Stickman Readers' Submissions July 20th, 2009

It’s a Short Walk To The Dark Side

Between two industrial towns I was riding a songtau as was my habit because the journey was only 20 minutes in either direction. She was waiting under a bus canopy on her way to college. There are a number of different uniforms in this
area that differentiate which post high school, school that the women attend. She was in the sexy one. The usual tight white blouse and short tight black slit skirt. On her feet were a pair of 4 inch heels. The shoes were black suede and the heels
shiny clear plastic. She carried a large purse which functioned as suitcase and book bag. Most girls used this to cover the area between their legs when they sat down. She got on the bus and sat opposite me. Firmly planting the purse on top of
her lap allowing my eyes no incursion. There were two uniformed oil workers also on the bus. 30’s Thai guys, in good shape obviously engaged in some form of physical labor. I stared close to her but not directly at her because of the Thai
men on the bus. Being 60 and staring at an 18 year old woman might be out of place even here.

The men got off the bus at the next light. The girl shifted her purse and I discovered she was wearing red panties. She also shaved her legs. Her nails were clear with no polish but well trimmed. Her hair had about two years growth from a
high school girl cut. She was light skinned and tall with braces straight teeth.

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We were alone on the songtau. She slowly crossed her legs and I wondered if she had seen that movie with Sharon Stone. I took out my cell phone and handed it to her while I asked for her number. She punched it in and hit the send
button. Brassy wench, she also now had my phone number. She smiled. I told her to meet me at 5:00 PM and where (a short time hotel). She nodded and then pushed the buzzer to get off the bus.

As she walked across the road I realized she had passed her stop and would wait for another songtau to take her back a few miles. Is she a whore? I gave her 1000 baht later that afternoon.

I was shopping at Lotus. I normally go at the same time. The staff is usually the same. One young woman (19 maybe 20, no children) is usually running a cash register when I check out. I always wait in her line. We exchange a few words almost
daily. On this day I had brought with me a cash receipt. On the back of the receipt I wrote my phone number. I waited until the line was down to one person. When she checked me out I handed her the receipt. She looked at me questioningly. I told
her to turn the receipt over. She did and her face flushed and she pocketed the number. She called at 10:00 PM. She came to the same hotel as the woman in the above story. Is she a whore? I gave her 800 baht.

There is a skin clinic in the mall next to the food court. The staff all wear the same beige, skin tight white short suits and high heels. I went in once to have my blackheads popped out. Or have a facial if you are squeamish. While waiting
in the reception area one of the ladies serves some kind of green tea. Expensive hour but they did OK. It is a class operation and immaculately clean. The girls eat lunch in three shifts from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM most days in the food court. One
day I caught two of them on their way out. I suggested MK instead of the food court. In case you didn’t know, Thai women like MK. Especially when in competition with a food court. It cost me 1000 baht for the three of us. They were heavy
eaters and did a number on the dim sum.

During the lunch I made my choice and my intentions known and that evening and took the short one, 23 years of age to the same short time hotel. I gave her 1000 baht. Is she a whore?

Remember here, I am 60 and these girls are not under the impression I am a long term relationship bet. It is obvious before, during and after that we are in a one hour romance. None of the women is from Issan.

There is an eyeglasses store I pass every day on my way to the bus. The girls are in cute blue uniforms and always wave at me. One day I went in. That evening I had two of them (22 and 28, both childless) over for drinks at my condo. We had
an enjoyable evening and then they left. In an hour one of them came back. We had agreed on that when the other was in the bathroom. I gave her 500 baht. Is she a whore?

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I had a business meeting with the staff, mostly female, of an equipment rental company on a Saturday for two hours. The next Saturday we had another meeting. Two of the women were dressed radically different than the first meeting. Gone were
the jeans, replaced by ultra short skirts and tank tops. I thought for a minute I was in a bar on Soi 6 in Pattaya. Both ladies married with children in their 30s. Both waited after the meeting. One showed up at the short time motel early evening.
Since she was 30 she might have had long term aspirations. I gave her 500 baht. Is she a whore?

I think Korski’s point is that not all whores are bad people and not all people who are not whores are good people.

During the past six months I have dated (paid for sex) a number of college girls, office workers, nurses and women in other service professions. I won’t bore you with the details. I don’t live in Pattaya or Bangkok or Chiang

I know it is difficult to get out of one's cultural space but it is my impression that most Thai women will take money for sex. Having said that it does not make them bad people. It does not make them dishonest or unethical people. It
just makes them Thai people.

It is difficult for me every time I cross a one way street. I am used to looking only in the direction of the oncoming traffic. In most places I have lived that has proved to be sufficient to protect me from having an encounter with a motor
vehicle. Thailand is not the same. You have to look both ways when crossing a one way street because Thai people drive the wrong way on one way streets. Ask them and they will tell you they don’t but they do. Thais simply don’t think
there is much wrong with it especially if it means saving 5 minutes by driving the wrong way on a one way street instead of going down to the next light, waiting, and then turning around and repeating the process at the next intersection before
reaching their destination. You can ask anyone, a cop, a monk or the patriarch of the family and they will all tell you it is wrong to go the wrong way on a one way street. This being the fact everyone does it and no one much cares. The same is
true about taking money for sex.

If a Thai woman will not take money for sex it means. 1. She does not need or want the money. 2. She thinks she will lose more money by taking a chance on having sex with someone other than her main money provider. 3. She has some physical
reason for not having sex.

Do I think this is different than the rest of the world? Yes I do. Not so much in principle but in the ease at which the transaction is completed.

Of course money talks anywhere but in Thailand it talks quicker and with much smaller amounts. It seems to me there is very little thought given to consequences here.

I have gone out with three Thai women who had far more cash, money and assets than myself. They would not think of taking money from me unless we were in a relationship. Although at first they offered to split expenses or trade dates I told
them I was the man and would be insulted if they attempted to pay for anything while with me. I also got the distinct impression that if marriage was in the picture I would not have sole control of my money.

I still see them and we have a friendly relationship, sort of, but they are 30’s or late 20’s and I can’t see what they see in me except I must act like I have money. I have a good education, no tattoos and am a gentleman
and entertaining at cocktail parties but surely that can’t be enough to overcome a 30 year age difference unless I am quite well heeled, which I am not.

When I was in college a number of species other than man were identified as being monogamous. As time marched on someone decided to check the DNA of these monogamous species. It think it must have been an anthropologist who vacationed in
Thailand. What did he find out? That the monkeys and birds and other species thought to be monogamous had offspring from everywhere. That’s right, the lady bonobos monkeys thought to be only bonking the husband were out getting a little
on the side. It turns out that many species thought to be monogamous were only socially monogamous, not sexually monogamous. Would the husband monkeys be upset if they found out the kids eating their bananas were not really theirs? I bet they
would. Why don’t they know? Because there is no Stickman monkey. The bonobos monkey is our closest animal relative. I can only hope they don’t learn how to read and write.

I was reading an interview of Stickman on another forum which quoted him as saying about 5% of bar girls were truthful when telling prospective mates or husbands that they were no longer working in a bar and taking money for sex from other
people. I agree with that and think it can also be applied to Thai women in general. 5% are faithful and beyond any temptation of money or prestige from booming. It is too bad or maybe not that it would be very difficult to conduct the same kind
of investigations of “Good Girls” as bar girls <been looking into good girls more and more often these days as guys find love onlineStick>. The time is coming though through technological breakthroughs
that modern anthropologists will someday announce that here to for monogamous women are the stuff of Victorian novels and in reality don’t really exist. I predict Thailand will be the first country to discover this.

This is of course not a recent phenomenon. If one looks at the records of Portuguese and French merchants 4 or 500 years ago the existence of large brothels of 600 plus women are mentioned in Thailand along with the lewd behavior of Thai
women in general. The women in the brothels included some of high birth. It wasn’t till 60 years ago when Siam tried to emulate the Western world when morals became much of an issue here.

Thailand has a problem with history in that ancient history seems to start with grandparents. Really old fashioned girls in reality are more akin to Walking Street women than high class Thai university girls. I think this can be demonstrated
by entertainers. I am sure all of the old hands have stories about the stars seen on Thai TV and in well known clubs. Although I have propositioned and had some of Las Vegas’s “living statues”, I never paid for a headliner
(OK once but that was a long time ago). In Thailand it is relatively easy to purchase semi famous entertainers or media personalities.

Recently there have been studies on well heeled Thai women renting Cuban and African males although they have not got much attention from the local media.

I for one hope Thailand forgets about the recent puritanical changes in its morals and leans more heavily on its long and colorful history. It is too bad that more Thais don’t study the history of Thailand.

American and Australian troops stationed in Thailand during Vietnam and R&R were a small effort to bring back traditional values to Thailand but that sadly was stopped in 1975. Ask any of the older Thai people around the military bases
and they will tell you about the goodwill engendered by the troops. The negatives about that period come from the affluent who were afraid of the emergence of a healthy middle class as a result of the military spending and the education and health
care that was instituted around the US and Australian facilities.

Stickman's thoughts:

Interesting perspective.

Just to verify what Chiang Mai Kelly said earlier in the article where he talks about approaching regular women and meeting them later in the day for liaisons, I don't doubt that this is absolutely true. I am sure some will wonder if Kelly had used artistic licence but I doubt it. That sort of thing happens remarkably often although in fairness, the willing women tend to be those for whom money is tight.

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