Stickman Readers' Submissions November 7th, 2008

Pattaya Memoires 12

12. An unexpected threesome

I was walking along Second Road on a hot late afternoon. I was on my way to the Royal Garden Plaza. Not that I wanted to go shopping or that I needed anything, I just wanted to be there to escape from the heat and to enjoy the air-conditioning.
I went inside and ordered a bottle of water at one of the stands. Next to me 2 girls were waiting to order. After they ordered their drinks, one of the girls starts talking to me. She asks where I am from. She tells me she and her friend were
looking for work. First I thought they wanted to go to my room with me for some afternoon amusement but that was not what they were after. Apparently they come from some Isaan village to Pattaya to work and earn money. Not really a surprise. I
asked what they wanted to do and they replied they wanted to work in a bar. I asked her if they had worked in a bar before and she said no. I don't believe that because her English was far too good so I was sure she had worked as a bargirl
before. Her friend however looked younger and did not say anything. Her facial expressions also revealed she probably did not understand a bloody word of the conversation between her friend and me. I figured that it was quite possible that this
one was fresh to the bar scene. Whatever.

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I said that finding work in a Pattaya bar should be quite easy, just go from bar to bar and ask for work. They did not seem to like that idea and they said they would prefer a bar where it is good to work (which has lots of gullible customers
and which pays well) and they thought it would be better if someone recommended them to a bar owner. I told the girl I was a Pattaya regular and that I knew a number of bar owners. Nevertheless I found this a rather strange request.

The chit-chat went on for 10 minutes or so and we got on quite well. By that time, I had to leave to get ready for the night. I said I was prepared to discuss the matter further with them over a couple of beers later that evening. There was
no way I would introduce a couple of girls I did not know at all to one of my bar owning friends so I decided to get to know them a little bit better. We went outside and the girls were hungry. They bought some Thai food from a street side vendor
and insisted I joined them for a bite. I did and I was surprised they did not let me pay for the food. But eating with them was not what I had in mind. I was secretly hoping they would reward me horizontally for my services and information, something
I would not mind to ask for later, at least if I felt I had helped them significantly. If they refused or if I decided not to introduce them to anyone, I could still throw some baht on the table to get what I wanted. That was the plan.

We arranged an appointment at 7 pm in front of the Plaza at the Beach Road side. I took a shower, chatted for half an hour with the hotel manager and then took a baht bus to the Plaza. I arrived there at 5 to 7 and waited for about 25 minutes.
As you can probably guess the 2 lovelies never showed up. Bitches, I thought to myself. What a waste of time. In the meantime my mind was full of threesome fantasies. I decided to put all this out of my head and have a couple of beers to wash
it all away.

I visited some beer bars and 2 or 3 gogo bars in Walking Street before ending up in Marine Disco. I love to dance and I am quite good at it. Ladies love a man who's got some groovy moves, be it in Farangland or in Thailand, it doesn't
matter. I met a couple of nice ladies in the disco, but no girl could convince me to take her with me. It was 1 AM. I decided to head to my hotel on foot. I would stroll along Beach Road towards Sois 7 and 8 where I had a couple of mates getting
drunk in Belgian beer bars. I would stop by for a couple of cold ones and see if someone I met along the way or in the bars was worth picking up.

There still was a lot of activity going on along Beach Road at this hour. The first creatures I saw were a couple of katoeys hitting on me. Not my piece of cake. I walked through smiling at them. Second bunch were some rats looking
for food in an abandoned plastic bag. Bastards are afraid of nothing, certainly not from farangs walking by. They just kept on doing what they were doing. A couple of hundred meters further it got much more interesting as a young girl kinda jumped
from behind a tree and stopped in front of me not letting me pass by. "Where you go ?" "I go with you". "500 baht". WOW !! She was really pretty, a real stunner. She had very big eyes and a smile that just blows you
away. But she seemed very young. She was wearing a wide sports jacket, matching trousers and sneakers. She was not at all dressed like the regular "lady coconut" you find on Beach Road. Het clothes did not reveal much of her figure.
I asked for her age and she said she was 22 and her name was Lek. I did not believe her, she looked more like 16 so I asked her for her ID. She showed me her card and indeed, she was 22. Her English was bad, barely enough to have a simple conversation.
I asked if she had a friend to come with us, because I liked 2 ladies. She said she had a friend but her friend was now gone with a farang and she did not know when she would be back. It wasn't that important to me but it would have been
nice as I had been fantasizing about a threesome earlier that day. No problem. I skipped my planned visit to sois 7 and 8 and took her to my room. I got really horny thinking about this young hottie that soon was to share my bed. When we arrived
in my hotel room, she quickly disappeared in the shower.

When she got out of the shower I got the surprise and the shock of my life. She had the traditional towel wrapped around her but she seemed very big, very fat in it. When she dropped the towel it was clear this girl was pregnant !! I stood
there with my eyes and mouth wide open feeling a bit stupid not having noticed this on the street. That was the reason she wasn't dressed like the regular Beach Road ladies : she wanted to hide that she was pregnant. I asked her how many
months she still had to go and she answered 2 weeks. WTF ??? Yes, she was 8 and a half months pregnant ! She was expecting a baby girl and theoretically the girl could be born any minute. I asked her why she did not tell me anything about her
being pregnant. She answered : "You not ask". Of course I didn't ask as I didn't suspect anything at all. Then I wanted to know if the child was from a farang or from a Thai man. She said it was from a young Thai man but he
left her when he found out she expected his baby. She said she needed the money for her and her baby so she went to Pattaya to work and put bread, or in her case rice, on the table. She came close to me and said it was no problem at all, she wanted
me to relax. But I felt awkward about all this and I was thinking about kicking her out. Fucking a 22 year old 8.5 months pregnant prostitute was not on my to do list when planning my day. She started playing with my cock and asked me to make
love to her. I got hard and horny as she got down on her knees and started giving me a blowjob. Her breasts were big, firm and full. Then I thought to myself : so what, after all she is explicitly asking for it, so why should I feel bad about
that ? It's not like she is under aged or anything. And what I do is not illegal ! So I didn't worry about it anymore and enjoyed my time with Lek. She was really enjoying herself and tried to please me in any way. She was far better
than the average bargirl you take out. I asked her to stay for the night and she gladly agreed. In the morning I gave her 1500 baht. 1000 for the LT and I tipped her an extra 500 for her soon to be born baby.

It was only afterwards I realized I did have a threesome that night, only, in a complete other form of what I had in mind …

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Stickman's thoughts:

Oh my God!!! I have never ever heard of this sort of thing before. In many ways it's a really sad story. A pregnant woman should never have to be so desperate that she feels the only way to make money is to sell her body. and at 8.5 months? My God. So horribly sad for her.

Incidentally I read an interview with a madam from Down Under recently who was promoting a book containing her memoirs from the industry. At one point she mentioned that guys would pay $500 for an hour with a pregnant woman – which is a hell of a lot more than the $100 – $150 which apparently is the norm in that part of the world.

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