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Happy in Thailand (Well almost) Part 2

My lady (I'll call her E) worked in Bangkok and lived with her daughter in one room in a shared house. Some of her sisters lived in the same house. On the internet she didn't ask for anything, just said she'd been put up to it by her friends at work and only wanted the best for her daughter. She is from Isaan of course, 45 then and had worked in Bangkok since finishing college. She spoke some English and was adept with a Thai / English dictionary when we chatted. She said her husband had left her for another woman when she was in hospital to give birth to her daughter and never went to see her or his daughter. (He has now washed his hands of his daughter altogether and has changed his phone SIM so she cannot contact him). She worked in an office and earned 10,000 baht a month. We met, I think in June 2005, in Bangkok and spent a few days together in between visiting the other little lady but she was a good girl, no sex. If we went anywhere I paid because I'm from the old school where the gentleman always pays. If we met her workmates I paid but I didn't mind because she is very frugal and wouldn't go anywhere expensive so the cost would only be a few pounds and she was showing me off.

I returned to Thailand in December 2005 and we went to Rayong with her sister, daughter and nieces for a weekend at a beach resort. It was a little rough but I managed (as I said E is very frugal and still is, always looking for a bargain). It was a great weekend and just the two of us walking down the beach in the moonlight was wonderful. We walked on the beach, swam in the sea (no costumes or bikinis for these girls, fully clothed including underwear) and generally had a good time but still no sex. This lady is very modest and conservative and because she has had to support herself is very careful with money. We had another long weekend on an island off Trang (I think) which E organised. There were five of us, me, E and her daughter, her niece as company for her daughter and her nephew? (ladyboy) so we could have a few hours by ourselves if we wanted.

Now I've read on Stickman where Thai people are not good organisers and it's all true. I can't remember whether we went in a friend's car or a taxi but we arrived at 11:00 pm and grabbed a bite to eat. I asked where we were staying and she said the hotel. I asked if she booked she said no but no problem. Where is the hotel? Don't know but after asking directions and about a 1/2 hour we arrive at this hotel to find it full. So more directions and we arrived somewhere where we did get a room. Not 5 star (probably no star rating at all) but I survived it.

We caught the ferry in the morning and went to this island and then had another wait for transport to get to the resort. Now this place was very basic, built on stilts over the water, woven bamboo walls for the rooms, mattresses on the floor, shower and loo in a little cabin, open living area but I would recommend anyone to try it. The host was a lovely man who would do almost anything to help and the food? Breakfast was good but dinner was a banquet. Even my Thai lady and family couldn't eat it all and it was well cooked and presented. We've promised to go back sometime. The theme of this resort was snorkeling so every morning it was breakfast (again well cooked and presented) and then on to the boat for a snorkeling trip. Probably an hour or more and then visit different sites. Plenty of life belts and equipment and a good time was had for 2 days and the cost was minimal.

By this time we were getting very intimate but no sex. When we arrived back in Bangkok she said the two of us could spend a weekend together in Pattaya so it was arranged for the following weekend. Her sister would look after her daughter. Wonderful to be by ourselves together and I thoroughly enjoyed it but I don't like the place. I always find that holiday destinations are ruined by the people that visit them and are set up for holidaymakers or whoever frequent them and I'm not into wall to wall bars or bar girls. I haven't been into a Thai bar since I worked in Chiang Mai in 2000 and even then I only went in for a beer and a little company.

This is where she reciprocated and we had our first sex. I'll call it that because that’s what it was and not very enjoyable for me. She wasn't active at all but since then we've had wonderful sex and we work to give pleasure to each other. I've never been with anyone who is so sensitive to touch so I'm surprised she lasted so long. I've joked with her about the first time and she says it was because I smelled of beer but I think a good girl who hadn't had sex for 12 years, a good traditional upbringing, face in front of her workmates and sisters and guilt because she had yet to tell her father about me.

Again back in Bangkok we set about getting to know each other better and she told me that she also had a son (I think he was about 20) and owed money but don't worry about it because it was her problem and she would sort it out. I wasn't prepared to start throwing money at her anyway.

It was at this time I visited Phuket with the other little lady from Phimai for 10 days and a wonderful time was had by all. Walking along the beach at sunrise and sunset visiting all the sights on a hired motorcycle, Marine aquarium, different beaches, wats but I never found what I wanted to see. My excuse for going there was to see the marine turtles come ashore to lay their eggs. I knew where they were supposed to come ashore and when but I could find no local knowledge about them. Maybe in the future I will go again. N is great company even though she speaks little English and we communicated quite well. Also very fit, although having a rice belly, and could jog down the beach for about 3 km, beat me hands down.

Back to Phimai and a few days sightseeing there before I returned to E in Bangkok.

Now up to this time we had never stayed together at night in Bangkok, I had tried a few hotels that she found for me but non satisfactory until we discovered Asia Residence in Happyland, Bangkapi. About 490 baht a night, modern, clean and near to where she lived. Free internet as well. One down was that they delivered the laundry at 4:30 in the morning and wheeled it down the tiled corridor on a hard wheeled trolley. Bump bump bump. So now E would visit before she went to work in the morning and in the evening when she finished work just about everyday. She had committed herself and we were a couple and I broke off with N in Phimai.

I still feel very strongly for her even after two years as we had good times together and she was working very hard to learn English as that was a condition of our relationship. I hope this stupid farang didn't hurt her too much. I tried to find out recently how she was through her sister but she had lost contact also and I didn't want to contact her daughter. Cleanest woman I ever knew, shower before and a shower after and very self conscious, wouldn't be seen in the nude. Either dressed or a towel round her. Amazing how these ladies can get dressed in front of you and still maintain their modesty, it's an art.

To be continued.

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