Stickman Readers' Submissions November 8th, 2008

AHA!!! My Wendigo Bent and My Blackest Night Turned Into Day!

Hi Stick and readers,

I wrote a small story of my going's on in Pattaya some weeks ago. It was actually the first week into my holiday, and many of the things which I witnessed and also participated in during that week, were really eye opening. I understand the Stickmeister has had this website up and running for quite a few years now and would have read so many stories of people's travels in Thailand.

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I guess the Stick would have read it all. How does one entertain the man with a new an interesting story. Yes we can all comment on Thai culture, our travels, Thai women and the do's-and dont's, how pathetic most farangs are according to the likes of Aha and the Blackest Bart. But what really makes a good story for someone to read who has read it all and over and over again.? To tell you the truth..I don't know!!!!

If all the readers were to read through the years before articles, I am sure we would read the same thing over and over again only it would be by another author.

Well this submission is probably best for people who just like to hear about others times in Thailand or the new comers to the country. But I also want to point out, that other more seasoned travellers may take some interest too. Perhaps even the Toned AHA and The Big Boy Bart also may be interested. Just to let you know, I am 32, from Australia and enjoy getting amongst it all.

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I guess when writing my last submission about taking 30 steps and needing to take a dump every 2.5 hours I have changed certain opinions about my holiday back to Thailand. Funny that, but the place seems to deliver thrills constantly and just when one feels as though he has experienced all he can manage, it pumps out another dish of fresh experiences which blow your mind.

One of my biggest comments about so many people's opinions on the girls in this country is no one knows…NOT ONE PERSON IS AN EXPERT because everyone is different. Yea there are generalisations, and certainly makes one more aware of potential crisis one can face in this country in respects to girls and also some cultural differences etc. But I have to say, this time on my holiday which is the 3rd time in the country, I met many a girl who was nothing like I expected and nothing like I have read…though the BART and AHA came pretty close at times…which shits me to say this….

So to the Aha and Bart and the likes, I know you like the married girls. It is no challenge fellas to be with these girls. It is no challenge to be with any of these girls. There is no ego which should be associated with picking up any girl in this country. For your reference Mr. Wendigo and Mr. Blackest I had 1 girl want to take me back to her place for shagging purposes. I couldn't be jacked and just wanted to head home for sleep. She then offered me 1000 Baht for me to go back with her. I asked why she wanted to pay me. She had a man and just wanted a good time with someone she liked…In the end I said yea ok….went back, her man called mid way. Whilst taking a breath during a particular action she would speak to her man who then demanded her to go see her. Cool…thanks and I was out of there. Now I was the Aussie Hooker in Thailand.

I had another girl who was married. I was in a 5 star resort in Phuket (which shat me)…and it was 3000 baht to bring a friend back to the room. This married chick picked me up, and said she will pay the 3000 baht to come back to my room. OK she came back, I paid nothing and it was all good fun. She was also bored with her rich husband. OH, and the night before was a gorgeous girl who also wanted no money for me. All 3 of these girls were also gorgeous and because they wanted it so much, were seriously horny. But maybe it is because I am toned and beautiful???? HA>!>!> OK I will not say this….there is no need.

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So when I look at some of these scenarios it doesn't really make a whole lot of sense about what these girls are all about at first glance. Isn't every girl there just to rip most Farangs off, it is their job to get cash for sex yeah?. But obviously not all the time…They need fun too. So I am not going to sit back and read articles constantly talking about these girls as evil, or just money hungry scum who are after getting everything they can from the Farang. They can be great chicks, and all 3 of the girls I shagged for free who were married or offered me cash, just wanted to have a good time like any of us. OK, if you are a nasty looking bastard then you may not get away with …well…all this.

So whether they work in a bar of some sort, at a nightclub or on the street, I found that many of them also just want to be with someone who they are attracted to. Could you imagine working as a sex trader, and shagging a bunch of horrible looking women all the time. Wouldn't it be a breath of fresh air to have someone you found hot…

I also made a great friend who is the mamasan of a bar. Yet again…she was a genuine friend. No crap just a good chick. I can say, it goes on and on and I only came across one chick who was pathetic. But she was young and jumped to the 'I am missing you and crying every day" routine too early. She will learn, or maybe she will just find someone hot to her taste who is more her 19 year old age.

I also want to point out one more thing. Last submission I wrote I couldn't understand why so many Farang and many older ones walk around with these girls and look so lonely together. I guess I would like to rephrase this.

I think it is a fantastic thing that a man of middle age or older can come to this place and really enjoy himself with many lovely ladies. Basically to re-live his youth and genuinely experience in life what he had when he was a younger man. And I must say…I would almost put it to a 50/50 ratio of the couples I saw who looked either happy or bored/lonely. But it did my heart good to see these guys laughing along with their Thai lady and have a good time. And I applaud these guys for taking off and coming to this country to do so. Each and everyone deserve it all. You take the risk and potentially receive negative comments from people in your own country seeing you make such a holiday for yourself, but who gives a fuck about what anyone thinks. You are the ones having the good time. So congratulations to you all who have found happiness in a female counterpart in Thailand and are having a good time.

For the guys who walk around bored shitless with their lady……LOSE them….Why stay? I do not understand this at all. You are there to have a good time and not be bored out of your skull because you cannot speak the same language and the female doesn't really want to be with you. Anyone I see at a gold shop with their lady, you really are a joke. If you read articles on this site and continue to do so, you deserve everything which comes to you.

Find the good girls….there are many out there. Don't hurry into anything….Try to understand who they are and what they want. Do not part your cash so quickly to think it will impress them or that it is the only thing they want. Do not pass judgment on the character of the girls until you spend a little more time with them. Recognise that they are human beings such as yourself. Know they want a good time just as you do. Before leaving become toned and beautiful such as the Blackest Bart in the World and the Aha of the Wendigos. OK perhaps don't…you never know what it might do to your minds.

And to all you travellers out there who want to go at it by yourself with no friends travelling with you…Go for it…You will never be lonely, you will be forced into meeting many, many new people and as a result experience great new things perhaps you wouldn't do if you had a friend with you.

I did it by myself this time and will never look back. I have travelled to many countries, and to Thailand 3 times but always with friends…this time it was by myself and it was one of the best holidays I have ever had. I just hope I don't end up living there…though….I also see nothing wrong with that….and perhaps it could be something I would want. It happened to the Stickman and many others, whereby they were not in love with the country but somehow they ended up living there….possibilities are endless and life is full of possibilities.

Enjoy Thailand to You All


Stickman's thoughts:

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