That is not part of the vacation equation. In fact, so remote is this idea that the idea and the addenda criticism of their behavior never even comes up. Do you
smell a double standard?

No criticism is ever heard of this sexual behavior by single women because they call their vacations 'Romance Vacations'. Oh god, we are so easily sold. The absurdity of this moniker should not work but it does work. Why? Because
society is awash in the idea that women are inherently good and that men are inherently bad. The hypocrisy of single men being criticized for sexual behavior, but single women not being criticized for identical and often more dramatic and publically
egregious behavior is stunning. Just one of the brain freezes that I have to mentally negotiate in my life without having a medical attack of some kind.

I don't know about you, but when I think about Mandy from Manchester and Suzie from Chicago going nude in public, sucking white lines into their noses through soda straws, and being rag doll bonked by a Rasta man named Mandingo from
Jamaica or a busboy named Rufus from Ghana; a lot of things occur to me, but 'romance' is not one of them.

Hey, wait a minute; what are two milk white fat Scottish schoolteacher sisters doing in the gay quarter of the capital of Sierra Leone? Well, they like tall skinny silverback gorillas. They've got American money, and a video camera,
and they are going to have fun in the hotel room. Honk if you love romance vacations. Hey, and back home in Glasgow they took a video movie course and they have made up a title page for the video of them both being shagged and bagged. They are
going to call the video 'film' Ebony And Ivory Two. Get it? Hey, it's a romance vacation so who could criticize?

Anyway, nothing is harder to kill than a myth. The perception of reality always carries more weight than reality; and the perception is that single men are suspect, possibly dangerous, anti-social, and under no circumstances have as much
value as married or once married men. The background societal noise that men who are married or who have been married (you get lifetime credits for drinking the kool-aid) are somehow more moral, or have more admirable character, are more sensitive,
or more capable of understanding the special qualities of women is just buffoonery stupid but there is no avoiding it.

A person with intelligence and dignity and a sense of fair play would not believe or endorse or encourage such mean spirited ignorance. But this idea that single (and never married) men are somehow inferior to married (or once married) men
is one of the most popular ideas ever fomented by the human race. Nothing is easier or more fun than labeling and everyone can throw this dart. Apparently, drinking the kool-aid and signing up for a lifetime one way contract that confers 100%
of the risk on the man has been so successfully sold by women that the act of marrying by a man automatically confers on him qualities that he may not have.

The marriage contract is a public forum abdication of dignity and self worth now successfully sold worldwide as the mark of a man of value. Slave and fool as value laden person. And the reverse mentally bankrupt idea is constantly thrown
in the face of single men. Never been married? What is wrong with you? Fathered and nurtured no children? Monster. Never drank the kool-aid? Not interested in unfair contracts? Don't want to be a slave? What's wrong with you?

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As a single never married man I encounter this anti-single man prejudice frequently. In my late 30's I once had a job interviewer ask me if I was gay. And believe me he was not being nice to gays. He was just trying to figure out in
what way I was abnormal, or dangerous, or defective. Because . . . the qualities that a woman wants in a husband are the same exact qualities that a company wants in an employee. The company is only interested in gutless idiots, drones, cyphers,
cowards, and slaves. You know, like married guys; or married guys with children (the full hemlockien brew).

The notion that the social millstone of marriage around my neck suddenly confers on me superior behavior, morals, or character is insulting to single me. It's an offensive idea and I take offense. If some men want to pontificate, moralize,
preach, or soapbox this idea that is their business; but if you want to convert you need to be able to entertain and you need to be fun. Married (or once married) men are more . . . than single men? Oh, stop it. A dancing bear in a Russian circus
has more to offer as an entertainment. I am single, and I have never been married; and I am the equal of any man.

Not fully engaged by this essay? You are married, your father was married, and your grandfather was married? Most of your friends and business associates are married (your wife won't allow you to spend time with single men)? Ok, consider
this. How about legislation that would authorize the castration, imprisonment, or death to all single males over age thirty five? Sound extreme? Really?

What is extreme about the idea of social legislation like this? It only puts in law form what many people think now. The marginalization of men starts in grade school when the majority of grade school teachers are female. In the higher grades
drugs are sometimes prescribed for boys who are 'too active' (translation: not like girls). Men as cannon fodder is the next step. The Armed Services will build character (and conveniently remove single males from society). No mention
is ever made of building character in women. Apparently, if you have a pussy you don't need character. Finally the man gets a 'good job' which means he is a corporate slave in an organization that has a Human Resources Dept. It
is from this command center that man controlling rules are issued. Human Resource Departments are populated by fat sexless women. Congratulations, you have come full circle and you are back in grade school. Do not forget to raise your hand if
you want to jack off.

How many of these women using the sanctity of the secret ballot would vote for legislation to abuse or kill all single men over age thirty five? Seem extreme? Consider this. When the government comes for a mother's son for the military
she always hands him over. But if anyone tries to grab her kitty kat or her doggy woggy she will fight like a tiger. She loves her pets more than her son. You forgot her birthday? Don't worry about it.

Remember, in the world of women men are only on Earth to serve their needs. We are nothing but trivial jewelry accessories on the costumery of their needs and wants. A man not stepping up to the marriage plate has no purpose. Kill him.

My name is Dana and I am a single man. Tonight I am going to clatter down the marble steps of the A.A.Hotel in South Pattaya and take a walk on the boardwalk. I will be looking for Ming or Ting or Ling or Wan or Da or Num or Fa. I love and
appreciate all these wonderful human beings. Yes, it is possible to love and respect and appreciate women without marrying them and without bringing into the world more children that the world does not need.

So here is a news flash to all married men (or once married men, yes you get lifetime credits) in the Kingdom and elsewhere in the other 189 countries of the world. You can hold up your ring fingers, and your marriage licenses, and your pictures
of your wives as a priest would hold up a cross to smite the devil within; but you will have no effect on me. My name is Dana and I am a man. Soon I will be holding a Thai female in my arms in my ocean facing sixth floor suite and we are both
going to be smiling.

When we are through making love I will give a thought to the thousands of women all over the world being bonked by black men. Good on you. I'm happy for you and I pass no judgement on you because you are single. I'm sure you love
your short and long term liaisons of love for their manly qualities irrespective of whether you are married or not, just as I love the women in my arms irrespective of whether I have or have not had other personal traditional entanglements; but
please, do not call it a Romance Vacation.

Stickman's thoughts:

Excellent! I loved the bit where you drew an analogy between being a corporate slave as being a slave if married. It does seem to me that in bigger companies more and more are becoming corporate slaves.

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