Stickman Readers' Submissions July 14th, 2007

Birth Of A Whoremonger Part 1: Baptism Of Fire

My first trip to Thailand was 2 years ago in may. I had met a Filipina stewardess in London (via the internet) and was stupid in love. She suggested we go to Bangkok on her birthday and she provided standby tickets from her airline at a fraction of the
cost. I've already made a submission on this relationship "My first Asian Girlfriend" so I will spare the details of that relationship and just say I got burned, but not until after a lot of great sex that left me addicted to Asian
women. The memories of Bangkok came back to me. The trip to the night market of Patpong seeing the go-go dancers with hair down to their waist shuffling back and forth as we passed by the bars. Seeing all the fine Asian totty all around Bangkok
was seared on my brain. A solo trip was planned.

February 2006 I arrive in Bangkok and I'm straight off to Pattaya. It was early afternoon when I went into my first go-go bar and was about the only customer. Two service girls stuck by me as I watched the girls dance or more like shuffle
back and forth. There was one that was making some effort trying to catch my attention by humping the pole and staring at me. I asked her name and the service girls brought her over and she was straight into my lap with her hand on my crotch.
I think it was about 2.30pm when I paid my first barfine for short-time. Now its off to find a short-time room, we get outside and I ask the 2 girls in schoolgirl uniform where I can get a room and the four of us set out on our mission. Me, 40
years old, my bar-fine 19 with braces and tiny, two door girls who look thirteen who are running up and down patty land 3 (I think) looking for a room and it seems that everybody on the soi is stopping what they are doing and staring at me. A
room is found and I leave my entourage and onlookers behind and in 30 minutes became an official whoremonger.

He Clinic Bangkok

That night I barfined a girl off walking street late and when we got to the room I told her I didn't want sex till the morning and fell asleep, she woke me a little later after she was out of the shower and dragged me out of bed to take
a shower then to the bed where she rode the drunken mechanical bull. I don't think she understood what I was saying and was just sealing the deal for her services. That morning I couldn't pry her legs apart with a crowbar so I decided
she's gotta go. I pay her and tell her its time to go eat breakfast where I plan to say bye. Outside the hotel she drags me into a market and picks out a skirt and top which I pay for after her pleading "please daddy please" ( I
was a tender newbie and bigger mistakes were to follow). After breakfast I say I go meet friends and see you later but she says she left something in my room and needs it so we go back to the hotel where she disappears into the bathroom and starts
taking a shower. She comes out wrapped in a towel and jumps on the bed giggling. I almost fall for it but the memories of the locked knees in the morning and getting me to pay for her shopping after I had paid her made me stay strong and I told
her to get dressed but she kept on insisting that she go with me. I stop a taxi and while she is climbing in I disappear into the crowd, cowardly but effective at the time.

It was time for a stroll down soi 6 and to be honest I needed a few beers first to settle my nerves before I walked the gauntlet. Girls lined up outside the 50 bars that line the soi between beach road and second road calling out to me, trying
to get me in their bar, some grabbing a hold of me while I try to scan the hundreds of girls on the soi for the one I want. After dodging some aggressive ladyboys I end up at red point bar where I'm dragged in by a nice looking girl but not
the one I would have picked myself. After a little time on the couch she won me over and upstairs we went. She wanted to leave with me but I told her I would come back for her later.

That night I'm back at the go-go and little miss short-time is dancing and doesn't look to pleased to see me. I take a seat and the service girl tells me that (I thought this far into the story I would remember this girls name but
its just not coming back to me….he he) ST thinks I have girlfriend in my room and is very sad. After her dance she's straight over to me and into my lap. These girls are telling me I'm so handsome and I foolishly start acting like
the big shot they are playing me up to be. I order a large bottle of tequila and I'm buying ping-pong balls and drinks for mamasan and my entourage is growing and getting drunk. At this point I'm about to barfine miss ST and two other
girls who want to show me around since ST doesn't speak English. That's when the natives started turning ugly, saying they wanted to go with us and started calling me a cheap Charlie and hurling all kinds of verbal abuse at me. At this
point the manager walks by and I ask him if he can get these girls to leave me alone and he just looks at me and shrugs his shoulders holding his hands out to his side like saying "cant help ya." (at this point I would like to thank
this Aussie man for being such a prick and saving me thousands of baht that I would have spent in this go-go) I get my check-bin and go up to the bar and payout, then walk around the opposite side of the stage from where I was sitting and escape
from the mob around my table. One of the service girls catches up to me down the soi and asks me if I'm gonna bar-fine ST. I tell her I'm not ever coming back and see ya. This was a good learning experience for me. I realize what a dope
I was being by letting the girls control the situation. As far as bar management goes I've seen very little of it in Pattaya. There's a constant flow of 2 week millionaires coming into town and the product sells itself. Put pretty girls
onstage and punters will spend their baht in your go-go and if your loser friend who you hire as manager pisses off a few customers no big deal as new punters arrive everyday.

CBD bangkok

After the tequila episode I head back to red point thinking this girl will be glad to see me. When I arrive she is standing there with her hands on her hips and looks mad as hell. She starts saying "I know you have girl in your loom,
I not go short-time with you again! You take me to your loom now!" Id had just about enough of crazy hoes for one day and just left her standing there and walked out. This was my first trip and I had newbie written all over me, since then
I've learned to be more direct and always follow the rule that its my holiday and if the girls start giving me any crap or try to play me for extra money then I will kick 'em straight to the curb and find another.

The next day I'm down on beach road walking along when a girl comes running out from a bar and grabs me and asks me to have one drink. She looks good and I'm thirsty. I take a seat and sip my cold beer while I get a massage from
my new admirer. Three young Americans sit down who have never been to Pattaya before and I start telling them about walking street and to be on the look out for ladyboys, like I'm the man in the know. They invite me to go diving in the morning
with them but I know I wont get up early so I decline. Then I get into a conversation with an Englishman who is with the ugliest ladyboy I've seen. Looks like a 40 year old with too much makeup and a bad hairdo. He tells me he's an English
teacher in Bangkok and comes to Pattaya a couple weekends a month, I hope it wasn't you stick…he he. I'm watching the girl who was massaging me thinking what nice legs she has and that skirt and matching tube top make her body look
hot. Pretty face and she seems like she's a lot of fun. Its early but what the hell Ill just barfine her now as I don't think she will be here later if I came back as she is so fine. She is so happy and excited to be going with me and
the Englishman's departing words were "have fun that's a special lady you've got there". I'm ready to eat but she isn't hungry and says her stomach is upset and I ask if she is on her period and she says she's
not. Its about 3pm when we get to the hotel and there's no security guard at the desk by the elevators taking Ids this early so its up to the room. She takes a long long shower and then its my turn. When I come out she's wrapped up in
the blankets and when I try to pull off the covers she says I sleep now. I'm pissed off now and start putting on my clothes and she comes out of the blankets still wrapped in a towel and is trying to pull down my pants and is saying "let
me please you" during the struggle for my zipper I slid my hand up between her legs and bumped into something solid that had no business being there. My hand shot back like I had touched boiling water and I did a ninja flip away from the
discovered katoey. I said angrily "your a ladyboy!" She/he says "I thought you knew" Wasn't easy to get rid of my "special lady" I had to pick up the phone and threaten to call security which I really didn't
want to do as I wanted to keep my humiliation down to a minimum. The gomer got dressed and left with a pouty look on his/her face and then I began to drink all the beer in the mini-bar to dull the memory of the French kissing in the elevator just
half an hour before. I had this vision of the elevator door opening to the lobby and everybody pointing and laughing at me as I headed out for the evening. I entered the lobby and nobody paid me any attention except the two girls who work the
desk at night who had just arrived and were calling me Mr. Beckman as usual as my first name is David. I had escaped any outside humiliation. I know some of you will be saying that you would have punched he/she out or thrown him out like a rag
doll but I think cam heads had to prevail here. I want no problems that involve the police like I had seen on the Pattaya city news. An elderly German man got his false teeth stolen by a ladyboy that had spent the night with him and found himself
on the news being filmed filling out his police report with a bewildered look on his face.

The next day I'm out for some afternoon prowling when I let myself get led into a short-time bar by a girl I wasn't really interested in. After one beer I told her I'm gonna go and went outside where the girls are asking me
if I went short-time I say no its too early and that's when one of them caught my eye. I asked her name and then took her back inside, Dave was taking charge. We spent some time on the couch and she was asking to go long-time but I said we
will see after we go upstairs. In the next hour she did things to me that made me realize what a lazy bitch my ex-wife really was. The long-time was on and it was high-fives all around from the girls outside the bar as we left. Went to bed early
that night and she made sure I was pleased all night and in the morning. I let her go the next day with a maybe Ill see you later as I planned to try out buffalo bar that afternoon.

I head out for the buffalo bar and discover its a Buddhist holiday and the bars closed. Its starting to get dark so I decide to go look for my lady from last night and I arrive at a dark and dead soi. I walk down to her bar but they are all
closed. I fend off three ladyboys blocking my path and then I hear my name called out. Its her and she asks where I'm going. I'm looking for you I say and she invites me to go eat with her friends. We go to an all you can eat Thai BBQ
and I'm about the only farang there. They didn't stick me with the bill to my surprise and ended up paying only for my own food. Afterwards we went back to my hotel and that night I decided to keep her with me the rest of the trip. My
spirit of adventure had been dulled by the crazy hoes and the ladyboy incident. Now I had found a proven performer who looked great and was really sweet.

wonderland clinic

I had read a lot of readers submissions from this site before my trip. So I was aware of the disaster that could come from falling in love with a bargirl, also I had just come out of a long distance relationship with a lying Asian tart and
was not looking for another. But during this time I spent with her I started to feel compassion for her. Compassion for others less fortunate than us is the western mans biggest weakness he can bring here, and the object of that compassion being
young, female, and sexy can lead to delusion and disaster.

I spent the rest of the week with her and to be honest I was quite bored. Did the stone age crocodile park, then the underwater world and lounging at the beach. She was saving me money, she didn't drink , she didn't smoke, only
ate Thai food (which is super cheap), and when I offered to buy her some clothes she declined and said she wants only me (how sweet). She would call mama everyday (mama sick) and have me say hello and she would laugh and say papa drunk, everyday
by 2pm he's an early starter. We would go to her bar each day so she could change and Id pay the barfine. One day she was upset over her shoes being stolen by one of the other girls and once we had to rush back to the bar cause she left her
phone and was sure it would be stolen. Here's where another western mans weakness comes into play, he thinks he understands the girls situation and culture in a matter of days. I'm thinking this poor girl doesn't have any real friends
as they steal from her and her mamas sick and she's here supporting her alcoholic father. This girl deserves a better life. I start to feel some guilt because I know I'm not gonna be the man who takes her away. I've just finished
paying 12 years of child support on 2 kids and for the first time in 20 years I'm in total charge of my own money. Its my turn to enjoy life and that's exactly what I'm doing. I just think back to when I was a 24 year old father
of 2 working 55-60 hours a week with a now fat wife who didn't want me to see her naked anymore so sex once a month became the norm, I was living the life of a plough horse.

I'm leaving in the morning and try to stick to the rule of not letting the bargirl escort you to the airport. But after a night of her crying and other female methods of wearing down a man I caved in and she went with me, crying most
of the way while the taxi driver played his goodbye love song compilation CD. I offer her money for a taxi back but she declines and says she will take a bus. We exchanged cell numbers but I received only one text from her which I returned and
there was no more contact. I've seen this girl on each of my 3 trips since then but to a much lesser degree.

On all my trips since then I have never had a girl stay with me all day like this girl. I've taken the same girl two nights in a row but I keep my days to myself as I find the girlfriend experience quite boring. My next trip was much
better as I felt I bungled this one by letting girls pick me instead of the one I wanted and the unfortunate Mr. Bean meets a ladyboy incident. I hope this contribution helps some of you guys planning your first trip to avoid some of the mistakes
I made. Each trip has been a different adventure with mistakes and triumphs along the way and if this submission is posted the Ill follow with part 2: Unfinished business.

Stickman's thoughts:

It sounds like you have enjoyed yourself.

nana plaza