Stickman Readers' Submissions July 24th, 2009

Ex-pat Charades

Firstly, an apology for my writing style. This is just some rambling thoughts after reading a few submissions. Also I tend to over punctuate. I’m no English teacher so expect grammatical errors and mis-spellings. Hell, being an English teacher doesn’t seem to mean much more out in Thailand if most of these sites are anything to go by.

I’m not an avid reader of this site. I try to catch the weekly comments and read the submissions which catch my eye. Usually to remind myself just how I don’t want to be. Delusional, self-important and artificial. Oh, and to laugh at the dumb situations only people who are socially retarded could find themselves in (the ‘I married a habitual prostitute, why did it go wrong’ submissions come to mind).

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It’s strange to me how these people write submissions and emails talking about being a ‘monger’ claiming they are not affected by the stigma this brings in the west. If this was the case why are you not following this pastime in the west? Because they are affected. How many tell their families, friends or colleagues what they are up to? Also, the prostitutes in the west have standards which would mean some of you wouldn’t even to able to ‘get some’ when you paid. While in Thailand your money would push past these barriers. Another excuse would probably be cost. Why is this a problem? You all seem to be university educated, professors of blah, successful businessmen (a feat you probably didn’t manage back in the west) and / or independently wealthy. Or is this just part of your internet charade? Like the fact most are married to hi-so Thais.

Then there’s always the western woman are fat claim. Maybe in the pool of women you get to choose from. Maybe that’s what they think of you. The ‘western woman are fat’ seems to be a popular view from these ex-pat / wannabe ex-pat sites. Just because the young fit women aren’t interested in some old, fat, whining idiot it’s easier to say there’s none out there. Flashing a couple of thousand baht just won’t get the interest, will it? Not when there are plenty of fit young men around who don’t have to take a little blue pill to start the evening.

You’re wondering why you can’t get the young beautiful girls in the west like in Thailand? It can be done but you need to be more than an old sleaze who thinks flashing the cash is enough.

Want a good girl? Be a good guy. Stop being a misfit.

A comment I see often is ‘many of the farangs who frequent Thailand are not the most desirable’. What you don’t seem to realise is that’s probably 90% of this site's readership. But they masquerade as intellectuals by writing, in their opinion, high-brow submissions commenting on Thai culture blah blah or some inane scribbling. Or advice on relationships with Thai women when most can’t even keep a relationship going. How many of you were divorced before becoming ex-pats? I suppose this is down to feministic women and how they just no longer put up with your chauvinism. How many how have now got divorced in Thailand? Ever thought maybe you’ve got a problem? How many are in a relationship but still frequent the ‘naughty’ nightlife? How would you feel coming home to find some young fit guy giving a slice to your wife? To prove this, if you weren’t the lower echelons of your original society then you would be able to get the nice / fit women back there and if that was the case you wouldn’t be in Thailand.

Most of you probably came to Thailand originally because of women or a woman. To a place where picking up, even women not pros, is like shooting fish in a barrel. Ego massage. Just not getting your ID fulfilled. Up sticks to where even you are still attractive.

Who’s a whore? Everyone. We’re all whoring ourselves one way or another to get want we want, be that money (traditional sense), sex (mongers) or in any other sense. Everyone’s trading something for what they want.

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Weak western men…aka ex-pats. If you weren’t weak you’d still be in the west now.

After all this begins the racism e.g. the Asian men all have a small penis rubbish (I remembering a submission about 4 minutes, 4 inches and 4000 baht) and how the Thai ladies love the big farang. If this was what they were interested in they would be all over black men regardless of their skin colour.

It seems to me that Thailand is the elephant’s graveyard for old chauvinistic racist men.

Final thought: What a surprise old people saying the current generation are no good and bleating on about the good old days. Don’t worry about how things are as you probably haven’t got long left… If things were so good for everyone they wouldn’t have changed. There’s no fool like an old fool.

Stickman's thoughts:

You make some decent points but over-generalise which is a shame as it devalues your article.

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