Stickman Readers' Submissions July 28th, 2008

My Experience

I landed in Thailand (Phuket) in June 3 years ago as a very green 34 year Aussie with a farang girlfriend. Within two weeks I had a job at a 5 star hotel in Phuket. All was going well but about two weeks later the relationship wasn't going smoothly
as I discovered she was a lunatic and she couldn't handle the Thai women. I ended the relationship which cost me about 400,000 baht.

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At the time I asked a friend who lived here for many years where to find a hot Thai lady in Thailand (I was very green). He told me to go to a place in Patong called Rio bar. So that night off I went to Rio and straight away found a girl
who was absolutely stunning – dark skin, large natural breast, petite, as I found out and could speak fluent English, so I got talking and bought her a drink and then bar fined her. I did this for the next week, and then every 2nd or 3rd night
for about a month. In all this time we didn't have sex and she told me I was the only farang she had ever been with and had paid bar fine. Before the tsunami she worked at Robinson's in Phuket Town but that was very quiet and she needed
more money.

After that month I put her in a better accommodation in Phuket Town which only cost 3,500 baht per month, with air-con and balcony, shower and toilet. She was going to work on a 20 baht bus which took a long time and was dangerous so I bought a motorbike
for her. Next was the rainy season so I told her to get work in Phuket Town which would not be so dangerous.

I was living at the hotel which was a long distance from anywhere and that was dangerous as well so she would stay some nights at the hotel. I was learning Thai 3 days per week, to read and write.

Eventually we did the deal and she started to say those words "I love you, darling". I thought that was quick but oh well. this girl was nice.

In January I bought a house and started a Thai company name to put the house in which was fine and we moved into a house, set the house with all the latest equipment which cost nearly 1 million baht. I had a BMW, a house which was very comfortable.
Then she stopped work and had made plenty of friends around the area which I thought was good. She got her driving license.

Over the following months my family had come out and got on well with her as well, really treated her like a daughter. We then went to Australia for a holiday. I organised the passport and visa.

I bought a piece of land ,again in my name, on the water in which I leased on 30+30+30.

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After this things started to turn a little. She was ringing, asking silly questions and I simply told her work is work which it is, doesn't matter what time I finish I am there, so I decided that she should go back to work at Robinson's
so her mind doesn't think too much. Although the pay was only 7000 baht per month for a 12 hour day, it wasn't about the money.

And I was learning more about Thailand, just how hot-headed this girl was. She was from the south of Thailand. She would check telephones, throw things and I hated this with a passion.

I tried to end it but had absolutely no chance. She wouldn't go. She wanted 200,000 baht and I said ok, then she said 1,000,000. I said no. Bad mistake.

Then I started to wonder whether this girl was for me. She was the first Thai girl I had slept with. We started to distance ourselves and I switched her off. I couldn't care what she did, what time she got home. "Up to her".

I started to play the field and I started going to Bangkok. I met a girl in Bangkok who was totally different – white skin, but still gorgeous. We kept in touch and every month I would see her for 4 days.

I eventually ended the relationship with my girlfriend in Phuket with a million baht settlement which I was fine with and I moved back into the hotel to live, but oh, what I found out later…

A month before we broke up she had picked my safe and got the house papers, my passport and work permit.

1. She forged my signature to my Thai company and signed the house over to her name.

2. She had rung the lady who I leased the land off and told her I was giving it to her. Luckily it was a friend who I trust a lot and she couldn't get the land.

3. She got the car by illegally signing documents.

4. In the month I was in the hotel living she had completely ripped out all the house's content, even the kitchen sink.

5. She had rung up my parents and asked for money to leave.

I went to my lawyer and to the police but absolutely nothing happened. By this stage it was all in her name and very difficult to get back. When I tried to freeze the house she had already on sold it to relative. <You got a CRAP lawyer. I good lawyer would have had her fried for this and she would have been looking at a very, very long jail sentenceStick>

I understand now she had the help of someone in the office and paid money to do it so quickly.

This might sound like all the other stories, but thankfully I have investments back home which support me very well,
but I still do not like to lose money to a thief.

I look back and am not bitter at all. I lost nearly 6 million baht. I look at in and think how was I so stupid. I THOUGHT TO MYSELF, I AM NOT ONE OF THOSE GUYS WHO GET STUNG. I live here, have a very good job, have been very successful in
business back home.

I will never bring money from outside Thailand again. I learnt my lesson. Yes, I am married to the Thai girl I met in Bangkok. I signed the land to her and I could not be happier. It is a totally different feeling never looking over my shoulder
or thinking she is ripping me off.

When you finish with a girl, get her out straight away don't be "jai yen yen".

The lesson that I learnt is "all the time along I was thinking what happens in Australia with the rules and regulations" so there is no chance she can get to my investment. Lesson learned.


That said, I love living in Thailand and wouldn't change it for the world.

Stickman's thoughts:

I have to say that this doesn't add up to me. She obtained financial advantage by deception. That's fraud, a really serious charge in Thailand and the cops *do* investigate these things. I simply cannot understand why they did nothing – and why your lawyer didn't get things to happen. Frankly, was your lawyer in on it?! Something isn't right here…

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