Stickman Readers' Submissions February 24th, 2009

Why Pattaya, Oh Why

It all started back in June 2004. My close friend from Farangland just came back from a visit to Phuket with his family and he couldn’t believe what he had seen but didn’t know how to experience it as he was there with his parents. He was 22 at the time of coming back and I was 18. He was so excited, telling me what he had seen and advised me that the only real way I would understand is to get my ass over there. So off we went looking on the internet trying to find a cheap flight but the prices at that time were a little on the high side but there was a flight in 2 weeks time which was only £450. A click of a button and it was all booked. We are going on an adventure of a lifetime, so I was told. To be truthfully honest I didn’t know really anything about LOS. I worried because it was going to be the first time that I had ever travelled without my family outside of Farangland.

Over the next 2 weeks I'm buying books, looking on the internet and asking friends I knew had been to Thailand. Everyone or shall I say most people in which I spoke to said "VISIT PATTAYA". I was thinking what's so special about this place! Why do so many people rate this place? Is it Heaven?

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Ok it’s the day we fly and we fly out arriving at Heathrow early in the morning, excited and nervous about what we are going to be putting ourselves through. We head straight for the bar knowing that this is probably going to be the last good English breakfast we're going to have for 3 weeks. On the flight there were these three lads and we were ear wigging and they had obviously been to Thailand a few times as they were chatting about these girls that they had met last time and wanted to see again but they were talking about Koh Samui which my mate at the time knew Koh was island because he went to Phi Phi for the day. These lads were chatting about the beaches and the nightlife which sounded out of this world.

We had no real plans when we got to Bangkok, so we caught a flight straight to Koh Samui, sat on the beach everyday for 2 weeks and partying to all hours in the morning meeting up with a whole bunch of women which in any circumstance is good.

So the last week we ended up going to Pattaya, staying just off beach road. Going to sois 7 and 8 and going to Walking Street. What is Walking Street all about? I have never been to place which has so many girls in such a close proximity. We would fool around a little with the girls playing pool, connect 4 and the usual things. Anyway, I bet you're all getting a bit bored now so let's get to the fun bit or the saucy bit.

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Typical Farang I am, fooling in love with the first girl I came across (she was different) haha so I thought, a poor Isaan girl working hard to support her family but also keeping me very happy. Showing me around Pattaya and Jomtien was nice and we would meet her friends (all bar girls or freelancers). Anyway as it goes I found her in the last couple of days and I didn’t want to leave her as she was good in the sack. I was really thinking about staying for longer and starting up my own business due to me getting some compensation for an accident I had when I was 16 when concrete landed on my legs and smacked them to pieces. On the last day a few hours before we had to go to the airport she said she loved me and wanted to spend her life with me. I cried because I was leaving her. I had fallen for a bar girl and at that point in time I thought it was the best thing in the world, a small very sexy Isaan girl. I gave her 50,000 baht due to the sick buffalo (what a joker I am for believing that). When I got home Farangland I was receiving texts, emails and calls all night and day. She was my world, or so I thought.

2 months later I'm now shopping in Mike's Mall Pattaya again, this time on my own. I'm now just 19 in Thailand, what was I thinking. Did I really think I could have real magic between me and Ms Isaan? I guess so that’s why I'm here, right? She didn’t know I was there so for a few days I relaxed, didn’t do much, just drinking, walking and sightseeing, enjoying life and contemplating if I was doing the right thing. So I give her a call but she went a little mad that I hadn't called to tell her I was coming or better even that I was there then. We decide to meet up at the view point which has the big neon sign saying "PATTAYA". She knew I liked it there, just looking out at the city and the sea having a few beers which she brought on this occasion. I loved every minute in which I spent with her at that place. It fells like being at the world's end, no worries about anything and no stress, just me facing the world. We spent a little while there then decided we were going to go for a meal. I can't remember the name but it was just off beach road off one of the sois which has a square ring in the middle where there is sword fighting, that traditional Thai finger arm dancing thing which they do – which is quite spectacular if you see it. The food there is amazing! I had lobster with a flaming coffee with loads of alcohol in it. A little pricey but worth visiting. Then we ended up going to Walking Street, meeting some of her friends and just having fun but there was a difference. I wasn’t feeling the same as the first time I was there. Was it because I didn’t have my mate with me or was it because I didn’t really feel much for this Isaan girl? I think it was a little of both.

We ended up going back to the hotel at soi honey inn which it good for money 800 baht a night. We both had a shower together and man was she good at making me feel great. Her long black hair, dark skin and those eyes made it all worth coming to Thailand.

The next night we ended up going to Lucifer's. I have always like this place because of the live hip hop and R & B which is my type of music. I was getting some drinks where I could see Ms Isaan getting her phone out and talking to a farang (getting his number). What the hell is she doing? I thought she liked me! I gave her everything – money, love, support and fun when I was in Thailand and when I was at home she would get money as well. I confronted her and she lied about everything saying that I am drunk and am looking in to things too much. I knew what I had seen and that was that I upped and left right there and then with her following me saying I love you, why you doing this to me. Was she insane questioning me? I went back to the hotel for an early night and the girl at reception was a beautiful young sweetie who asked in a soft tone "are you ok you come back early you not have lady?"

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I replied "No, not tonight. My lady is not my lady anymore. She's a cheat". Then she said I finish work in 20 minutes would like to get something to eat just as friends. I want to be alone really but said ok but just as friends as I am in no state of mind for any funny business.

We went out all night, had some food and a lot of drinks and because of that I had forgotten about Ms Isaan and said to Kat, the receptionist, to come back to my loom for the night but as it was the hotel that she worked that she said she couldn’t. I was just saying bye to her when she said she would come to loom but must sneak in or will be asked at the time I thought cool ok lets go, so we ended up in my loom having a lot of fun and then fell asleep. In the morning she said she shouldn’t have stayed last night and now something bad would happen. She went to work and the manager pulled her aside and told her to get her stuff together and she was fired! She then came back to my loom but a face which looked liked she had been slapped with a wet fish. I felt really bad because of this and ended up taking care of her for the next 2 weeks which was really fun. We went to Koh Larn and did a few other things but then I was thinking about is it as clear as it seems. She knew I would feel bad and give her money and look after her for the next week or 2 so was she just taking a holiday and using me or had she really been asked? When she did come to my room at the start of all of this she did tell me to change hotels now as she doesn’t work there anymore and she doesn’t like anyone that works here anymore. To me it’s a little fishy.

Well that’s it for today there is more to come but I don’t have time at the moment. Before I go why do I keep going back to Pattaya since the first visit I have been there now 5 times and am always fing myself in situations I wouldn’t normally be in nor like.

Stickman's thoughts:

For sure, a Thai woman would be fired in a situation like that.

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