Stickman Readers' Submissions October 20th, 2007

My Chanteuse, Part Three

My eyes are strange, they change color with my mood. From a grey when angry to a hazel color when thinking to a middle blue when happy. Many women don’t notice this, but when/if the finally do they tell me they like the blue color the best. Blue and tired. Dressing I feel refreshed and wonder if she’ll want to continue with another set or call it a day. Moving into the kitchen I open the frig and grab a few shrimp and another cola and thought about the next set. I really liked the indoor fountain in front of the window but worried the fountain would fight with her for dominance and as I was thinking a new thought came to mind. Walking back into the master suite I saw her in the dressing room area sitting on a padded stool in front of the mirror primping her hair. I told her to ignore me and moving to my bags I took out my big Qflash and mounted it on a battery, attached a small 12” softbox to diffuse the light, and made sure the receiver was turned on before hanging it from one of the bed posts facing her about three meters away. Actually it was facing her back and the mirror, but she was facing the mirror. Mounting the transmitter on the hotshoe I picked up the camera, adjusted a few settings, and while chatting with her started moving around catching her in the mirror, to the side of the mirror, and all around her dressing table area.

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This sort of lighting isn’t very sophisticated, in fact it’s a bit raw and hard. Still, I worried that if I’d taken the time to run extension cords, take down and set up light stands and modifiers that the mood would have been lost and mood is everything. At this precise moment she was smiling, I was taking pictures, and the world was in balance. She was wearing a emerald green silk chemise that came to very top of her thighs and nothing else. I’m sure she chose this color because it closely matched her eyes and I moved in close going for a really fine focus on her eyes in the mirror. When working in mirrors you need to make sure that you don’t get your own reflection in the frame so I found myself moving to a few different angles to avoid this while at the same time she tried to follow me and not laugh. Looking intently into the mirror she held up a mascara brush and thickened her lashes just a bit and holding that pose a second I’m sure I got some great images. Women putting on makeup can be very sensuous, if they have pretty faces and move gracefully it seems like every detail they add is like an artist working on a portrait. Stroke by stroke they’re building a work of art that you can’t take your eyes from.

Almost finished she took the tweezers and lifting herself up with one leg on the ground and the with a knee on the stool she leaned in close to the mirror and the chemise lifted up revealing the bottom of her bare cheeks and parted thighs. I’ll never understand Asian women shaving their pubic areas like their western counterparts. Western women being much more hirsute often benefit from complete removal, but many Asian women have an almost delicate amount of longer straighter hair with seemingly precision placement and Mei-Ling was no exception. From this view I could see wisps of thick straighter hair, but not enough to block the view of her natural folds and curves. This is perhaps one of the most erotic views a man can enjoy of a woman and instead of going for her face in the mirror I quickly dropped the light down to floor level and laying on my side angled the lens upwards and as the flash went off it filled the bottom part of her chemise with light creating a zone of pure erotica that literally glowed. Laughing now she entertained my voyeurism by angling herself for maximum effect and on a few shots I was actually able to shoot up past her thighs and cheeks, across the satin chemise, and into the mirror catching her eyes laughing at me as I twisted around on the floor going for the best angle. The lens wasn’t the only thing angling upwards and not being one to miss the obvious she remarked that a woman dressing was very private and would make an interesting series of photos. Plans change, and soon I moved what equipment I needed into the dressing room area.

Each move was deliberate and she instinctively paused at precisely the right moment as she moved from the round padded seat around the closet area and bending over to open a drawer she held the pose just a second before removing a pair of sheer white lace stockings. Moving over to where she had her shoes lined up she knelt down to examine the shoes making sure her cheeks were below the bottom of the chemise in just the right way. Taking the stockings and heels back to the seat she slowly put the toes of one foot into the stocking and then extended her leg straight out pulling the white elastic lace up to mid-thigh making sure to pause for an exposure with each move. With both white lace stockings properly adjusted she stood and then one at a time placed her foot into her heels and then bent over revealing her backside as she lifted the rear straps over her ankles. Twisting her torso towards me her legs seemed exceptionally long and her smile huge as she asked how many more outfits she could try on for me. Making some recommendations she made quite the show of getting dressed into nice sets of lingerie several more times. Finished she said to give her a minute as she changed back into the emerald green chemise and sitting on the padded stool looked into the mirror as she brushed her hair with long strokes designed to add extra body and lift.

Finally satisfied she moved over to the bed which was covered in clean smooth white sheets she sat on the edge and directly asked me if I’d ever seen examples of Japanese Kinbaku-bi which literally translates to “beautiful bondage.” Using 6-8mm thin ropes a woman’s lower areas are tied in intricate patterns designed to not only exploit the beauty of the knots, but also reveals the female genitalia as it swells and protrudes against the ropes and of course some of the ropes do the same with the breasts while tying the arms behind the back. I’d only seen pictures, most done by Japanese men and very crude in their execution, far from the ‘artistic’ feeling I consider my signature style. I’m not into such things and told her I wouldn’t feel comfortable at all duplicating the crap I’d seen pictures of. Smiling patiently she reached into a bag and brought out a brand new book she must have just purchased and turning to some pages she’d dogged showed me interesting drawings showing exactly how to tie the knots. She remarked the act is probably as artistic and beautiful as the participants wanted it to be and asked if maybe we could try some of the simple knots just to see what it was like. Still not convinced she crossed the room to another bag and pulled out some bundles of white rope, tossed it on the bed, and held her wrists out in a gesture that said “cuff me..”

We started simple with me still wishing we could move on to something else. Holding her hands behind her back I moved to the first page she’d dogged in the book and copied the style of the wraps and knots. Three times around, square knots, about a half meter of rope left on each end after cutting. I picked up my camera as she twisted towards the lens in her emerald green chemise, white lace stockings and heels, and showed her hands bound behind her back with clean white rope. A few exposures later she awkwardly moved up on the bed and now on her knees sat back on her legs and leaned forward while turning her face to me. She looks peaceful and relaxed, not quite as animated and smiling as the sets before. Leaning forward she had her face sideways on the sheets looking at me with her bare rear in the air and her hands still bound behind her back. I moved all around her in this interesting pose trying to capture the best angles. When you’ve done certain poses previously and spent hours on the computer going over each frame to select the best views and angles you start to learn how to quickly capture the most effective and beautiful poses. I’d never done this before, so it took longer and I took more exposures than I normally would as I searched for the most overall effect. All of a sudden she dropped to her side in a less than elegant pose and slowly turned from side to side looking decidedly uncomfortable and when I asked her if she needed help getting upright she said to just keep shooting. Squirming from side to side, wresting with the knots, she wrinkled up the sheets around her and looked distressed at the same time. I kept shooting until I was sure I’d got everything and setting down the camera helped her to a sitting position. Her chest was heaving and there was sweat in the small of her back and her eyes had taken on a sort of wild less organized look. She looked at me and said “what are you waiting for, tie more” so I turned the page in the book and started in on the next knots.

I was about halfway finished with a series of knots when it became clear her chemise and stockings were going to be a problem. Suggesting I totally untie her so she could take them off she simply said “tear them off me” and this is one idea that appealed to me. Asking if she was sure she just nodded and dropped her head in total submission as I took hold of the chemise around her neck and ripped it half way down her chest. Her chest heaved back and forth as I stopped to take some more exposures. Twisting over on her stomach I was treated to the back of her and I ripped the satin all the way down her back so the only thing stopping it from falling off was the way it was caught under the ropes. More exposures, more poses, and by now I could see the ropes were chaffing her around the wrists and under her breasts and suggested we stop. She wouldn’t stop and told me to finish as she pushed her rear up with her knees under her and her face in the pillow so I grabbed the stockings and tore them down the legs only stopping to take more exposures as we progressed. Finally totally naked except for the ropes I could clearly see red chaffing and swelling in her crotch area and I began to worry. She insisted I proceed, so turning to the next page in the book I tied the knots as quickly as I could and noticed with the new knots her genitalia was being pushed together and seemed very swollen, red, and wet.

We continued building the knot sets for another hour only stopping to take more exposures and by now I was starting to enjoy it more than before. It had become clear to me, several times, that she was greatly enjoying herself despite the discomfort. By now her upper body was soaked in sweat and her lower body soaked from her own wetness and her hair was wet and sticking to her face and her makeup was smeared. Nothing about this was glamorous, yet she had captured my attention and had convinced me to see it through. Finally we had her tied in such a way that she was totally helpless, yet the rope wrapped around her body in artistic patterns while serving to push against folds of her skin making them protrude in unnatural ways. Adjusting the lights for the best effect I took the best images I was capable of before moving her to another pose, and then another, and finally she said just keep the camera going until she said stop and she started fighting the ropes on the middle of the bed while thrashing around and turning her body in tight contortions and pushing first one part of her body out toward me and then another. Her eyes tightly shut she fought her bondage and violently struggled as she turned over one way and then back again the other. Suddenly she screamed and then moaned and just lay there panting and I kept taking pictures. Click-slap- snap, click-slap-snap, I was really into it now and almost didn’t hear her whimper “enough..”

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Setting down the camera I sat next to her and reached to until the ropes. She pushed away from me and said “not yet!” I reached for the book to see what was next and she said to put the book down, that she’d guide me. Putting the book down she asked me to get the knife I always carry with me and with my jeans being over the back of a nearby chair I quickly retrieved the knife. She said to cut only the ropes necessary so she could straighten her body. SNAP, the automatic blade sprung into position and knife in hand I looked down at this disheveled beautiful woman totally tied up and almost forgot my manners. Snapping back to reality I quickly sliced through the offending ropes and she straightened her legs and body and softly moaned as her muscles twitched and then relaxed. “What now” I asked and opening her eyes she said to get more rope and suspend her over the mattress from the canopy support above the bed. Tying two pieces or rope around her already tied wrists and two more around each joint where her knees bended inwards I suspended first her upper body and then her legs until she just gently swung back and forth. This was getting very intense and almost forgetting why I was there I picked up the camera and went to work.

Lowering her down she told me to turn her over face down and suspend her again. She was very specific this time telling me to wrap the ropes around her wrists so she hung by her arms stretched behind her back and then around each knee joint so her legs were as far apart as possible. This took a bit longer, but soon she was hanging as requested swinging back and forth from the canopy supports as I moved all around her from all angles click-slap-snap, click-slap-snap. I noticed her vulva was really red and swollen and very wet but still mostly covered with wraps of rope. Finished with the images I told her it was time to take her down and very quietly she answered. I couldn’t hear her well so I moved around to where I could see her face and I saw she was crying. Tears were streaming down her face and falling on the sheets below. Fearing she was in pain I wanted to untie her but she stopped me and asked me to listen very carefully.

“In real bondage it would only stop when the man has his way” she replied. I asked her what she meant and she said she wanted to complete the experience. “How exactly I asked?” With much effort she lifted her head and looked right at me and said “use your knife to cut only the ropes needed to allow access, and then take me from behind. Only when you finish do I want you to untie me, but make sure when you’re finished you take the final pictures.” I was stunned. Yes, at some level I wanted to but at another level it went against everything I was, what I’d been until now. The truth was I wanted to. I wrestled with the decision in my mind not sure what I should do.

Picking up the knife in one hand I stood behind her between her spread legs visualizing which ropes I could cut that would allow access but keep her suspended.

“Hurry” she said and she twisted trying to move towards me. Reaching out I forced my fingers under the first rope and lifting it away from her skin moved the knife under and with one swift motion cut the rope. Four ropes later she was revealed but still I stood there with the knife in my hand undecided. “NOW she yelled, do it NOW!” Instincts taking over I wondered what color my eyes were now as I moved towards her…

Until next time…

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