Stickman Readers' Submissions September 5th, 2007

Adventures In Thailand: The Unwanted GFE Part 2

I landed at Don Muang at the un-godly hour of 1:00 AM tired but excited at being back in Thailand. My plan was to spend the night in Bangkok and then hire a taxi to Pattaya the next morning to meet up with Fa.

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I cleared Immigration and headed down to grab my luggage. Within 20 minutes or so I had collected my bags and headed out to grab a taxi to my hotel. I walked out into the now empty arrivals waiting area and realized I needed to grab some baht before jumping in my taxi.

As I walked in the direction of the ATM, I noticed a lone figure standing down near a security station. The figure was remarkable because it was a female and she was alone. I thought to myself, “I wonder who she’s here waiting for at 1:00 in the morning. Whoever he is, he is one lucky SOB.” Just as I was finishing my thought, I thought there was something familiar about this girl. Then she smiled at me and I realized why she looked so familiar. It was Fa!

“What are you doing here?” I asked her as she jumped into my arms.

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“Why do you think I’m here, ting tong man?” she said smiling up at me. I had mentioned when my flight was due to arrive but we had not discussed her meeting me there. I was speechless at this grand gesture. She had taken the bus up earlier in the day, gotten a hotel room (with her own money) and secured a taxi for the ride from the airport to the hotel. This girl was worth her weight in gold.

We took my bags to the taxi and headed for downtown Bangkok. Once I relinquished my passport at the hotel reception, it was up to the room for a much needed shower. Fa climbed into the shower with me and showed off her fresh tan lines. God, it was good to see her in such rare form. Despite the fact that I had taken literally hundreds of photos of her on my last trip when we met, I had forgotten just how good she looked.

After a nice hot shower it was time to get reacquainted with this most lovely of God’s creatures. At the risk of sounding lewd, despite our best efforts to get things “loosened” up, she was as tight as a virgin and it was even painful initially for her. This girl had not had sex in a very long time.

At one point she looked at me and sheepishly apologized for being so tight. I told her that she had no need to apologize, as she was expected to be tight if she had not been with anyone since I left. Secretly I was encouraged by this as it helped lend credibility to her claims of fidelity.

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After another shower, we sat up for another hour or so talking and smiling at each other before settling down for some rest. I looked at my watch and realized it was nearly 5:30 A.M.

By 11:00 A.M. the following morning we were climbing into a taxi and heading to Pattaya. Once we arrived, she insisted that I stay at her place instead of a hotel. “Save money,” she insisted when I protested. Her one bedroom place was small but comfortable and more intimate than a hotel room. She was a very neat housekeeper and everything was in its place. She had a nice queen sized bed, which was gonna be necessary as I liked my space when I slept.

Then is when she dropped a bomb shell on me. I noticed pictures of a little girl around the room. There was a progression of photos of the same child from a small baby to the age of what looked like about six or seven years old. There were pictures of the little girl by herself and some were with Fa. When I asked who she was, Fa hesitated and then answered, “She’s my daughter.” She watched me as I returned her stare in disbelief.

“Daughter?” I said with open-mouthed shock. At this point all sorts of things were rushing through my mind. Why hadn’t she told me about her until now? Who was the father? Was she married to this guy? What else was she keeping from me? What the f@$k!

Fa calmly but nervously answered all of my questions, the chief being why hadn’t she told me about her previously. Her answer was simple, she had not felt comfortable enough on our inaugural meeting and once she was sure she needed to tell me about her, she wanted to wait until we were face-to-face because it was important and she knew I would have lots of questions.

Her daughter’s father was a Thai guy she had been with several years earlier. They had been together for several years and she had gotten pregnant by him. He was a cheater and had even gotten another girl pregnant at the same time Fa was pregnant. She realized that this was not the kind of man she wanted to raise her child with and she left him. She was four months pregnant at the time. As it turns out, she had made the right decision, as in the six years since this beautiful little girl had been born, this bastard had never even seen his daughter once.

Well, after the initial shock of the news and assurance that there were no more secrets, we settled in and enjoyed our time together. After a day of getting to know each other again, it was as if I had never left.

After spending the requisite few days in Pattaya to meet the daughter and her older brother, we booked a trip to Ko Samet. We figured we’d lay out on one of the sun-drenched beaches and soak up some rays. Upon arriving at the island we checked into our hotel, took a shower and decided on a nap before going down to inspect the beach. By the time we awoke it was late afternoon, so we decided to take a short walk up the beach to get our bearings and then scout out a place to have dinner. We would make it a full day of sunbathing the following morning.

The next morning we were up bright and early on our way to the local 7 Eleven to buy sun block for day on the beach. The skies were looking ominously cloudy and we were hoping for the best later on that morning. By the time we got back to our hotel room, it was pissing rain.

Not to worry. We would spend the morning in bed and hit the beach hard once the rain let up; hopefully later in the day. No such luck, as it rained for nearly two days straight. We were only scheduled to be there for four days. Finally on the afternoon of day three, the sun burned away the rain clouds and we finally had our much anticipated beach time.

We frolicked in the water and then I took lots of photos of this sun-goddess as she posed on the sand. It was a nearly perfect day. Later that evening at dinner, it started to rain again. So, out of four days spent on the island, it rained for two and-half. We left the following morning and headed back to Pattaya for another week of partying and relaxing massages.

Finally at the end of the week we were headed back to Bangkok to put me on my plane back to the U.S.

Again, no promises were made about the future or when I would return but we did confess our love for each other and our intent to remain a monogamous couple. We knew we wanted to be together and this trip had helped both of us decide that we were not just experiencing a passing fancy or fondness for each other.

Upon my return home, we continued to keep in touch and even began tentatively discussing the possibility of her coming to the U.S. on a visitor’s visa to see how things worked out living together on a full-time basis.

Four months later, a last minute business trip to the Philippines was dropped in my lap out of the blue and I asked her if she would be interested flying over and meeting me there. She was enthused about the idea as she would get the chance to see me as well as visit a country she had not been to before.

She was somewhat well-traveled, as she had visited a few countries in SE Asia and had even lived in Australia for a little while; which explained her command of the English language. As further explanation, not only was she an avid reader, but she had worked as a watch seller before going to work in the bar and had made it a practice of interacting with her English speaking customers whenever she could to improve her English speaking skills.

Within three weeks we were meeting at the international airport in Manila and she was looking as radiant as ever. We headed to the hotel, chatting in the taxi along the way.

We got to the hotel and checked in. We spent some time talking in the room and then I told her I really wanted to take a shower. After I finished in the bathroom, she went in. When she emerged I was already in bed waiting for her. She climbed into bed next to me and kissed me like she had not seen me for a very long time. She got up to get something from her bag and I took this opportunity to present her with a gift I had brought along with me. When she returned to the bed there was a small white ring box sitting perched on her pillow. She looked at it and then looked at me with a puzzled look on her face. “What is it?” she asked without even touching it.

“Why don’t you open it and see,” I told her. It was only then that she picked it up and realized what it was. The puzzled look on her face was due to the fact that she initially thought I was presenting her with a small bar of soap. When she opened the box, her face lit up at the sight of the small diamond ring that sat gleaming up at her.

She was surprised to see the ring but she was not surprised at the suggestion of the ring, as we had been discussing the idea of being together on a more permanent basis.

As she took the ring out of the box and put it on, I took her hand and told her, “I am not asking you to marry me right now, but I do want you to know that I am in love with you and I want to be with you, whether it’s as your boyfriend or as your husband.” She took my face in her hands and kissed me and told me that she wanted the same.

We had a wonderful evening making up for the lost time spent away from each other over the last few months.

The next morning we took a taxi down south and got checked into the hotel. Over the next week we spent our evenings together as I was busy all day. We celebrated her 28th birthday together with dinner and a cake I had the staff bring in. It was perfect in every way, but I needed to send her back to Thailand as I was planning to be on the move quite a bit for the next week.

We planned to see each other again in a few months for an extended holiday. I put her in a taxi headed back to Manila and finished up my work in the south before heading back to Manila a week later.

We grew closer and closer over the next several months. We had the usual spats that couples have; only ours were compounded due to the fact that we were half a world away from each other.

One thing we realized was that even though we loved each other very much, neither of us really trusted the other very much. We each had our own personal reasons. Mine was due to the fact that she was a bar-girl when we met and I just wasn’t 100% sure she was as trustworthy as she was making herself out to be despite the fact that she had passed every test I had presented her with.

She worried about my past as run-around-kinda-guy and whether I was being faithful to her as I claimed to be. We agreed that we just needed some time to learn to trust each other and we would be fine.

My next trip was just a few short months later. I was on business in Australia and took a trip to Thailand on the tail end of that trip. It was on this trip that we decided to seek out the help of a visa service to assist in the submission of a fiancé visa.

We had been together more than a year now and things just felt right. I have to say that I was very worried based on the perceived success rate of Thai-western relationships as portrayed by many readers on this site. Admittedly, when I would read of horror stories about some poor sap that had been taken for a ride by some hardcore, long-time bar-girl, I would cringe and wonder if I would meet a similar fate. But there was usually some glaringly obvious hint that the poor love-struck fool was completely unable to see. I was determined to keep my eyes wide open on this one.

But I knew what the essential components for a solid relationship were. That along with the mutual respect we had developed for each other led me to believe that Fa and I had more than a fighting chance at a happy life.

She was beautiful, smart, independent and fiercely loyal to me. She was very family oriented and she was ready to settle down to be a wife. What else could a guy want for? The question was, was I ready to give up my freedom as a single guy. Was I ready to give up my trips to Thailand and my global partying? I thought I was but I wanted to be absolutely sure before I asked this great lady to change her whole life by coming to the U.S. to live with me.

I did some long hard soul-searching in the months leading up to this trip when we would be starting the process of obtaining a visa. I felt I was ready. The ball was rolling and her application for a fiancé visa was submitted. I returned home and found out that I would need to temporarily relocate overseas for a few months. This news was a minor snafu, as we knew it would take 4 – 6 months to get her visa.

As we settled in for the wait, neither of us new that our relationship was about to be tested beyond any limits we had endured so far.

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Excellent. Am enjoying this series very much!

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