Stickman Readers' Submissions January 10th, 2008

Dr. Mukul’s Thailand

I have been an avid reader of Stickman's site for the past 8 years. This is my first submission. I have spent about half of the last 8 years in the LOS, so I do think that I have quite a bit of insight regarding Thailand.

He Clinic Bangkok

I have NEVER had a problem with tuk-tuk drivers, sure many of them want to take me on an hour tour of Krunthep for 20 baht, but only a fool would ever agree to that. I also have never been ripped off in a Mall. What bothered me the most about
Khun Mukul's diatribe about how sleazy Thailand is, was him talking about bargirls, then in the next sentence saying that the average Thai exposed to tourists are only interested in Money. A cheap shot at best.

I wonder why it is surprising to Khun Mukul that a bar girl needs the money and that's it. That's surprising? Of course she does, that is her JOB. And what is the average farang punter interested in? I find his submission arrogant,
biased, and for the most part just plain wrong. As to the "plastic smiles" what a joke! Most Thais, and particularly the females have smiles that can be so very very lovely!

Now as numbers 1-8 of his arrogant and nasty submission I would like to offer the following comments about typical farangs that come to Thailand.

CBD bangkok

1. Are they all people with an IQ of 30 or less. — SOME SURE ARE
I would gladly take an intelligence test with Khun Mukul any day of the week, and put money behind my ability to beat him.

2. Are they misfits at home?
This I agree with, I am proud to be a misfit of American life, and have been most of my life. I find life in The USA to be boring, materialistic, and for the most part a drag.

3. Will they ever fit in here?
Agreed, Thais consider everyone who is not Thai to be a foreigner, that being said they also are extremely hospitable, and accommodating, and for the most part will leave you alone.

4. Can they Change a bargirl's life? – NO (SHE IS HAPPY WITH HER LIFE?)
Sorry Khun Mulik, you failed the intelligence test as obviously this does not make any sense.

wonderland clinic

5. What does she want? MONEY
And what do you want Dr. after you treat a patient? A smile?

6.What about my emotions? WHY DO YOU FORGET SHE IS A PROSTITUTE NOT YOUR WIFE OF GIRLFRIEND. Um I don't forget do you??

7.This one is different. NO
All human beings are unique, and should be treated as such.

8. I am rich and can afford this. YOU WILL NOT REMAIN RICH FOR LONG IF YOU STAY HERE. I am not rich, and have spent tons of time in the LOS, and will continue to do so until my dying days.

I feel a certain about of pity for Khun Makul, as he obviously can't see the forest for the trees. Instead of seeing the amazing beauty that is Thailand he sees only the ugly and seedy.

One day I was walking around Pratunam, in one of the crowded sois where clothing is sold, I felt a tap on my shoulder, and turned around. There was a middle aged Thai man with 3000 baht in his hand. He said to me "Sir this fell out of
your pocket."

Another time I was stopped in a taxi at 4 AM in the morning Sukhumvit and Asoke by a police roadblock, I was asked questions, and frisked. I had 140,000 baht on me. What happened? I was given back my money in FULL, no questions asked.

I suggest to Khun Malik, that we ALL live with different colored sun-glasses on, and thus see the world through those filters. I do hope however that he does not come back to Thailand ever,

I abhor people such as Khun Malik, Mr. Know it all types that cannot see the forest for the trees.

One final thought, the only place that I have ever seen in Thailand that I would regard as sleazy is Pattaya, that being said it is one of my favorite places!!!

Thai Lover

Stickman's thoughts:

It seems Dr M. got a few people's knickers' in a twist.

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