Stickman Readers' Submissions July 28th, 2008

Mor Jeen

One day while I was a passenger in our car I reached up and touched my neck. I felt a large hard lump. At the time I was around 63 years old. At the same time I was suffering from a lack of energy. Needless to say as soon as we got home I was on to the
internet with my symptoms. The news was not good. The prognosis seemed to be that at that age there was a high probability of cancer.

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I went to Suan Dok Hospital (the University Hospital in Chiang Mai officially called Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital. I find that it is better to go on my own rather than have my wife as a translator. With my wife as the translator I am
totally ignored and my wife either can’t or won’t pass on any useful or rational information. When I’m on my own the doctor and / or nurse has to make some attempt to communicate directly with me and I end up with a far better
idea of what is going on.

I got sent up to the 13th floor (I think) and waited along with about 200 other people. Eventually I got to see a doctor (possibly a student doctor) and had a fine needle aspiration done. This involves sticking a needle into the lump and
drawing out the contents which turned out to be a blackish liquid. The lump went away but within a few days was back again. I was told to come back a week later to get the results.

A week later I went through the same lengthy process and was told that the results were not conclusive. The lump might be cancerous but it also might be benign. So what was the next step? I was told that I had to have a CAT scan and was left
with the impression that this time there would be no doubt. The result a week later was the same – not conclusive. I was told that another fine needle aspiration would be required. By this time I was not hopeful of any result. The result
a week later was the same – basically no result.

I was then told that the only way to really find out was to cut open the lump and test the contents directly. Needless to say I was not keen on this but agreed and an appointment was made for it to be done four weeks later.

I went to see a friend of mine who is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Nursing at Chiang Mai University. Her office is in a building next door to where I had been going to get the tests done. She has little faith in Western medicine
and is a firm believer in what westerners would term as alternative medicine. She suggested I go see Mor Jeen (a traditional Chinese doctor) and she arranged for one of her staff to accompany me as a translator.

I had been to see Mor Jeen before. He does Chinese acupressure which is agonizingly painful but provides tremendous relief. He is an amazing man. He looks in your eyes and at your hands and he knows your medical condition. <Sounds like a quack to meStick> After looking at my hands and in my eyes and the lump on my throat he assured me that the lump was not cancerous. There was no uncertainty at all. He gave me a 100% guarantee that the lump was not cancerous. Getting
this communication was only possible because I had an excellent translator from the Faculty of Nursing, CMU.

What about the cure? I was told to go to the market and buy a vegetable that is a long white root which I didn’t understand. My translator took me to the market next door and I made the purchase (20 baht as I recall). I would call
the root vegetable a white radish but I could be wrong. At any rate I was told to make juice everyday and drink a half a cup. After 8 days the lump would be gone.

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I went and bought a juicing machine in Lotus and followed instructions. The taste of the juice was absolutely vile and it took a tremendous amount of willpower to drink it all. After 8 days the lump was still there but was very much smaller.
I kept on drinking the juice and after 12 days the lump disappeared. My energy levels returned to where they were before I had the lump.

For a long time afterward I looked at my appointment for surgery, which was never kept and felt really grateful to have escaped the knife. The knowledge of Mor Jeen is truly amazing.

Stickman's thoughts:

While I am open-minded to alternative remedies, I place my faith in Western medicine first. I would also have gone to the best hospital possible, and not a venue with 200 people lingering in the waiting room! But hey, it sounds like your lump was benign and the problem has been resolved, so what would I know?!

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