Stickman Readers' Submissions October 20th, 2007

Thailand The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Part 4

The Bad:

He Clinic Bangkok

It has been three days since we visited Phim's brother and sister at her shack by a river here in Bangkok. I have been laying here in the bed of my hotel for about an hour or so staring at the ceiling of my room. My stomach feels a little
bit better today, but it still makes growling noises and other weird sounds. Not too soon after we visited her family, I came down with some kind of stomach virus and have spent the last few days on the toilet seat. I roll over on my side to look
at Phim. She is still sound asleep next to me.

These women here sleep a lot and that is all she has done since I met her at the bar. I guess it might be a common thing for all of them, because of the hours the girls have to do, but I have not been able to get her out of this hotel to do anything here
in Bangkok for almost three weeks now. I fell like some of this is my fault getting sick for the last few days, but I must admit she seems to just want to stay in the hotel and order room service.

I hear the phone ring and get up to answer it. It must be Phim's sister again. She always calls her around this time. She doesn't even bother to try Phim's cell phone any more. She knows we are most likely in our hotel room. But to my surprise
it's (Tee) my brother in law, Stan's friend here in Thailand. Tee picked me up at the airport and made sure I got to my hotel and checked in safely. He said that he would be checking on me after a few weeks. I have to admit to being
very happy to talk to someone who knows a little more English, just someone different to talk to besides trying to communicate with Phim who has limited English speaking skills.

CBD bangkok

Hello Gilbert, how you?

Tee, very nice to hear from you.

Call you, see you ok, need come by talk for you.

Today? Not feeling very good Tee, maybe tomorrow better, can you come by tomorrow?

wonderland clinic

No feel good? We go doctor, must go doctor, come by hotel we go, Stan say take care you.

Really it's all right, just a stomach virus or flu not a big deal. We can see each other tomorrow, all right?

Yes, see you soon, come by take to doctor, come now, bye.

Will I guess I am going to the doctor, maybe it would be a wise thing to do, you never know what kind of sickness you can pick up in another country, and being this is my first visit to a foreign country, I better get checked out. I jump
in the shower and start to clean up, that is after sitting on the toilet for another round of cramps and diarrhea first. I look in the mirror to brush my hair. I do not recognize the man in front of me. I have lost a few pounds and I know that
can't be bad. But I also see my pale white skin and dark circles around my eyes. I know I am getting older but this is not a good look for someone on vacation.

I hear someone knocking at the door and open it to the smiling face of Tee. This man always has a smile on his face and really is a joy to be around. Sawasdee Krup he says putting his hands together and I do the same. I just love the way people in Thailand
greet each other. I wish the whole world said and did the same thing the Thai people do, it really is a wonderful thing. Tee has this big smile on his face but loses it real quick when he sees Phim sit up in bed. He puts half a smile on his face
with a quick two hand Khrup sound as he looked at her. His attention went to Phim and he spoke Thai to her. By his voice tone he sounded mad and by the look of Phim's reaction to his words and her own unhappy tone I knew the things being
said were not happy words. I kept saying to Tee that Phim is my girlfriend and I did not understand what he was saying to her and I would like him to be a little nicer. But Tee went right on talking and getting louder with Phim and her not backing
down from him. She got just as loud right back. Now I have noticed that Thai men seem to speak to the women here a little harshly. This is a male dominate society and most of the men are in charge. But I was bothered at the tone of his voice as
he spoke to my girlfriend. I finally got his attention as Phim jumped out of bed with no clothes on and walked by Tee straight into the bathroom and slammed the door.

We go now.

What is going on, Tee? You have no right to talk to my girlfriend like that.

How long see?

We have been seeing each other since I came to Bangkok and things have become very serious. We are thinking about getting married.

Only see one lady?

One is all I need. She has turned out to be very loving and I feel we could be life time partners.

In Bangkok three week, see one lady, not should see one lady, she bar lady, only here for fun not married. Must understand, Stan want I take care you. You here for fun, good time Bangkok. Why you see one lady from bar?

Americans are different Tee. We are happy with one woman. We do not need to see many ladies.

We go doctor.

The drive was quiet to the doctor's office and back. Tee seemed upset at me and I was given medicine by the doctor to take back to my hotel. I had no idea what was wrong with me because Tee and the doctor talked to each other in Thai
and no English was spoken. As the doctor spoke to Tee, both kept looking over at me. Tee kept shaking his head as if disgusted with what the doctor was saying to him. Bbut his eyes did not look mad at me, he just looked sad for me as if something
was wrong with me but he could not tell me. When I asked him what was wrong Tee would say, "Do not worry Gilbert, I will handle everything." When we arrived at the hotel, Tee looked at me and said.

You have go Singapore for a few day.


New stamp passport, maybe go in four day. I have lady friend take you, she from Singapore and show you around.

Can I take Phim?

Can not, she no have paper, better you go with friend.

Ok, then I will have her stay at the hotel and wait for me.

No, can not, listen me, no see her for few day, not good for lady stay hotel. Must do this Gilbert, have too! One thing, do not eat food in room. Maybe bad for stomach. Go eat away, not room, doctor say.

Sure all right, Tee.

See you four day pick up, I take care you, trust me, take care you.

The smile was gone from his face and I was worried that maybe I was going to die, I felt something was wrong. Maybe I have HIV or something just as bad. Why did he look so worried at me in the doctor's office and I could tell Tee was
not himself. Not sure what was going on, but I knew deep inside it would not be long before I was going to find out.

Stickman's thoughts:

Mmm, getting interesting.

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