Stickman Readers' Submissions April 12th, 2007

The Shampoo Girl

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Did you ever see the shampoo girl in the Thai TV advertising to see this white Thai beauty? Over and over. It is just wonderful. If you missed this girl you might see her on the BTS advertising.

It really makes me hypnotized to see her moving her long silky hair from side to side. Over and over. Well this is why we come for. To see the amazing Thailand. I am going to be honest. The shampoo girl was mentioned here before by another
reader. That give me the idea to write of my shampoo girl. Do you know why? Well…my shampoo girl is different. Ok enough of the bad jokes here..

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In Thailand. Reality is stronger then any imagination. Here is a true story.

I had seen it in the apartment in which I live in. I used to live with Thai people for about 18 months. Most of my experiences there were positive and good for me. I was often learning new things from the people and culture I had all the time to observe
my Thai neighbors and the Thai way of life. Now it's 2 years since I returned to my Farangland. It looks like it was yesterday. Many things I forgot but the good thing is that I wrote all of this stories that were worth writing while I stay
in the LOS. I recommend you guys to keep some writing of your own experiences. It's a real treasure and it's not lost..

I don't know her name but she was working in the "night entertainment ". She was a complete night bird about 20-25 years old. I never saw her in the day time. Or afternoon.

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Since she hardly speak any English or show any interest to make a conversation with foreigners guess she was working in the" Thai night entertainment." She always was polite and nice when I meet her. But that was all.

There start to come a Thai rich boyfriend about 40 years old. Everything looked wonderful. Love was in the air (and there was also a secret boyfriend but he wasn't coming while the older guy was around) until those visits stop. It didn't
take long until a police event happened late at night.

One night she returned completely drunk with 3 Thai guys. She was crying so loud that the all the neighbors heard what was going on. Those 3 guys were real gentlemen since this girl was in a complete unstable mental situation and completely
drunk for an hour and more they try to make her calm down but it didn't work. It started to get worse.

In that stage the girl lock herself in her shower room.treat to commit suicide.and she try it. She drink a bottle of shower shampoo and tied herself with an electric cable crying without stopping. She locked herself in the shower. At that
stage someone called the police. In a short time policemen on motorcycle and in trucks were under the building. At least 2 ambulances were there too.

wonderland clinic

Many of the neighbors come near the room to see what going on. Including me. I was no stranger to my neighbors since most of them knew I lived there. But the policemen were a bit surprise. The police officer which run this event didn't
like that I was watching what going on. It took a few minutes until "show time was over". The high officer closed the door and the policemen and medical crew took her out by force and the medical team evacuated her to the nearest hospital
for a stomach wash.

A few days after she retuned. There was no family around her. Only her secret boyfriend was around and move to stay to help and support.

A few days after the first boyfriend appeared and waited for her outside the building. Late at night she returned with someone after work. The older guy try to talk with her but she didn't answer. Suddenly her secret boyfriend appear
arrive with his black Honda car. This all situation was look like taken from the Thai opera soup. Soon after the new guy left with his car quickly. 2 guys left there. It looks like a fight is going to start soon. But this girl make her choice.
She went upstairs with her secret boyfriend. And the older guy left. Sanuk time was over for him with this chick. This is my shampoo girl and it's a true story…

Stickman's thoughts:

Another Thai girl goes crazy…hehehe!

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