Stickman Readers' Submissions September 5th, 2008

LOL Land Of Losers

This is something I feel I need to see written online for all to see. I am retired in Thailand after coming here every year for 2 months since 1991. Before retiring here I read a lot about Thailand online and spent my holidays here. I enjoyed the low cost of travel here and the women were affordable. Let me add I was bachelor in Canada who dated little due to many reasons.

When I was in Thailand I kept hearing how cheap it was and how great it is etc. I would read online about the good life etc. I bought into it. My problem lies in the fact I did not qualify the source where I got my info well enough. I thought the people writing these stories were middle class same as me. To my dismay I find they are European losers who never had a thing going for them in their homeland. It appears to me now that most of the men here from Europe are their country's low-lifes. <Oh no, here we go, class warfare againStick>

Examples of this are I tried English teaching here to keep busy. The first school had 2 native English speakers from England. Of course they both drank and smoked to excess. They did everything they could to avoid teaching, skipped classes and made off to each other's home to drink and organize getting girls for their friends in Pattaya. One of them spoke good Thai and wrecked my career there because I lived a different lifestyle, a straight lifestyle, no drinking or smoking but I like the women, yes.

So I thought just bad luck. Tried another school. First day when I walk into the teachers' room I am met by 2 native English teachers from England. These were different guys but even worse personalities. They openly laughed in my face and told me they will drive me out in 2 months. There had been 2 other teachers that year whom they had already pushed out. This started to piss me off.

They bragged about having sex with the young girls. One guy was married with a 3 year old daughter who bragged about his mattayom 1 conquests. <If this is not a wind up, then go to the police. I am serious. That is paedophilia and it is sick. YOU have a responsibility. If a foreigner is sleeping with girls of 12 years of age then go straight to the cops and report it NOWStick> Him and his Thai wife found poor village girls to sell to Chinese restaurant brothels in China. <OK, so this sounds like a pile of implausible shit nowStick> The other had friends in Pattaya who had bars so he would give drugs out to the girls and convince them to go to Pattaya and work the bars after they needed money for drugs when he stopped giving it to them.

I finally left the school when I couldn't tolerate it any more and their threats became stronger. They are still there and going strong.

I remember how I learnt in history how Australia got all England's lowlifes a long time ago. Well I guess they come to Thailand now.

In 1991 when I first came the sex industry was run by Thais. They operated small bars and girls were clean with no drug usage. Then the girls were poor farm girls who wouldn't cheat you. They did not do drugs and most did not drink. Few smoked. They really did do it for their family. The girlfriend experience was what they wanted and many of these made good wives for foreigners. To go to a bar back then it felt good. We were empowered with farang status and the girls loved us. At one time there was no barfine and the girls' rates were short time 200 baht, long time 500 baht.

Now the bars are foreign owned. Girls are on drugs, drunk and smell like smoke. Girls will rob you, lie to you, cheat you. Girls' sex life is owned by bar manager. If she meets someone in a mall and has sex the bar owner wants a barfine. The girls are sex slaves to these foreign owners.

Now when I meet a guy if he says he is from England I simply walk away. I want nothing to do with anyone of them. This is sad because in Canada I am a member of a Royal Yacht Club and know there are many decent Englishmen out there.

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Stickman's thoughts:

I'd like to have a go at "interpreting" this submission… Once upon a time you were a sex tourist. You really loved the experience – as many once did. What exists nowadays pales into comparison with the Thailand you used to know. Many guys who experienced the industry back when you did feel the same way about the industry nowadays.

Claiming that bars being run by foreigners is the reason for things going downhill is failing to understand all the changes in the industry as well as the changes in society as well as the demographics of visitors to Thailand today, to say nothing of political correctness. There are many reasons why things have changed dramatically. Western bar managers have been responsible for many positives (and admittedly more than a few negatives) bit I do believe the positives outweigh the negatives.

Frankly, I don't believe what you say about the English teachers and the underage issue. When you talk about rural Thais being recruited to service men in China you're talking about a phenomenon that I personally have never heard of nor seen or heard any evidence of whatsoever. That doesn't mean it doesn't happen, but I very much doubt it…

Finally, if those teachers really are up to no good with school girls and you fail to report it, well, I think you're damned near complicit. Think about it…

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