Stickman Readers' Submissions September 16th, 2008

The Boys / Thieves In Brown

Firstly, let me bore you a little and just explain a touch about my experiences in LOS. I have looked on Mr Stick's site for years and never posted a comment, maybe lazy, perhaps shy. Who cares but now, TODAY, I have had enough so I write this in
what is probably a vain attempt to get some answers…

I also know that Mr. Stick and a few others have touched on this subject before. Later I will ask some questions and of course I do not really expect any answers as we already all know what the answers are, but perhaps someone can shed
some extra light for me…

Having travelled to Thailand 23 times in the past 4 years, (136 days in total) mostly for tourism and a little business (I need the tax deduction), (I don't drink and girlie or boy bars aren't my thing) so I guess I've
seen a bit of Thailand, some good and some pretty ugly. This of course makes me no expert and I don't pretend to know any more about Thais and Thailand than anyone else. I take Thai lessons here in Australia and I really do love most
things that are Thai. This brings me to one of my greatest dislikes and the reason for my post and of course my questions to Mr Stick's astute readers…

Last month I travelled to Hun Hin twice (4 trips) by different taxis and each and every time the car was pulled over just outside of Hua Hin. The driver talks to the prick in brown who just shoves his ticket book inside the driver's
window and is duly paid the princely sum of 100 THB…

On the forth occasion I had had enough and stupidly I "cracked the shits" and asked this copper what the problem was. He of course didn't reply to me but through the driver and allegedly said sit back and relax. JAI YEN
YEN. Well screw that! I pulled out my videocam and said to the driver before you pay this arsehole let me video it for my kids enjoyment ha ha ha! The copper politely said to me…amazing English miraculously arrived, "Put the cam away
or he would take me to cop station!"

When I said "Up your arse mate! I'll video the lot mate!", he came around to my passenger door and tapped on the window and looked at me like a mad bull. I knew I was fucked and could do little so I backed down, much to my disgust. The
cop goes back gets his payment and lets us go.

The driver tells me I should not do that because maybe the police will get angry with him and take his licence so he has to go to the station and pay 400 baht more and maybe he can't drive again!!!

I tell him that no I shouldn't have to. HE and all his mates and the general public should, and why does he allow it and just roll over then whinge about his bad luck etc etc etc… Yes, yes, yes I understand it's easier to pay them off and
yes, yes, yes it's not a fortune and everyone gets to go home at night. Well I say BULLSHIT! Thailand can change its government every month, prosecute ex-prime ministers and their fat arsed wives and do all the crap they want but when
will Thailand learn that whilst they allow this and all the other corrupt shit to go on they will always be thought of as "third world". God I hate that term… Surely it can't be that most Thais not only accept this but condone
it? They are all as corrupt as one another! I simply cannot be that cynical and I really hope that these practises whilst seemingly endemic to the whole Thai system change and change very soon. Most of us here love Thailand and its lovely
people but why, why, why?!

I imagine varied reasons some nice, some not so nice. Please don't misconstrue what I am actually saying here as I guess it sounds very whiney and that's also not what I am trying to do.

My questions are…. Why do the cops do it? Why is it still a permissible and acceptable practice?

A short message to any boys in brown reading this although I doubt they could even read anyway is…. You are disgusting. You are one of the reasons the country is held back and most countries view it as VERY third world. I know you personally
do not care what the world thinks because you and your kids eat very well every night from the crimes YOU and your brown brothers commit every fucking day of your disgraceful lives. If you don't get paid enough start being men and collectively
go to your employer and ask for proper wages you pathetic blood suckers. Also the poor Isaan drivers you prey upon were tipped your monthly salary each time.

I find it quite ironical that I complain about the coppers in Thailand and try to get taxi drivers moving forward in a positive way when there are only two things in Thailand that I really dislike with a passion – the POLICE and damned

Hmmm, I look at this and think should I click send? What the hell! Flame me!

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Stickman's thoughts:

Corruption is doing Thailand no good and as you say, it's holding back the country. Endemic corruption by those charged with maintaining law and order is a dreadful slight on a country – and a massive problem in Thailand.

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