Stickman Readers' Submissions August 13th, 2007

MSN Girls – Time To Meet Them

I decided 9 months ago to move to Thailand to expand my life experience, both culturally and professionally. I'd lived overseas before, but not in Asia. Thailand seemed the most appealing to me. I discovered the Stickman website and read all the
Readers' submissions, which helped me IMMENSELY. I secured a job at a good institute in Bangkok, and got a 1 year visa. I have now lived here for 2 weeks. I have already experienced good and bad here, but generally love it. I can also already
understand Stickman's advice of "not letting frustrations get the better of you" in Thailand, otherwise it will send you clinically insane. I can see that you really need to keep your cool and try to gain an understanding of how
things work here. Every country has its pluses and minuses.

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I am almost 34 now and have had a fairly experienced past with women. I have had about 10 girlfriends, and only had sex within these committed relationships. The best girlfriend I ever had was a 3-year stint with an Indonesian girl (the others
were Australian), and we only broke up because her visa expired and we couldn't do the long distance relationship thing anymore. I love Asian women, I really do.

I decided to get online and meet some Thai women. I learned a lot through this. And when I reached Thailand, it was time to meet some of them. It was quite easy to organise this – the women seem open to meeting you and I have not had to go
through nearly as much mind-game crap that you need to do in the West. However, they are still women, and you need to keep them laughing and make them feel comfortable until they are ready.

I met Nana first. We hung out together and we were very touchy-feely, but did not kiss and nothing else has happened since then, although she wants to keep seeing me. I also met another girl called
Natt, and we hung out for dinner a couple of times. We held hands for a while, but it's a bit difficult with her because she does not speak English. It's weird hanging out with a girl for 5 hours,
and you can't talk about anything without using sign language and needing a translator. She also wants to keep seeing me, but I might hold off on that one. She's a lovely girl and quite attractive, but the language barrier is a real
downside. I'm sure I could cope with it, but it's so much better to have someone that at least speaks broken English.

The next girl was Pamm. We had only just begun talking on MSN and she seemed pretty cool. We organised to meet the next day in a subway station in Bangkok. After arriving at the station, I noticed her from
a distance…. and I could barely recognize her, because I only ever saw one photo of her, and that was from the website and it was about 3 months ago (I'd almost forgotten about her actually). She smiled instantly and said "Hey, over
here!". Wow, she spoke some English. Nice. As I got closer, she looked nicer and nicer. We caught the train to a shopping center, and I could feel some chemistry between us right away. She then began
putting her arm inside my arm as we walked. We had lunch and laughed about stuff, and then walked around and talked, holding hands, for about an hour. When I left, we kissed briefly.

We exchanged text messages during the week, and I met her again the next weekend. We went out and saw the sights of Bangkok, and had a great time – always holding hands and cuddling etc. The next day we drank a few cocktails and then went to my apartment to stay. It was awesome. We hung out for the next 24 hours. She was passionate and fun. She is a happy, healthy girl and I have not seen any red flags go up yet in these early stages. The great things about Pamm are that she has a PERSONALITY and no excessive, lingering baggage (thank God). She seems a "good girl", and not a two-timing skank, which is important. She has had 3 boyfriends in the past, but they did not last long. She told me that she has waited 8 months since her last boyfriend. I asked why, and she said (with her Thai accent) "I will be selective, because I important and I want be happy with next boyfriend", with a big smile. That's a great sign.

My motto is: A Happy Girl is the Best Girl.

I used to think that I wanted a woman who was an introvert like me, who I could talk to about serious issues, and basically have a quiet, Western kind of romance. Forget that. The type of girl for me is HAPPY and FUN. Yes, she must be loyal, and Pamm and I have talked about the value of honesty, and our disinterest in cheaters. I can talk to her about important things, but it's done in a light and calm way. No brooding, no need for tears and dramas. For example, we'll talk about something in bed for a while, and then she will stand up in her underwear, poke her tongue at me and smile, do a little dance with her hands on her hips, giggle for about 20 seconds, and then jump back into bed with me. How awesome is that!! <She sounds like a nutter!Stick>

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Will I ever talk to her about world peace? No, that's doubtful. But she's happy, and she's a breath of fresh air. As long as she's loyal and attracted to me, that is what matters. Will we ever discuss the current political climate in the Middle East? No, but I don't want to talk about that. Her laughter and solid self-esteem are what counts.

I also know that anything can happen in Thailand, and so I will continue to keep my eyes WIDE OPEN. But it's a cautious optimism, which is exactly where I need to be.

That being said, I had another girl to meet, and I went to dinner and met Tib. Now although things are great with Pamm, I told myself that it would be just dinner, and if anything,
Tib could make a nice friend. Last night I met Tib at a classy restaurant and got to know her over the course of 2 hours. Tib and I got on well, however there was only about 50% of the chemistry I experience with Pamm. I have decided that on most
occasions, the first 15 minutes is crucial in determining that. I have received 2 texts from Tib since last night. She's interested.

I just received a funny and erotic SMS from Pamm telling me about what she is wearing underneath her dress. She asked me what I wanted to do with her, based on the type of underwear she has on. OK – I'm going to postpone the other girls and choose Pamm for now to see where things go.

And although I'm remembering to stay smart and careful about this, I just gotta say one thing: God I love the women here.

Jimmy Foxx

Stickman's thoughts:

So does Pamm know that you met Tib? Nor being funny here, but please don't get angry at Pamm if she meets another girl… It would be just dinner of course!
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