Stickman Readers' Submissions January 5th, 2008

Double Dates

As a regular reader of your site, I have felt a bit reticent about adding my own Thailand experiences because I never thought that they were in any way exceptional, although I have been in and around the kingdom for a very long time.

But talking to a friend the other evening, he suggested that I might recount a little about my double dating experience. By that, I mean bedding two girls instead of one. Now, I don't mean just taking two "ladies" upstairs like at the Eden Club, although I have done that a couple of times.

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My custom in the last say 15 years or so, is seldom if ever to pull a single bar girl to my room. I always take two whether in Bangkok to the JW Marriott, or say to the Pattaya Marriott down there. What's more it is my preference to take two girls at a time on short trips in Thailand and abroad.

The advantages of double date trips are many. First and foremost the girls don't get so easily bored as they would with just me. I tend to work incessantly on my laptop at strange hours of the day and night, detest shopping, and loathe beach sitting. Without having to relate to me all the time, the girls can chatter away amongst themselves or on their ever-present cell phones. They also love watching the Thai soaps hours after hour. Alternatively, I will give them some local currency and suggest that they get lost shopping for a few hours.

Another advantage is that it seldom happens that two girls at once are likely to come down with a case of the "mens", something that has spoilt more than one holiday in the past.

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The big deal though to me being absolutely frank is the ego enhancement it gives one to travel and go out with two beautiful girls, garnering envious looks from the guys and stunned disapproval from the faring matrons. In Bangkok, you should just see what happens when I stubble into Bed, Lord Jim's at Oriental <They let you take two working girls in there?Stick> or that hotel's Bamboo Bar, so say nothing of the Thai Royal Silk airport lounge. I guess that there is something missing in my psychology that I need this ego reinforcement but so be it.

What are the dangers in this form of dating. Well, perhaps unsurprisingly the greatest revolves around jealousy. I have to take real pains to ensure that both girls are treated equally or the whole thing disintegrates. For example, at a club I need to dance equally with each girl or simply encourage them to dance together. Leaving one of them alone at a table for any length of time is asking for big trouble. Also at night, since I prefer not to sleep in the middle of the bed, I need to alternate my immediate partner nightly.

Over the years I have evolved some rules to which the girls need to adhere:

1. No drugs of any kind.

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2. Drink to be happy but not drunk. If one girl gets drunk, both are sent home.

3. The girls have to get my approval of their attire before venturing out. I am willing to shell out for clothing but there's nothing I dislike more than the mini hot pants and tight T shirt too many bargirls wear.

4. Both girls are paid exactly the same on the conclusion of the night or holiday.

5. If we are planning extended holiday of more than a couple of nights Bumrungrad Hospital medical tests are compulsory for all of us.

6. Both girls need to participate in the action. No hiding in the bathroom.

7. Of course, the girls all need ID, and passports if foreign travel is involved…and 21 is the minimum age.

Over the years, I have had some wonderful trips around Asia. With the same lovely pair, we visited Singapore, Hong Kong, and Burma. Other ports of call have included Bali and Laos. Of course, there have been several trips to Chiang Mai and Phuket, and one to Koh Chang. And, of course, some holidays ended in tears.

How does a balding older guy convince Thai girls to come on these excursions. Well it's not difficult especially with attractive bargirls. Money talks. The single night ones have come from Rainbow I and IV in Nana as well as a couple of Soi 33 bars. There have been more than a couple of hotties from the Nana's Angeles Disco in the years gone by, although I wouldn't venture there today. More latterly the G clubs and internet have furnished willing participants.

But you might be surprised how many beautiful non bargirls are prepared to accept a foreign holiday if they can bring along a good friend and also make quite a few baht. I have travelled with a two pair of Thai army nurses, beauty consultants from the Emporium, and eight years back even hosted a couple of young Thai flight attendants on a layover in Paris. The good thing is that birds of a feather seem to flock together, so if you proposition a really beautiful lass her friend is likely also to be striking in appearance.

Anyway, that's what makes me tick. I would never dream to be able to have this style of double date in any county except Thailand. Can you imagine in the West, hot girls in their twenties being squired around by an old man? Yes, I'm now nearly 70! Well, perhaps you might occasionally see it in Paris or New York, but those cities are not on my beat.


Stickman's thoughts:

For money, some girls will do anything.

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