Stickman Readers' Submissions October 22nd, 2007

Andy “B”

My name is Andy but not the Andy mentioned in the title.

This submission comes about following my first visit to Thailand in June 2006. I had never been to or intended to visit Thailand, however a friend of mine who I had only recently met as a trainer for me at my local gym recommended it. Anyway,
having known him for about a year it transpired he had a Thai girlfriend and he was to due to go and visit her and asked did I fancy a holiday. Without anything better to do I said yes.

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I arrived at the old airport and he met me there (he had arrived there a week before). The first few days were spent in Bangkok and I immediately fell in love with Thailand, Bangkok and Thai girls in general.

Without being a bighead, I must explain that I have always been successful with girls in England. I've been married twice with 3 children. Even at ahen age of 45 I was and am still able to attract girls (this might explain the two failed
marriages!). Anyway, I only say this to try to explain that I didn't need to go to Thailand to find someone who would have me. <Nah mate, none of us do. We're all rock star look-alikes hereStick>

After a few days we flew down to Phuket (Patong). On the first night I met a girl called Care. She was one of the most beautiful girls I have ever laid eyes on. One thing she pointed out to me straightaway was on hearing my name was Andy,
she pointed to a tattoo of hers with the name 'Andy', which she had had covered over with another tattoo (but the name could still be seen through it). She explained that she had had an English boyfriend whose name was Andy.

Anyway, to cut a long storey short, we spent the next week together and I genuinely had feelings for her. She was honest and said she loved this other Andy but he had not been in contact for a long time and she doubted she would hear from
him again.

When I left we exchanged phone numbers and when I returned to England we kept in touch. After this I was told that my friend was returning to Thailand in 2 months to marry his girlfriend and would I like to go back and be his best man. I
arranged for Care to meet me at the airport. We then spent the next 2 weeks together, some of it at the wedding and some at Ko Samui. At the end of the holiday I decided to support her financially. She gave up her job as a bar girl and returned
home from Phuket to work in her home town as a hairdresser (I know for certain that she did this).

However what happened during the two weeks was that I found out she had actually married this Andy "B" and he had abandoned her after this. She wouldn't have told me this but I overheard her give her details when booking flights
and her surname was "B". She tried to lie her way out of this but she couldn't convince me "B" was a Thai surname!

Anyway, we got over that. I then returned to see her again two months after the second visit. This time there was a few drunken episodes / outbursts, sulkiness on her part and when she returned home I stayed in Bangkok enjoying myself with
a girl I'd met in Carnival in Nana who was a lovely, genuine person and who is still my friend.

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When I returned to England, Care continued to talk with me and kept apologising and that she wouldn't be the same again. Give her another chance, she loved me etc. I kept supporting her and returned for another 2 week break. It was much
better this time, however there was one 'episode' when she disappeared after one drunken argument and spent a day with a friend of hers. Again she apologised and it was more of the same, give her another chance etc. However I knew then
that from my point of view that was that.

When I returned to England I let her know things were finished. She was very upset, however I paid her a small amount to support her for a couple of weeks.

After that I met a Thai girl in England. She is 38, divorced from an Englishman and has permanent residency in England. We have a normal relationship living together and she pays her own way (she works in a restaurant). She embodies everything
I love about Thai girls.

Out of the blue I get a phone call from Care. She is in England! Apparently after we had finished her husband, Andy "B", had got in contact again and she was now in England for 6 months! She had only rung me to get the number of
my friend's wife (they were now in England living together as man and wife). I genuinely believe this is all she wanted as she hasn't called back.

The reason for this message is that when I first met her she said her boyfriend (who it turns out was her husband) didn't know she was working in a bar. Was her story that he abandoned her true? Did he know she was being supported /
sleeping with another man from England (also called Andy)?

Andy "B", if you are reading this, Care has had two more tattoos done when I was with her. Both had Andy tattooed on them and I can tell you both weren't for you! If you look closely there is an A after Andy on her arm and
that is the initial of my surname! She has Andy in Thai on her back, again it has my surname in Thai!

Andy "B" may well know all about me, but if he doesn't this is sent to warn him of the type of girl Care is. She may well be genuine but I don't think so. This could be just a little bit of revenge on a girl deceiving

Stickman's thoughts:

I wonder if Mr "B" will read this?

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