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I have just recently discovered this site and after having spent most of my spare time the past week reading stories of other people's experiences, some heart breaking, some very amusing, some incredibly informative and some plain stupid, I feel
I should submit my experiences too. This site should be mandatory reading for any first time traveler to Thailand, as lots of money and heart aches could be saved. At least, I believe that.

To Stickman: I just love your comments in the stories, whether they are put in right in the middle of the story or at the end. Please don’t stop commenting!

He Clinic Bangkok

A little background information of me will probably be appreciated to better understand me and my story. I am in the mid-thirties, tall, slim and dark blonde. I grew up in faraway cold country in the northern part of Europe. English is therefore
not my native tongue, so please bear with me, if my language is not perfect. I have been to Thailand on a number of occasions. First time was in 1991, when I visited just as tourist. Frankly, I didn’t like Thailand much that occasion and
visiting Koh Samet with a friend was really getting on my nerves. The reason was that at the time, Koh Samet just had about 7-8 resorts, consisting of small bungalows and was ideal for couples, but certainly not for 2 lads in the early twenties.
We made the usual mistakes as to not prepare ourselves to our visit to Thailand by just doing some basic research about tipping and so forth. When we arrived at Don Muang, we immediately accepted an offer from a taxi-driver (one of these guys
trying to fetch you, right after you leave customs) and naturally, we paid much more than we should have. Secondly, we did not have change, but only 1000 baht notes, so after checking in at the hotel and the bell boy dropping off our suitcases
in the room, it had already cost us a fair bit of cash. We found a guided tour service, just for the two of us, including private air-conditioned car and driver and paid USD 100 for two days. Looking back at that, I believe it's ok to pay
USD 100 for 2 days for 2 persons. I don’t know, what we should have paid, but we went lots of places and we were really in good hands and taken well care of. One night, we went with the guide to Patpong and I hated it. We had good food
though, but the show with women putting snakes in strange places, razor blades on a string going into the same place and many other completely idiotic things made me sick. We had no encounters with any girls on that trip. I was hopelessly in love
with an Australian woman at the time and had no fantasy of a Thai girl. Frankly, I never found them attractive. This I believe was due to my head being preoccupied with the Australian. My friend never even mentioned the girls either, but for which
reason, I don’t know.

In 1999, I started my own business and as we were manufacturing and selling goods that can be used by anyone anywhere, this brought me to Thailand on a number of occasions in business solely. At this time, I had girlfriends on and off in
my home country and I did not venture into the nightlife of Bangkok, as I was really not interested in getting pissed and have to work early next morning. I always declined the offers from my hosts here, to go out and drink (and whatever they
had in mind).

Only on one occasion did I go out by myself, as I was staying for much longer than the usual 6 – 7 days and needed to do something else. It was then I had my first encounter with a lady in Sukhumvit Soi 33. Christie’s. I ended up bar
fining the girl and duly kicked her out the next morning. That was in 2002. Not a very interesting experience, but as I stayed in Novotel just next door, it was incredibly stupid of me to go to Christie’s. Most of you are probably smiling
at this time and nodding. Yes, she did yell out my name every time I passed afterwards, which was really annoying and unpleasant. On one occasion, my Thai host was with me, and surely he knew, what I had been up to! As I prefer double-locked,
waterproof doors between my professional life and private life, I hated that he found out. Lesson learned!

CBD bangkok

On another trip, a friend of mine, whom I had gotten to know in Bangkok, took me to a Turkish bath. I was soon to know that it is not like in Turkey. There’s not a big bloke, who is giving you massage in there! We enter and find this
fish tank with lots of ladies wearing evening gowns and a unique number. There is a host, who “recommends” you to take this or that lady. (I have no idea, why he is recommending a lady – does anyone know?) Anyway, my friend
and I pick a lady each and order some beer. The ladies leave the fish tank and join us. They take us upstairs, leading us into separate rooms. The rooms are equipped with a huge bathtub, a king-size bed and a pissoir in the corner. That’s
all. The lady immediately turns on the water and sits on the bed with me. It takes quite a while for the tub to be filled, so I drink beer and chat with the lady. I am not being specific about the ladies looks or our conversation, as I have no
idea any longer. I have completely forgotten these things after all these years and they don’t matter for this history anyway. The tub is full, we get undressed and she adds contents from an array of bottles into the water. Whether it was
shampoo, conditioner, detergents, mouth wash or whatever, I don’t know. But she added lots of liquids to the water. The only recognizable liquid for me was Listerine. After washing me thoroughly, she slid up and down my body and finally
(after filling her mouth with Listerine) she performed oral in the tub. When I had delivered, she again washed her mouth with Listerine. I found it quite amusing. Then we end up on the bed and have sex. Fortunately, she was well equipped with
condoms, as I had none. Before we went there, my friend had not told me, what was going to happen – therefore, I was not prepared for this at all.

Another long time expat friend of mine later took me to Soi Cowboy, where he had a favorite place and a favorite girl. It was a fun experience, mostly due to us being together, not the girls in bikinis.

However, I do end up bar fining a lady and takes her to my hotel. At that time, it was not necessary to pay the hotel an additional fine of 500 baht, as it is common today.

As you see, I have had some experiences with the different areas of Bangkok and the different types of prostitutes. All this time, I refrained to get romantic with them. Just enjoyed the night, paid the usual 1500 for long time and let them
leave early in the morning, as I had to work.

wonderland clinic

Now this was the background information.

This is where my story really starts:

Back in Bangkok in 2006, yet again in business and this time with my partner in the mid sixties, we find ourselves bored and want to go and listen to live music. Almost every time, we have been in Bangkok, we have been taken to and from places
by our hosts, so we didn’t know where to go. We also always stayed in Sukhumvit, but as business often ended late at night, we usually just chose to sit in the lobby bar discussing today’s events. This time however our hosts had
booked an awful hotel full of tourists and with a terrible atmosphere (Baiyoke Sky). We ended up in Absolute in Sukhumvit Soi 7/1.

The band was great, the atmosphere too and we had a good time there. We left early as always as we had business the following morning. After business the following day, we decided to return. Again, we had a good time. That night, we stayed
a little longer and suddenly, I eye this lady looking directly at me and she indicates with her fingers pointing to her mouth that I should smile. Naturally, I give her the biggest smile. The lady is very tall (170), black long hair and quite
fair skin, very slim and her built is like that of many models. No fat fingers or toes, all proportions are perfect. She is indeed extremely attractive and I found myself to be the center of her attention. Bloody hell, I thought. I have never
had any problems finding a girl in any country nor getting laid, but still I found that this lady would normally be out of my league. Perhaps I judge myself harder than most girls judge my looks, I don’t know. Who cares anyway?

Well, the lady was not going to approach me. I later found out that it was because everyone believed I was there with my father, so they just stayed put, waiting for me to take the initiative. After a while, I got up and went over and talked
with her, since she obviously was interested, but didn’t make a move. Let’s call her Ning. We talked on and off the entire night and she joined us at our table. We had a fantastic time; I found out that she was 21, her English was
good and the conversation easy and enjoyable. Soon, we had to go as it was getting late and work awaited next morning. We said goodbye.

Naturally, I suggested my partner the following night that we go to Absolute. Ning had me hooked already! He had no opposition to that suggestion, so off we went. When we arrived, Ning was not present. Damn, I thought to myself. Why the hell
had I not given her my phone number or vice versa? I cursed inside. I really wanted to see Ning again. Fortunately, she shows up about an hour later. As soon as she sees me, she rushes over and gives me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Big smile
on her face and mine too. I was in 7th heaven. What could I have done to deserve this attention from this incredibly good-looking lady? (Well, guys. I still don’t know what I have done to deserve, what I later experienced!) Anyway, I felt
like I was the luckiest man on earth.

The evening was just like the previous. We had a fantastic time, lots of laughs and talking about everything. My partner got tired and decided to head for the hotel. I told him that I had a ball and that I would find my own way home. He left.
I stayed until closing time and went to eat with her and some of her friends in the street between Soi 5 and 7. At this time, we started kissing and became more intimate. (However, I never fondle a girl anywhere in public, neither in Europe nor
in Thailand. Having seen how drunken guys almost undress a girl in a bar much to her distress, I could never do that. Also, at the time, I did not know she was a prostitute and even had I known, I would not fondle her anyway, as I find it degrading
for both the girl and the guy.) It becomes very late and I decide to head back to my hotel. Again, we part and I cannot promise her that I will be back, as I don’t know. We kiss and I head home. At this time, I am head over heels in love
and can only think of her all day. The night comes, we go to Absolute, I meet her again, my partner leaves early and I stay until closing time. This time, naturally, having spent so much time with her, being hopelessly in love, not to mention
quite drunk and horny, I ask her to come with me to the hotel. I was not ready for what to come next. Ning says: How much will you give me, if I go with you? (Yes, I hear your laughter!)

What the F***, I thought? It had only just on one occasion earlier crossed my mind that she could be a whore, but I had dismissed the thought as I never saw her with anyone else in the bar. She had just been with her friends the first two

Ok, she was a whore. I was still drunk and horny, so I said: 2000 baht. Normally, I would have said 1500, but I really didn’t want to miss out having sex with her and what is 500 baht anyway to me.

She jumped with excitement on the spot and quickly flagged down a taxi. We go to the hotel and spent quality time in bed. She was absolute stunning and fantastic in bed. She hurled up afterwards very close to me and I was extremely happy.

After a few hours, it is morning and I have to leave for business. I serve her tea in bed, have coffee myself and tell her that I will have to leave soon. We talk a little, she showers and dresses, gets her well-deserved money and off she
goes. I am happy.

Now, I had already made the first mistake. I had asked for her phone number and she had gotten mine. (If it had been strictly a business arrangement, then she wouldn’t need my number, right?)

The story is repeated over the following 2 days. I work at day and meet her at night, ending up at the hotel. On my last day, we have no business to do and I ask her, if she wants to go and have coffee with me at Starbucks. We sit there,
both being sad that I have to leave, exchange email addresses and agree to stay in touch.

I head for the airport, she calls and wishes a safe flight home and I am absolutely devastated that I have to leave. (Yes, I know. I am a complete prick at this time. But wait, it is getting worse!)

Upon my return, all I can think of is her. I have my own business to take care of and at the same time, I am managing a consumer goods store. I work long hours everyday, but still manage to get home and speak with her on MSN every night.
My life is miserable, because I miss her so much. I can only think of her.

To cut it short – I return the following month for a week, celebrate my birthday with her in Bangkok, have the best time of my life with someone, whom I start believing can be mine forever. (BIG MISTAKE)

Again, we part. I return home, work my butt off and start planning my next trip. 3 months later in January 2007, I am back in Bangkok for 2 weeks and we go to Koh Chang for a week. It’s just like being on Honeymoon and we start talking
about the future. She mentions that she could come and live with me in Europe, but I decline.

There are many reasons for that. Firstly, it is virtually impossible to obtain a 3 month visitor visa. Secondly, my partner and I had often been discussing that it would be a good idea for me to relocate to Thailand to take care of our business
in SE Asia. Thirdly, I have seen so many Thais come to live in my country and the result is most often the same. They get fat and ugly as our food is really no good. Maybe it was good a 100 years ago, when people had psychically hard work from
early morning to late night 6 days a week, but today people only work 35 hours a week and get fat, as the food hasn’t changed that much. Also I reckoned that she would bore her butt off as she would have a hard time finding a job in a non-English
country. So if she had to wait for me all day to come home and entertain her, she really would end up hating to be there.

I decided to speed up my plans of relocation to Thailand. I knew the requirements already and it was just a matter of months, before I had relocated to Thailand anyway. Today, I am happy that I didn’t relocate just for love. Thank

On with the story: On Koh Chang, she says to me for the first time that she loves me. A word that we had both carefully avoided before, perhaps to somewhat protect ourselves, in case I would not be able to return to Thailand again. I think
it’s needless to say that I told her that I loved her with all my heart too.

We come back to Bangkok and spent the remainder of my holiday there. Like so many other people on this site, she would often receive calls from customers and I knew she had to go a few meters away to answer the calls. I was actually ok with
the fact that she was a whore and she had to earn money, while I was not there. I also always paid her for the time she spent with me, as I knew that when I left, she would still have to pay her bills, get food and clothes etc. However, she never
requested money to be sent to her nor did she want to go shopping for items or gifts for her or anything else. When we were together, I did pay for everything, but when we were not, she took care of herself.

I never thought of myself as the white knight and I have never believed for a second that I was to rescue this girl from her miserable life. I acknowledged that her life was indeed miserable, but I wanted to be with her for selfish reasons
– meaning that I loved her and wanted to spend my life with her. I would also like to state here that had I received the (not so unusual) request for money I would have terminated our relationship immediately. Whether or not she knew that,
I will never know.

Well, back to the story. We are in Bangkok after our fabulous trip to Koh Chang. I wanted to know, if I indeed could trust her and for that reason, I had prepared a little extra something before I left home. I had installed a spy-program
on my computer, so if she wanted to check her email or MSN, I would instantly have her password. (Yes, this is illegal in almost every country in the world – like checking people's phone records, mobile phone dialing lists or opening
people's ordinary mail). I knew that but reckoned that in love and war, the goal justifies the means.

So Ning checks her email, while I am showering. As soon as I emerge from the bathroom, she logs out of her Hotmail. I didn’t think much of this. Case could be that she had not received any emails.

I return home. I check her email and find only one incriminating thing. She has a lot of emails in her inbox from previous customers, but she very rarely replied to them. What I do find is that one particular guy in England is writing her
even more often than I, but when I read the emails, I found out that he was indeed being pulled a leg and an arm. He was sending her money! I laughed to myself and thought that he must be incredibly stupid. She had been telling him that she worked
in a bar as a waitress and many more things, which he just believed. From the beginning I had said to her: Listen, I know what you do and you don’t need to say that you do anything else. I know that you cannot answer my calls, if you are
with customers, but you know when I have called you, so you can just call me back, whenever it is suitable for you. For this reason, I never got any bull from her in this regard.

This English guy often freaked out completely in his emails. Usually, he would send 4 – 5 – 6 mails shortly after the other and I thought the guy was insane. Anyway, I later found out that he had beaten her too. Oh, I forgot to mention that
he had bought her an expensive engagement ring for 30,000 baht <That is not really considered expensive in Bangkok, if anything, it might be considered inexpensive if it was from a farangStick>. He had at least
on one occasion sent her 14,000 baht too. I think this happened more than once – but to my disbelief, I found that he had motioned to send them by himself? She had not asked, but he had said that he wanted her out of the “oldest
trade in the world” and get a decent job, so he sent her money to compensate.

She had lots of guys on her MSN contact list when I first saw it. But shortly after, she reduced it to be only the English guy and me. As she was always online on MSN, I believe she had her hands full with the 2 of us. Well, she changed her
password after some time, and I was actually relieved. Guys, don’t ever spy on your girlfriend, spouse or wife like this, because I can tell you that it gives you a harder time than you need! Let a detective do the job for you and let him
report back with the good or bad news, rather than you play detective yourself!

I quit my job and had everything set for Thailand. All my worldly belongings had been sold or discarded and I was ready for my next adventure. I departed for Bangkok and arrived mid April 2007. Ning met me at the airport and everything seemed just wonderful.

We had agreed to a few things prior to my arrival:

1. She would tell her previous customers and whoever she was in contact with that she was no longer available and had a boyfriend.
2. She would not contact anyone by email or phone.

She had told her friends that I was the one and only, as she did with her family. We went to Suphanburi to visit her family and that was a great experience. It was nothing like the stories I have read here, where Farang pays for a lot of
booze and everything else. We stayed in hotel as Ning knew that I would much prefer an air-conditioned room rather than sleeping on a mattress on the floor and without much privacy. Her family accepted this – at least that is what I was
told. If they really did, I don’t know today. We arrived in Suphanburi as Songkran started and I had a blast. So many new and exciting things! We had a really good time there and all I paid for was, when I invited her family to a restaurant.
I invited, so my treat. The same night, I took the whole family to sing Karaoke and we had a lot of fun. They barely had anything to drink, so it didn’t cost me a lot. Perhaps, I should inform the readers at this point, that the only male
present out of 10 people was a 10 – 11 year old cousin – maybe that’s why they didn’t drink a whole lot. Actually, ladies rarely drink in Thailand, I later discovered.

After Songkran, we are back in Bangkok. Ning had found a very nice apartment for us, not so far from On Nut.

We spend a few days getting comfortable in the apartment, buying all the necessary items to make it feel like home and not a hotel. One thing disturbs me at this point. We are living together, but she is very reluctant to get her clothes
and things from her room and move it to the apartment. She receives the odd phone call from previous customers, but she always says to me – only a friend. I say, well if it's only a friend, why do you go 3 metres away to talk then?
Naturally, she replies the Thai way: Am I not allowed to have Farang friends?

When I have been here for less than a week in total, she one night says to me at 23.00: I go to get some clothes in apartment, I go alone, ok? Yep, sure. Go alone. I don’t bother, but I am not stupid, so I log onto MSN, but in hiding-mode,
so she cannot see I am there. Her room is not far from the apartment, so she logs on after less than 10 minutes. And she remains logged on for more than an hour. She returns after 2 hours, but with hardly any clothes. Maybe 10 items in a small
bag in total. I had called her in the meantime asking why it took her so long to which she said some bull about water in her bathroom. I asked her about this, when she came back, and it made no sense at all. Ok, I was not going to let her know
at this time that I knew she had been online. <That would have been it for me. Cut her there and then. No questions and no lies. You're history honey!Stick>

A few evenings later, she said: Tomorrow, I'll go with a friend to MBK na? Yep, sure. I have not come to Bangkok to keep her from her friends or anything else. That night she says: I go to shop alone now, ok? I said: Well, I will go
with you. No, she said. I go alone. I thought that is was strange behavior and as soon as she left, I started thinking that she left to make a phone call to someone.

She returned an hour later, bringing some movies she had got in a shop nearby.

The following day, she went to MBK with her friend and we agreed that she would be back 4 hours later, so we could go out for dinner. 4 hours later, she had not yet returned and I got online. She was online too. Strange, I thought. I called
her and asked: Where are you? She said, I am with friend and need to do something. I reply: Do what? Something, she said. Then I said: Well, something in internet café? No no, we are not in internet café! Well, Ning. I can see you online
and I sent her message at the same time, so she did know, that I was online. No no, we are not in internet café and I need to do something. I said: No bullshit, you cannot deny that you are in an internet café – look at your screen!!
Ok, I am in internet café. I am waiting for my friend to write email. I said: When will you come back? She replied: Need to do something first, I call you later!

This I would not accept. She was not going to play around with me like that and I said: I will give you exactly 1 hour to get back here!

Guess what? Yes, she didn’t come back an hour later.

I went online and created a fake MSN account, so I could approach this English guy, whose emails I had been reading earlier. It was easy for me to remember this MSN as it read: PeterlovesNing @ (Naturally, I have changed his name,
as he is completely innocent here.)

I log on. He was there as he had been every night for the past 7 months. I tell him a few things about our Ning. It turns out that he thought he was engaged with her, he was looking for job in Phuket, so he could go and live with her there.
He told me that he had received email from her a few days ago, where she said that she loved him with all her heart and missed him so much. He denied sending her money, but I knew he had. I guess he was ashamed about it. He said that he could
not call her, because when he called her, a friend would always answer and say that she did not know the whereabouts of Ning and that it was her phone now. (That explained to me, why Ning sometimes ran like hell over to her friend to let her talk
with someone. Ning told me that this guy was a customer of her friend, but he always called her, because he was so stupid and he didn’t realize that her friend had another number). The English guy also said Ning was working in a bar now,
and I couldn’t help it but laughed at that. I informed him that Ning was living with me, that she still had the number he had and that she was not working in a bar, but was indeed a whore until I arrived. He got quite upset and didn’t
believe a word I said.

She came back around 5 hours later. We had a huge fight over this. She would not tell me anything at all. Well, I said: I cannot trust you at all. I don’t know if you have been with a customer short time or whatever and you don’t
tell me a thing. Pack your belongings, I’ll help you! So she started crying, mumbling something about bad Farang and she was packing. She didn’t want to leave however. So I opened the door and started throwing her things in the hallway.
She couldn’t really ignore that and a few minutes later, everything she had in my apartment was lying in the hallway. She took off.

Since it was in the middle of April, the rainy season had begun and there are a lot fewer potential customers in Bangkok, so she called me often, wanted to see me and so on. I told her that we could still see each other, but that’s
it. However, my feelings for her were still tremendously strong and she always wanted to come back. She would tell me that I had misunderstood everything blah blah.

At one time, I gave in – but just some hours later, she would do an odd thing again. Go somewhere and had to do something, but would not tell me what. She received calls from farangs and so on. I said: No, my heart can't take
this any longer. You have to go. So she did.

Finally, one day when I had established my company here, I sent her a friendly SMS informing her about it. She congratulated me on SMS too, but rang shortly after to ask where I was. I told her I was in Soi 7 having a beer. She said, ok.
An hour later, she called me and said: Are you still in Soi 7? To which I replied: Yes. Ok, I’m coming to Soi 7 too, she said and shortly after, she arrived. She was really happy to see me, gave me a big hug and sat on my lap. This I wasn’t
so happy about, since I still cared about her and I didn’t like my feelings to awaken yet again. We talked back and forth and then we took the skytrain back together with her friend. I was going to my apartment, they were going to her room
to get ready for the night. This was at 6 o’clock. She said: I want to come to your apartment tonight, so we can talk, ok? Yes sure, I said. She would call me after she finished shower.

I reckoned that showering would take an hour, perhaps 2. So I figured, she would call me at 8 o’clock. No call. At 9 o’clock I called her. I could hear the rain hammering the footpath and her walking. So I said: You told me
that you would call me after your shower? She replied: Yes, but I need to do something with my friend. At this time, I already knew she was lying. She would be in the vicinity of Sukhumvit Soi 7 (her territory, so to say) and I knew I would find
her there later.

So off I went to Nana Station. I was furious, because she was lying to me again. We were not even bf/gf, so why hadn’t she just called me after shower and said she would see me later or another day, instead of letting me sit home and
wait for her call?

Just as I had expected, I met her friend in New wave in Sukhumvit Soi 7. I greeted her and bought a beer. I couldn’t help myself and said to her friend: Tell me honestly, Ning has gone to do short time with a customer, right? Her friend
nodded and said yes. Thank you for your honesty, I said.

(For once, someone was honest. A new experience for me!)

Ning showed up an hour or so later, said my name as she put her handbag on the bar counter, but otherwise completely ignored me. She ran around in the bar, chatting farangs up and I got even more furious. Is this a way to treat a friend?
Bloody hell no. Not in my opinion. So I sent her an SMS: I wrote something like: Hey, I know that you have just been giving a guy a blowjob.

She immediately returned to me, and guess what? She denied it! I said that I already knew as her friend had told me. She still denied having been with a guy. Yep, sure. She really thought I was going to believe that. I asked: Why did you
not call me as you promised? First, she said that she forget and then she said: I had to do something and said I would call later. Yes, I said, but 5 hours later? I was really pissed off. Well, I said, this will have to be the end of our story.
I want you to come and pick up your television in my apartment before midnight. (it was almost 11 o’clock at this time). She agreed reluctantly, but I knew she had no intention of showing up at midnight.

I went home, turned on my computer and wrote the below email to her. It was sent at exactly midnight:


I just want you to know that I have never known anybody who has done so many bad things to me. Nobody has ever lied to me so many times or told me so much bullshit. I believed in you, but I never should have. I forget all the time that you can never change a personality. Your personality is the worst I have ever witnessed.

You just keep hurting me. You think I have no feelings or I am just a toy, but I am not. I am a real person – someone who really cared about you. But that was then. I don’t care about you anymore. From now on, you’re dead for me. If I meet you anywhere, I will not say hello or respond to whatever you say. One day, a guy will hit you really bad – maybe he will even kill you…and I will read about it in the newspaper and I will think: I am not surprised!

I want you to delete my telephone number.

I want you to delete every single email I have ever sent to you.

I want you to destroy or delete all photos you have of me.

I want you to forget that you have ever met me.

You’re dead to me, so I can be dead to you too.

Forget Bloody September – forget everything.

Once, I thought you were a good girl – I know now that you’re not and you will never be.

I will never respond to any phone calls, you make. I will delete your emails, before I read them. I will go the other way, if I see you in the street. But I will never tell anyone about you. What you do is your business – I just warn you that you might end up dead, if you carry on like that. I don’t know, why I say this, because I know you don’t listen anyway.

I know now that you have no feelings for anybody and you have no heart. If you had a heart, you would not treat anybody like you treated me…and I don’t even know, what happened to the English guy! Maybe you treated him even worse?

Yes, you are a nobody and you don’t have a future. I must agree with you now. I thought before that it could not be true, but now I know. It is people like you that give Thai people a bad reputation. But most people are good. I know that.

I am sorry that I asked your friend where you were. I already knew the answer, but I wanted her to confirm and she did. At least, your friend has a future. I don’t think she is like you. I think she is a good girl and I am sorry that I involved her in this.

She doesn’t know that you have been filling me with bullshit all the time. I think she only knows very little and that’s more lies from you.

This is the last good bye.

I wish I never see you again.

My Name

PS: It’s midnight now and you are not here to pick up your television. I already know that you are working on that guy, who buy you drink at New Wave. I put your television downstairs now. You can pick it up there.

(end of email. Note: I did only say I put her television in the yard, as I perfectly well knew that she was not going to pick it up.)

At this time, I sent her an SMS too saying that she should go to internet café and read her mail.

Nothing happens for 2 hours. In the meantime, I went to bed and had just fallen asleep, when she starts calling.

I answer. She is crying, saying she has read the mail, she wants to come to my apartment, which I refuse. She is taking a taxi now and wants me to let her in, when she arrives.

She arrives, calls again and I still refuse to let her in. She goes home instead.

For the rest of the night, she keeps sending me SMS and unlike I had said in the email, I reply to them. My tone is harsh as I am still very pissed off with her. She calls again at 8 in the morning, apparently she is downstairs and cannot
find her television. Well, I said, I don’t know what has happened to it. She reckoned that someone had taken it already to which I replied: Well, perhaps someone did. Why didn’t you just pick it up as you said you would? Despair
in her voice. I didn’t care any more, since I was being fed up with all her lies.

I have to give her one thing though: She did admit to everything that night and morning. But shortly after this, she started telling me how bad I was and so forth. As far as I know, I have not treated her badly, except for accusing her of
various misbehaviour and lies, to which she had already admitted, I hung up and turned off my mobile. She rang my in-room phone and apologized that she called me all the time, telling me that she knew that I must be very tired of her calls and
messages, since I turned off my phone? I almost laughed at this. She could have sent me an SMS, which I would have received, when I turned my phone back on – but no. She had to call my in-room phone!

Nevertheless, this is the end of story. I have only had contact with her twice since, when she called me to ask, how I was. To which I reply: Delete my number and get lost!

Summary: Unlike so many of the other stories, I have read in here, I was never asked for money. It never cost me any other amount of money than I chose to pay. Yes, she was a liar, but at least not trying to suck me for cash. In which case,
I would have been wise enough to say no. I have never had any desire to let my hard earned cash provide for a whore's needs when I was not around. I never had any intention of saving her or playing the white knight in shining armour. I was
in love, yes and I was stupid enough to believe in her lies, when I arrived here. But fortunately, it never took me a long time to find out and she never had me framed for money.

What I am most happy about is that I already had planned to move to Thailand and set up a business here along with my overseas business. I did not move here for reasons of love solely and I am determined to be successful here. I have learned
a lesson yet again and I am happy about all of my previous experiences in my life, whether they are good or bad. Life has taught me that experiences are priceless. Note: don’t make the same mistake twice!

(Just one comment on another story, which I really hated the ending of: This bloke barfines a lady in a gogo, takes her to hotel room, finds out that she is stealing money from him and he comes up with this ridiculous plan of framing her
completely. He takes her to Indonesia. He arranges a trip to a mountain with a tour guide, makes her go ahead up the mountain with the guide, he trails back to the hotel, leaves little cash for her and no ticket for her to return to Thailand.
What the F***? If I caught someone stealing from me, I would just get rid of her immediately and perhaps tell her employer in the gogo bar – but taking her to another country and leave her with no return ticket is not just stupid, it is
simply mean and very low, Mr. Wyoming. Crime and punishment should somehow relate, but in this case, it is way out of line!)

Stickman's thoughts:

When a girl tells you a calculated lie, it is time to move on. No ifs or buts.

On the subject of guys who get into their girlfriend's email or MSN chat lists, or whatever, I have a question to ask. How tempting is it to change things, to block people or to perhaps even monitor the account regularly so that you intercept emails from other boyfriends? I bet this sort of thing MUST happen and with that in mind, if you have done so, do let us know visa a submission.

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