Stickman Readers' Submissions August 14th, 2007

A Purist’s View On Pattaya

This is my fourth attempt to write a sequel to my inaugural submission which reported from my very first trip to the LOS and I hope something useful will come out at last. Right now I am sitting on the balcony of my room in Soi Buakhow and enjoying the cool breeze of the rainy season. All in all, this is my fourth trip to Thailand and the 3rd stay in Pattaya. I ask myself why I come back to sleaze by the sea again and again whereas there would be so many potentially interesting sites to visit in Thailand and nearby Cambodia. I think one answer is that I am just too lazy to travel around and I simply like the lively wild west flair of this town and the huge number of adult venues to enjoy oneself as scummy a reputation it may have.

Something on my background. I am 30, reasonably good looking, unmarried, single, no kids therefore as free as one could wish for. I went through the whole high-end education system that Switzerland provides, did my PhD at a renowned life science research institute abroad and worked in academia in continental Europe's leading university up until a month ago. I could no longer bear working in this ivory-tower environment which is infested with uninspiring, neurotic individuals that know nothing about the real world or at best make up your typical Khao San Road tourist (with a few notable exceptions of course). So I sought refugee in this place which is so completely different to my accustomed surroundings in any aspect in an attempt to reinvent my own prospects in life. Women-wise I went through many relationships but none lasted more than 2 years and all ended in big disappointments and hurt feelings. I have been wary of the capability of women to be manipulative, dishonest and merciless when the worst comes to the worst even before coming to Thailand and reading about the dangers of getting involved with the local lasses. I have had my fair share of good looking girlfriends and enough sessions of great nights of passion with girls of all ethnicities to last for a while. Therefore it is not really the sort of desperation that maybe a 55 year old, fat, balding guy (obviously your average Pattaya tourist) drives to visit the LOS but a mixture of curiosity, the sympathy for Buddhist societies and the urge to flee the expensive sterility of Zurich in exchange for a vivid, tropical setting.

He Clinic Bangkok

Sure, I would probably not have come back were there not the pretty girls in vast numbers that try everything to seduce and make your stay enjoyable. I have read hundreds if not thousands of Stickman submissions, Stephen Leather's books as well as informed myself in forums. In addition I made a number of my own observations during my trips. Little things but it all fits together perfectly with the "literature" and by no means can I understand the guys who fall for the first girl they meet, sponsor her and let them make a fool out of themselves. I met girls in internet cafés that talked to several sponsors simultaneously while flirting with me, one showing me the key to her new Toyota, the figures of how much each one sends her monthly and the emails of the fool who would soon take her to the US (and by no means was she a stunner). In the bar I used as my hideout to play a quiet game of pool every day there was one girl who was lucky enough to pull a middle-aged German after only a few weeks who now obviously sponsors her as she just sits at a nearby guesthouse all the time, drinking and gets fatter by the day (besides she would still have no problem to go short time with me). I can only puzzle about the extent these guys are depraved of sensual fulfillment at home in order to be head over heels for such run of the mill girls. One girl (Da) I met in a disco shared several nights with me. She has a young Italian sponsor who calls her every night (unfortunately always when we are in the middle of one of the dozen daily shags or so she needs while he is away) and tells him how much she misses him. I honour him though as it allows me for a "real" GFE because she could stay with me for free (I sponsored the odd meal of course and had to otherwise fend off inappropriate requests for money). It is this obviously very widespread practice of sending money for some girl for doing nothing which should be penalized by law!

Unfortunately this is not the case and the huge quantity of idiots simply amazes me. Probably for every girl in Pattaya there is at least one. And there are many girls here. And the same counts for BKK, Phuket and other resorts. I can well imagine that you can fall for the charms of such a lady in an exotic setting. Maybe on a business trip to Singapore or Japan or even China. But certainly not in a place like Pattaya or any other beer bar or gogo bar setting that caters to gullible farangs. I have to admit that the last time I was here I tried to live through a 2 week stay with a girl I met on my first trip to Pattaya in a bar a couple of months earlier. I saw it as an experiment (I am an avid researcher after all) and I just committed myself to her because she was – after having tried to talk to dozens of bargirls or freelancers – the only one(!) with whom I could chat on a level in English that allowed for some humour. She was also around my age and seemed to genuinely like me as well. Besides, she had only been in the business for about 6 weeks when I met her and considering that some of her "techniques" were far from being perfect and that she didn't have any tattoos it could well be true. She stopped working before I arrived so I didn't have to barfine her or anything. After having stayed in contact for 3 months via SMS I was greeted with flowers at the airport, she organized a cheap but good room near the bars where she knew I liked to play pool, she filled the fridge, she took care of the laundry, she went to her room to let me work on the computer during the day and go out in the evening alone. It was nice to have someone to go back to every day. And I was close to calling her to come here this time again as she was simply such a cheerful person to be with.

She is in Ubon now as she told me her mother was sick and ultimately died – I don't know if it is true but I guess even bargirls do not make jokes about someone close being dead. One of her SMS read: "have paty my mother burn now". True real life satire…(I am by no means impolite here) and there was no request for money on behalf of her sick mother or an other reason at any time. And if she had continued to work in Pattaya I would certainly have run over her or someone who knows her during the month I stayed there. I rewarded her appropriately of course for her time with me. Anyway I liked her very much as she made me the odd useful present, paid for the baht bus sometimes, did not abuse it with free drinks when we went out, always was on time for appointments and generally never pestered me for money with some made up story. She tried to be cheap for me too and was genuinely grateful for anything I did for her.

CBD bangkok

Which is something I cannot say of any girl I met during this trip. There was no "kop khun ka" for any invitation to meals or a drink or a night out. Some of the attempted scams are so blunt and obvious you have to have an IQ of less than 70 (which barely allows you to shit on your own) not to see through it in the first place. Yet, these same girls manage to attract sponsors from all over the world. I just tell them to search for an older and more gullible farang for their games if the conversation gets too trivial. It is best not to waste both their time and my nerves. At the same time I know that I was more than lucky to have been born in Europe's wealthiest country and having been allowed to enjoy an education that these girls can't even dream of. And I know that I should probably be a bit more realistic with my expectations. After all I am not on a scientific congress here but am a customer in their bars in one of the world's most infamous mongering destinations. But it is so easy to get carried away by the initially friendly faces and then a bit of disappointment crawls in when you start to see through all the fake smiles. And according to many other submissions this dodgy behaviour is by no means restricted to the naughty areas. Nevertheless, I already experienced more nice, interesting and often surprising if not exciting things in the few weeks in Thailand than in many years at home. Therefore the odd scam should be acceptable and be seen as part of the game. Everything comes at a price. But I am not willing to give in to cheap begging of a girl for example that confirmed many times she is not with me for the money (I knew better of course) and already has a sponsor anyway.

It is this shallowness that makes it at times hard to bear with this place. And sorry if I sound rude, but many of these girls do not have hard lives. They probably had before they came to work in the bars and may so in the future. But for all I know most of them sit in their 3,000 baht a month flats (which they usually share with 1 or 2 other girls) the whole day watching SUN Movie channel and writing SMS and emails to potential sponsors. Or they go to work in the bar at 5 PM and play pool, Connect 4 or that simple dice game all night. Sure the nasty stuff which means doing the dirty with smelly Arabs or a fat, sweaty German you do not see. But then, it is a career choice which is driven by greed. Even if they may use a significant amount of money for clothes, shoes, make-up and mobile phone-use in addition to food, transport and housing the basic cost of living compared to what they can earn is still minimal and they can send a big overhead home. It is the guys (and some women too) who work in the full heat on construction sites in the polluted streets for 200 baht a day (less if they are illegal immigrants) or factory workers or any other low pay employees who have hard lives in Thailand. Not these girls who have so much contact to potentially generous farangs. Many of them have mobile phones which are much more expensive than that of my sister and she is a notary (and does not look that bad either). They just use their natural assets to get by as easily as possible. I would probably do the same thing. But I am not willing to cater them even more especially not if their attitude leaves so much to be desired and their English is in-existent (though the lack of conversation is partly my fault as I am too lazy to run through the Pimsleur Thai course that lurks on my Mp3 player).

Several years ago I stumbled across a saying that may translate as: "He who spares the bad ones (e.g. by letting their behaviour go by unquestioned) inevitably hurts the good ones". I found that to be true in many aspects of life. In this context it basically means that throwing money after some pretty girls without reason is not only stupid but also an offence against the modest ones or other people who really deserve it.

I am aware that if there is one place in Thailand where it is of no use to be dressed up and polite in order to have an advantage in meeting girls it is probably Pattaya. It took a while for me to accept it but I still like the place. I think it is partly because I am a cheapo by nature. I cannot approve at all a fellow Swiss submission contributor recently bragging around with how money should be no object. Though usually not really known for scarcity of money the Swiss are normally a very modest bunch not showing off the way Russians or Arabs feel the need to and I would feel better had he not mentioned that he is Swiss. "One does not talk about one's money, one just owns it” is the national motto and it is a shame it did not get through to him. And one should show a bit of modesty and grant some respect also for those who work hard all year (and have not inherited a fortune) to spend bi-annual 2 week holidays in the LOS. I too know people who just as bonus to the anyway overly generous base salary get in excess of 3 million baht per year. It is not so uncommon in Zurich but it disgusts me and it is really no big deal to then basically play god in a still developing country. But that is just my 2 cents. Back to why Pattaya (or similarly priced locations in Thailand) may still appeal to many people: I can have a nice condo for about 9,000 baht a month (with weekly cleaning and electricity) and good Thai food for less than 90 baht including a drink. Lets put that in perspective: My small apartment at home costs me about 25,000 baht a month and that is as cheap as it gets in Zurich. A single Big Mac alone costs more than 200 baht (I don't even bother with normal restaurants as prices are just ridiculous). Entry to decent dance clubs is at least 500 baht with beers running around 250 baht. A short taxi ride home is about 600 baht. You get the idea what a night out costs me at home. And we don't even want to get started talking about the possibilities of taking a cutie home for the night and the implemented costs.

wonderland clinic

Add these facts to the availability of a huge selection of bars or gogos in Pattaya with an essentially endless supply of reasonably pretty girls where you can have a beer for 50 baht or less if you need some diversion and it is basically a single man's dream come true! Even though I never barfine girls in gogos I just like the atmosphere and the attention of the girls at times (though entering a new one is always sort of a lottery: it can be annoying or get really exciting). This is one thing that in such omnipresence surely can only be found in Thailand. Even in my 8th week in Pattaya this year I can still find a gogo with notable eye candy that I have not been to before (and I go out every night!). At home I can see all such bars available in a few hours and there is never more than one girl dancing and prices and atmosphere just suck. One cannot compare it anyway. Another thing: I can play pool for free at the bars (or for a small fee for the American tables). At home this costs me almost 1,000 baht per hour. Without the slightest chance to play against a cutie in high heels and mini skirt. Here they fight to play with me. Then there is Jomtien Beach if I want to relax watching a sunset over the sea which might be followed by a nice massage which is 10 times cheaper than at home. Or if I feel like going out for dancing I can go to Lucifer's or Marine and watch the girls trying to get me to notice them.

Of course I love the attention as shallow and money-oriented it may be. At least for a while. This visit was 1 month in Pattaya and I am actually pretty fed up by the end of it. But as I have my notebook with me and wi-fi in my room I could do pretty much everything here that I could do at home too! Trading the markets, playing on-line poker, writing job applications, working on a website, listening to music streams, you name it. I am grateful for the benefits of the internet age as doing some intellectually challenging work is the only way to stay sane here. But as it is I can just enjoy my time here to the fullest. How could a guy not like it? If I were to stay here longer I would probably opt for a live-in girlfriend as I like to have someone steady to refer to and it takes away the daily pressure to find that gem among the many average girls. But as for now I just enjoy my freedom. Though freedom is relative.

I underestimated the capacity for jealousy of those hookers. I would have thought that they have enough common sense to understand that a guy will hardly stay faithful (one cannot use that word here) in Pattaya especially after he has seen his tilac with another farang several times. Au contraire. One night I planned to go out to Lucifer's alone to just enjoy once more those nicely dressed Thai girls with their super-tight bodies and simply wanted to sit on a chair and be happy with the world and myself. Sometimes I like to go to the discos as they provide some sort of safe-heaven. No pestering for barfines or lady-drinks, or annoying street vendors and no "hansum man I go with you” (if only because the music is too loud, but still). Just a disco to get drunk and horny in and have a fun time exactly like at home. Except for both the quality and quantity of the girls of course (though the girl / guy ratio seemed lower than I had in mind). I love watching the lovely ladies dancing and I have always had a hard time to decide on just one. One girl may have that perfect ass, but those legs in high heels on the other one just make me fantasize. Or the hot pants on the third one have that nice girlie look which I like. And yet another one has that innocent Asian baby face that just begs to experience another naughty night.

But I digress. After about 1 minute in the disco, the girl (Da) I dumped the other morning (the one with the Italian) was running up to me and hugging me. So much for enjoying my stay alone. But worse: On my last trip (only a month ago…I know I am addicted) I had a hot one night stand (yes I was not faithful to my girlfriend) with Ning who stays in a salon which I always walk by when I go to play pool. So I talked to her often and she knew me well. One thing led to the other and we landed in bed once again during this stay. Anyway she arrives at Lucifer's too and sees me with this girl who had just spotted me 5 minutes earlier and I am in for some cat fight. So much for a relaxing evening! I did nothing wrong. Never promised anything to anybody. Why should I to a hooker! I was mentally preparing this paragraph while Ning was yelling at me about how bad I am and how I should never talk to her again before she disappeared and was actually a bit flattered by what was happening. Though I watched my back a bit after this incident when I walked past her salon and I regret having lost a funny and high level pool playing partner in her. But one cannot have everything.

A few days later of course it was Da who was angry with me because I finally refused to take her home again. She had the intellect of an 8 year old (being 24) and frankly I began to find that a bit disturbing even though she was only a bedtime partner anyway. I do not have the slightest idea how this Italian guy who met her in Hua Hin last year managed to spend a few months with her on his travels through Thailand. Outside of bed I got annoyed with her in less than 5 minutes! But some moments were really funny. Da was in the bathroom every night I was with her talking to her spaghetti eater who will have to sleep with his right hand while his soon-to-be wife used to be bonking her brains out with me during those nights again and again. She truly is a natural and from this point of view I can understand that he is planning to marry her. Short guys always have trouble finding girls and Italy's women in particular are known to be very snobbish.

These are exactly the kind of experiences that keep me coming back again and again. And they happen at such a high frequency that when you add the tropical and exotic setting that Thailand provides there is hardly any place more intoxicating imaginable. At the same time it is relatively safe, has a perfect climate and is very affordable. Of course there is almost no place for romance in this town and the value of your pick-up that other night may get a bit redefined after you see her passionately seducing an old overweight guy in some other disco. But then I think the girls acting in these most mercenary ways are the authors of their own prospective downfall. I mean the ones who have a sponsor and lie to them daily without the blink of an eye for example. Not to mention all the BS the freelancers tell their next victim for the night when picking them up or once they are in the room in order to extract some extra money.

I have heard everything from "I lost my cell phone” (but when I ask her friend to call her – just to check – she suddenly has one), "I lost my purse containing 5,000 baht (a day later it was 10,000 baht) for milk for baby” (you can feed an army of babies with that) to "I need go pharmacy stomach hurt” (but it was OK 20 minutes ago). Or the typical "can I bring friend with me” line which will just mean that you will be paying for 3 or 4 in some boring Thai disco that you don't want to go to anyway. Refusing to do so costs me the reiteration of a very notable night with a girl I really got on well with but I have my principles – and "Lolita's" always provide good service for those in need. What someone should tell these disco girls once and for all is that if they ask for money they are hookers – full stop. Why would someone treat them as girlfriends, invite them to meals and drinks and still pay after the night? Either they get invitations girlfriend style or they are paid after the deed. Not both, not these freelancers. I wonder how much anger or indifference against farang men is necessary to fuel such undignified and back-stabbing behaviour and I find the answer frightening. In my view it corrupts these girls' whole lives. They continuously lie, they are latently aggressive, they are ambivalent if not hypocritical and for the most part alarmingly superficial and dumb but they seem to get away with it. Obviously for many guys their strategy works in getting what they want (money or gifts) in one way or the other. But for how long? Sooner or later their behaviour will backfire on them as they only have so much time to find a guy to take care of them permanently. I for sure cannot sanction such mannerisms even though I am a player in this game as well and am definitely not a choirboy. But then I try to keep minimal levels of integrity alive. <Staggeringly good analysis in this paragraphStick>

Obviously some more sensible and reasonable Thai women are aware that the farangs tend not to believe anything easily any more and claim that it has become much harder to find a man for marriage due to the scams they fear to face. So for them too things are not as they were! On a side note I have to add that when singled out against a hot Russian babe or a Latin girl, a Japanese woman or even some ladies of African decendancy I would probably pick the Thai girl last as most of them have the body of an 11 year old boy (and I like some feminine curves). It is mostly the Thai girls' legs in heels that does it for me. In addition they have a certain cuteness factor to them especially because they come in such large numbers and look ever so similar. This makes the fantasies of raunchy orgies with horny and submissive Asian girls in excess so permanent and I then always have a hard time to resist the sirens call even though their bodies are actually not my preferred type. The feeling of being spoilt for choice is an important contributor to the fascination this place exerts on me.

Sure, I am probably at the wrong place if I want to find a nice girl whom I could have as an appropriate long-term girlfriend. Bangkok or Chiang Mai would certainly provide more options to date a nice student or an office girl for example (I anyway have a fetish for their skirts and stockings). And I found that in the few hours in Bangkok and at the airport I got more genuine smiles and giggles from young ladies than in 4 weeks in Pattaya. It is just a matter of making the effort to approach the girls outside of the bars. I would also probably be able to talk to them on a much higher level and learn more about the real Thai society they live in and I am always open to learn something new. But this I can still do on future visits. For now my time was limited and I cannot imagine finding one girl who catches my fancy in a way that will make me lose interest in the huge numbers of other similarly pretty ladies. Therefore I don't even bother yet trying to have serious dates as it is likely that I would not be interested in her anymore the "morning after”. I caught a glimpse of the possibly dangerous jealousy and I know too well I cannot keep my eyes steady. My relationships were always doomed because of this. It would most certainly not be different here. Therefore I follow my interpretation of Stick's 101 to rent and not buy religiously.

One of the goals of my stays here was to get an idea of whether I could bear living in this environment. I think that as long as you do not have to rely on and interact with the Thais too much in your daily routine you can actually have the best of both worlds by staying here. If you can do some work on the computer or even create your income this way, I cannot imagine a better place to stay (though I would probably move out of central or south Pattaya if I were to stay here longer – because after a while one tends to run over the same working girls again and again which might be a problem). If not for flirting with countless pretty girls, the climate is always great, the food is good and infrastructure and felt security almost western like. It is simply a matter of strictly separating the private life from the night-life and you should be fine.

I cannot think of missing anything from home even on this extended stay. I am aware that this article does not touch ethical aspects of the whole reasons for unequivocal economic distribution that only allow for such a hedonistic lifestyle in the first place. I wanted to give an entirely opportunistic view on the experiences that can be had here. It sure helps that I am used to belonging to a minority in many of my views on life among my peer group and that I don't need confirmation from the society to find out if what I am doing is right. <In other words you are secure and have a strength of character that is sadly lacking in many these daysStick> In addition I am by no means in desperate need of a partner to share my life with (much the contrary). Some people begin mountain hiking or base jumping or become bee-keepers when they face their first burn outs. For me my hobby has always been women and to this end Pattaya is like a Mecca (is this why so many Arabs come here?!). As long as the flirt factor remains so high that you don't immediately realise that you are dealing with hookers I will keep coming back. And I have not even touched the certainly plenty of options to date "good girls” yet which would probably be more rewarding anyway. I admit that it is not much of a challenge to be prince charming among the mostly dubious creatures that frequent Pattaya. But why not enjoy it? My friends at home who are equally good looking, have a great sense of humour and enviable jobs struggle to date appropriate Swiss girls to share more than a barbecue on a Sunday afternoon (luckily the numerous foreign women are a bit more adventurous). I was simply fed up with that uptight, uninspired behaviour to a point I don't even bother going out any more after my first trip to the LOS a year ago. I book my next flight to BKK and am a happy camper despite all the scams that you have to deal with!

So, were my 4 weeks in Pattaya an iniquity on Thailand's rich cultural and scenic resources? I definitely underwent a maturation process during this stay. The prolonged interactions with working girls finally cured me from the silly bug to seek gratification in the bars and I find myself spending less time there. Everyone has to make his own mistakes probably even though I was aware of many of the facts before. After I saw through the ever so similar mechanics I became determined to not be just one other naïve victim. And this might actually lead to more sincerely appreciating the real treasures of this country in the future and redefining my intentions with the girls here. Pattaya, one just has to take for what it is, a sleazy beachside resort with plenty of pretty girls to have a good time with in such a wide variety that I am pretty sure I will not be able to resist coming back.

Despite the recent negative reports about Pattaya's ladies of the night (to some of which I would totally agree) I still had a great time there. It is more than ever a matter of being sensitive with your picks and keeping the expectations in line with what you can actually afford or otherwise deliver to the girl in return. Mind you, Thailand is one of the world's most sought after tourist destinations with a good infrastructure and from this point of view things are really still rather cheap! If you want to travel back in time you simply have to spend your next tour in Cambodia or Laos (I can see myself doing that once actually). This might not be to the taste of some of the old Thailand hands who were used to being treated like a hero by any lady they approached for basically nothing but two free meals a day.

These times are definitely over. We just have to accept that the number of willing maidens in South East Asia is not a god given constant but a function of supply and demand. Obviously what has happened in recent years is that due to the exponentially increasing number of well-to-do males all over the world which are at the same time increasingly willing to travel across the globe for carnal adventures, the demand for exotic ladies has drastically increased. This scavenges away the best looking girls who no longer need to dance around the pole, either because they are married off or get a generous allowance. And of course this raises expectations in the remaining girls and spoils their attitude because they now take it for granted that farangs will buy them a new mobile, pay their rent and for a bike as they do for their sister or her friend. It's a vicious circle. But despite all this we are still talking about a buyer's market. We have the power to choose where we want to spend our money. If we do not like her we can simply change the girl as there are plenty though this might be easier said than done when feelings start to develop and the sex was great. The market will regulate itself but as I mentioned before, friendly, charming and pretty girls have certainly become a much rarer good than 10 years ago (though I was not in the game yet back then). I only take girls where I can sense a bit more than their instinctive drive for money and I can still find them with a bit of effort. I became very selective as my benchmark was upped so much after my very cordial 2 week GFE last time.

There was one or other disappointment but never a starfish despite keeping the costs at the low end as I am convinced that a girl's performance is independent of the amount you pay. It may just buy you more time with her. A delicate aspect is the dangerous urge to feel a bit more for your pick-up than for your average hooker in order to make the sex more intensive. It is easy to get deceived by unrealistic expectations which only results in frustration. In hindsight I cannot understand some moments when I was feeling the jealousy of my teenage days for what is nothing more than a hooker which I knew for less than 24 hours but I put that to alcohol levels and the fact that I felt my precious holiday time slip away whenever things did not run my way which tends to make me nervous and impatient.

I found confirmation on that I am not here primarily to bed as many girls as possible but on a selfish mission to get inspired, when during the dry Buddha days everything was closed (almost as depressing as at home) and I could not go out at night. Having a girl in your room would have been the only diversion but I abstained from having one as I had no suitable candidate at hand. It is the indulgence into the uniquely entrancing, almost surreal nightlife fantasy that I need (or at least the possibility to do so whenever I wish). If I cannot get that, staying here would not be an option as everything appears then rather dull and also the girls seem significantly less attractive. Amazing what a difference a few beers, loud music and flashing neon lights can make.

I have to say that this article was written over a period of about 3 weeks and there were times where I wished the place disappeared into the sea and others when it physically hurt of thinking about going back home. At times I got so pissed by the permanent harassment of street vendors, the Indian tailors, and ladyboys I almost went ballistic. The peak of tastelessness is that huge 3rd Reich flag freely to see for anyone making his way through Walking Street. Just what are the officials thinking of not having it removed from this main tourist joint?! Probably they do not know what it stands for and think it is just a very big and pretty fashionable Buddhist swastika. As a result of all this nonsense at some point I switched into renegade mode and just asked every girl who inadequately touched me in the discos or in the bars if they are OK and that if they can't control themselves I have no problem going short time with them for 500 baht. It was funny for a short while to study their reactions but later I was a bit ashamed of myself for this pathetic behaviour. It is hard to give one definite opinion about Pattaya and the current nightlife as the verdict so much depends on the mood you are in. You either can have a great time by all means basically for free or desperately wave with thousand bath bills in an in vain attempt to find what you are looking for. The aim was to give an emotionally unbiased and objective overview of my self-sacrificing 4 week low-season Pattaya stint.

The bottom line: Things are probably not as they were but compared to what awaits me home it is still a no-brainer taking the 11 hour flight to BKK whenever time and money allow me to dive into Thailand's night-life for a few weeks!

Stickman's thoughts:

I really liked this submission. There was something about it that really hit the spot for me. And I love your quote right at the end about the way you feel about Thailand depending very much on your mood at that time. That is oh so true. Again, a really great piece.

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