Stickman Readers' Submissions January 14th, 2008

The Hopeless Dream Part 5…The Start of Noy’s Revenge

There is a damp pungent stench in the taxi on the way into Bangkok from the airport yet you, the pig, and her, the rat, hardly notice the fumes wafting up from your chinos and underwear, resulting from the minimal bladder and bowel control you had on the 11 hour flight over here. She does not notice the stench because your ‘girlfriend’ was brought up in some village far north of Bangkok where the peasants have minimal toilet facilities at best and you…well you sweat and smell like cat's piss all the time anyway. As you sit in the taxi taking up most of the back seat you decide that you will both have a shower together when you check into the hotel then have a marathon sex session. In the meantime however, may as well start with some petting in the back of the taxi. You turn and look at the imp and without saying anything you unzip your flies and maneuver her hand into the opening, at the same time adjusting your position and smothering her face with your greasy mouth. Nothing less than the will power of a Shaolin Monk can get little Noy through this but, as her hand twists and turns over your wizened sticky genitals and she tries not to taste your spit, she thinks of the pay day ahead.

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Eventually you arrive at the Nana Hotel and exit the taxi. The rat immediately goes to the boot and begins to haul out the luggage while you pay the driver, who is visibly upset and is thinking of knocking off for the rest of the day due to the blatent child abuse he witnessed in the back of his taxi. Before you enter the hotel you stop and take in the view around you. All around there are examples of mis matched couples, old / fat vs young / thin. This seems to be the standard formula for relationships here and you are delighted. You will fit right in, although it has to be said your pairing even draws pitying looks from the other bums..

At the reception everything goes smoothly. The staff are well used to dealing with trash like you and don’t even bat an eyelid. Another fat pig who couldn’t make it in his own country, the hotel is full of em. They bob and smile as you amuse them with your clumsy attempt at small talk as they efficiently take down your details and give you your key. They do however notice the smell which seemed to arrive as you did and has now dissipated as you head off to your hotel room and one of the staff has noticed the large stain on the back of your chino’s which has now dried and will most likely be permanent. She is not surprised as they are used to unpleasant stains / people in this hotel.

In the room the luggage is dumped on the floor and together you shower and get cleaned up. However, this is not a normal shower / cleaning up session. This one could be compared to a zoo keeper hosing down a sick elephant. First of all, the rat gets you undressed, keeping the soiled chinos and underwear at arms length. She gags but somehow swallows it back down and continues to undress you. As you stand there naked and smiling like the dopey bastard you are she stands back and is amazed how different and alien you look compared to her dainty race. A large bald liver spotted head, a huge slack moon face, big wet rubber lips and a huge white pasty body. It’s as if your body has melted from the shoulders down like wax. She is concerned however at the red weeping rash that has enveloped your lower half and the brown mud that has dried like a crust around your genitals and buttocks. The stench is almost unbearable now.

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You tentatively step into the bath and she gets in and begins to shower the crap off of you. The rash stings when the water and soap hits and you cry out in pain as she mechanically gives you a good scrubbing. She is weeping softly and is in shock but the noise of the water and steam hides her distress. As she continues to scrub the crap off with skinny arms that are on fire with the effort you grab one of her hands and encourage her to reach inside to your anus to try and clean out the yeast infection which has been growing there since god knows when. This is the final straw and with your back turned towards her she is sick but it goes unnoticed with all the other shit and crap flowing down the plug hole. Finally the ordeal is over and she indicates for you to go back into the room and dry yourself off as she stays in the bathroom to regain some composure and get cleaned up.

When she eventually steps into the room and glances to the bed she sees you in all your glory lying on your back with 3 ½ inches of proud manhood reaching skyward. You indicate for her to come to the bed and she dutifully does so. She climbs up and straddles you, lowering herself onto you. Half a dozen vertical pumps later you cry out and deposit your watery grey miniscule load inside her. Shaking and covered in sweat you haul her off and into your side for a cuddle. That was a hell of a session you think, certainly showed her a good time there. You give her a kiss that would do a St Bernard proud and fall off into a blissful slumber while she remains rigid, making sure you are fully asleep. She begins to take stock. What happened earlier on will be the norm as long as she stays with this pig. He is the ugliest man she has ever seen. Sure, she has been with farangs in the past and of course, they are almost all the same in apprearence, old, fat and ugly. Belligerent at best, downright rude at worst. Does she want to stay with this man? Will he make a good husband and can he father her children and be a good dad? Would she not be a complete laughing stock to other Thais? Her little body is now shaking with anger and loathing and she begins to whisper something to herself, almost like a chant. It’s as if a switch has finally come on inside her head and now she knows what she must do to make up for the lost years. She must make an example of this pig and of all the others who have put her through hell and left her emotionally scarred for the rest of her life. He is here now, fast asleep and unlikely to wake anytime soon. He belongs to her now and she knows what she must do.

Years ago, back in her village she had heard how the village elders used to deal with women who, in their eyes, had been unfaithful. The punishment was simple to administer but the results were terrifying beyond belief. Untreated, death usually occurred within a day. The strong ones would last a couple of days, three at the most before death would mercifully take them.

After an hour or so has passed she gets up. Her anger has not abated and she is set on her task. You are totally out of it and will be for the next few hours. She silently walks out the door and out of the hotel to a nearby food stall. She buys some of the hottest chillis the vendor has and at a nearby shop she buys some rice paper. Back at the hotel she quietly enters the room. You have not moved and continue to snort and snore. She goes into the bathroom and puts down the toilet lid and carefully empties the contents onto the lid. She folds out a square of rice paper and lays out some of the chillies. She then takes a deodorant tin and gently breaks them open to release the fire. Being careful not to get any on her hands she carefully rolls up the rice paper and seals it with some Vaseline. The small tube is about 4 inches long and about the same thickness as a cigar. She then covers the rest of it in a thin coating of Vaseline. Taking the fire stick she goes back into the room and climbs into the bed beside you. She gently begins to rub your buttocks and puts her hand between your massive cheeks and with a wet finger she gently probs your arsehole, ever so slowly working it in. You murmer slightly in your sleep but that’s about it. After a few minutes she withdraws her finger and keeping her hand in place she ever so gently slides her other hand in past with the rice paper tube. Your ring is nice and relaxed now and she places the tapered end of the tube on your anus and very slowly she works it in, being very careful not to break it. After about the third inch it becomes tighter but she will not be denied. Another inch later she has the fat end in and with a push from her finger she gets it past the hoop, which quickly closes up, locking it in. She removes her hand and quickly gets up off the bed. She takes your wallet, mobile phone and passport for good measure. Seconds later she is away and the room is mostly silent, but not for long.

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An hour or so later and the German pig begins to wake. He is totally unaware his puckered rose has been violated until he is fully awake and begins to move. The rice paper inside of him has soaked through and is soft and very brittle. It breaks in several places and almost instantly the fire juice is released. His eyes fly open and begin to bulge. He draws in a huge breath but stops, unable to function as the pain, unlike anything he has ever known or imagined could exist, explodes in his arsehole and roars through his body. He panics at the strength of it and finds his voice. The first scream leaves his body with the force of a 747 taking off. The second is much the same. By the third scream he is on the ground totally naked, writhing and clawing at his arsehole, which has locked tighter than a bank vault. His huge thrashing limbs connect with the table which supports the TV and soon after it crashes down onto his head, resulting in a bad gash which pours blood and will require stitches. Such is his agony this barely registers. People come out of the adjacent rooms and the screams can be heard at reception. The staff don’t react too much. Guaranteed it will be a stupid farang in distress, and that is music to their ears…

To be continued.

Stickman's thoughts:

I'm sorry to say it, but I merely skimmed over this… It is not a style I personally care for.

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