Stickman Readers' Submissions May 29th, 2007

The Wrong Way To Meet A Good Friend

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First of all I would very much like to thank Stickman for printing this story. This is not just another tale of sex, drugs and go-go girls but a story of human nature.

Last year on my 18th trip to the land of smiles I decide it is time for a change. To be perfectly honest I am a creature of nature and tend to always stay in Bangkok and always frequent the same group of bars.

He Clinic Bangkok

Normally my day consisted of the following:

10:30 Wake up and get girl(s) out of room.

11:00 Shower / Get dressed.

CBD bangkok

12:15 Walk from Tai Pan Hotel to Soi 7/1 and have an iced cappuccino with choclate cake for breakfast.

13:00 Cross the street and head to Lollita’s bar on Soi 8 for a morning wake-up call.

14:00 Cross street again and head back to Soi Cowboy, hit Toy Bar for happy hour.

18:00 Cross street to Country Roads and play pool / eat something.

wonderland clinic

21:00 Go to Tilac bar find girl for the night.

24:00 In hotel with girl(s) for long time.

Pretty boring and I know that now. This time was different, I made a vow not to go to Soi Cowboy for a change. I didn’t want Nana either so walked along Soi 4 and spotted a small pool bar called the Red Dragon. The windows are so darkly
tinted that it almost drove me away before I went in but then……then I saw her! I am attracted to different women for different reasons. The girl I saw, we will call her “P” was not a super model but there was that something she
had that I wanted.

I go in now and am welcomed with an enthusiastic “Sawadee Ka” and cold face cloths. I sit at the small bar and order a Singha. I notice that the room has 3 pool tables, 1 full size, 1 smaller and a round one. Yes, I said that’s
right here is one of only 2 round tables in all of Thailand evidently. I asked P how to play. She told me because she was the manager here she normally would not play pool with a customer. However she also said she liked me and for a Heineken
she would make an exception.

Now I could ramble on about the exact course of the next few hours but the bottom line was that she lived upstairs in the Raja Hotel and 3 hours later I was doing the nasty with her in her room. This was not for money, this was a direct invite
for sex and nothing else. Now what happens next scared the shit out of me. She gets a phone call from the bar saying the police were there demanding money. She told me to wait in her room and she would be right back.

So I waited, and waited and waited. No P in sight! I dozed off once but woke up feeling very uncomfortable. Still no P and now it's 4 in the morning! The bar is closed and here I am, sitting in her room. I have her key and don’t
want to leave and lock her out so I stay longer. I began to snoop around the room a bit and saw a picture of her and a Farang together. The words of the song “In the stars” and a date of 2 months earlier.

To this date I have no idea where she was that night, but I didn’t even care at the time. That next morning I left the key at reception with my phone number and went back to my hotel. She called at around noon. P and I were an inseparable
couple for 6 months. I spent lots of money to come visit her at least once a month. I loved P like I had never loved any girl before. I had the bug bad.

It was December when my world came crashing down. I was heading to the airport to go home. This day alone, as we all know is a sad enough day. P was with me and we were heading to the bar to pick up my pool cue. She jumps out of the taxi
to unlock the door when I hear a loud “Beep….Beep”. It was a SMS on P’s phone. I opened it and read “P why don’t you answer SMS me? I love you so much. Love and kisses, John”. I lost my mind! I jumped
out and confronted the beast. This was the first time I ever saw her at a loss for words. I caught her pulling the con red handed and there was no turning back. That day was my longest ride back to BKK airport I have ever had.

At the airport I wrote her bad SMSs and called her every name in the book. Then I had to make an awful decision. I remembered the Australian number. Should I call this “John” and warn him? Should I let it go? Do I get revenge
on P? The exact reason I called at that moment is not clear. But I called. I left a message on his answering machine, told him everything.

At first John was on the defence and I found myself having to prove my story to him. It all came down to P herself in the end. She sent John a picture of her birthday party. Her cutting the cake on the pool table. I had told John I was there
but she denied it. Well behind the pool table was a mirror and guess who was in that mirror with a cold Singha in his hand. Me.

This was the day John believed me and we began a strange but wonderful friendship. We organized a sting operation so that he could get his things back. Come to find out John was going to marry P in a few months. He was paying the rent on
her room. I almost felt obligated to pay him back as I spent many nights in this room as well.

To this day we are still friends. We have yet to meet in person but chat online often and talk about all kind of things, good and bad. I believe this experience left us both wiser to the ways of the wicked bar girl. Together we grew stronger
and much more aware.

Today I spoke with John and told him how I have met this wonderful Thai girl and I am happy. The only problem was that I couldn’t forget P and what she did to me. I am untrusting and tended to accuse my new girlfriend of things that
I am sure she is innocent of. Again, John comes to my rescue with great words of wisdom: “Just relax mate and enjoy it”. He is right. You just cant tell the future and there is no crystal ball to buy to see what your tilac is doing while your gone.

P was pulling a con with us that not only involved the 3 of us, but also the farang bar owner and members of her immediate family. She played the game better than anyone but still lost in the end.

A note to readers from me: “You can take the girl from the bar but never will you take the bar from the girl.”

Stickman's thoughts:

We used to get a lot of stories like this in the past, where a guy or guys had treated a girl well only to find out in the end that there were other guys on her Christmas card list. Call me morbid, but I like these types of stories. I used to love the old internet girl stories where it was revealed she was the proverbial walking mattress but we've had few of them for some time.

nana plaza