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Delightful SE Asian Wife In Europe – Frolicking in Euro Snow

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Fortunately, the sleeping room has balcony access.

7 a.m. I just wake up – and I see, there's fresh snow outside. The exotic bronze creature next to me is still sleeping, or at least she looks like that.

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Naked, I step onto the balcony and grab a handful of fresh new snow, then sneak back into the sleeping room.

I remove a bit of the blanket that covers the exotic creature in my bed. Look, she’s nude. I see the back side of her long, tanned curvy body; framed by long streams of jet black hair.

Ever so slightly, I tic the snowball in my hand onto the creature's delicate back. I expect a scream, but nothing. I tic the snowball onto her crisp, fragile skin again. She starts to wind slowly – winding towards me.

Now what? The creature whispers: "More! I like that."

I slide the snowball down her spine. Now even deeper. Thin currents of ice-cold water trickle down – everywhere.

The creature winds and moans and moves – further towards me.

Exotic indeed, I think as I start to lick her dry.

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For weeks, she takes to the snow in flat sneakers! In her first Euro winter weeks, Nahlee, my SE Asian wife, has nothing better than sneakers, and she doesn't complain. Two hours and more she frolicks on snow-covered lawns and tries to cover her hansband in snow too. She lies down in the snow until I remind her that there is dirt under the white delight and the dirt might now be on her coat. She stays out much longer than I like, but how can I turn down her child-like ecstacy. Next winter we'll have to buy a sledge.

Right now, she definitely needs gloves and sturdy shoes for her snow expeditions. We had bought some gloves and bonnets in the Export Shop and other farang-oriented outlets on MBK's 1st and 3rd floors. This gear is ok for a fresh Autumn day, but not for solid winter fun. In town, she soon has decided on massive skiing gloves. Only later we discover that she can't mount the second glove without assistance.

For shoes, I show her various kinds of boots on the internet, and we agree that high hiking boots are best for various activities including snow outings. A little later she will look for fashionable town-worthy high boots to wear on city trips.

We go to town and first check a recommended sports shop. She finally narrows her choice down to two different pairs of high hiking shoes:

– one pair is very sturdy and protective, but also heavy and blocky; any dirt will drop off them;

– one pair is more feminine and light, but surely not so protective and due to black suede more prone to look dirty.

She doesn't try them on so far. We agree to look around more, but that the heavy blocky ones would already be a good choice.

We tour two more shops, then decide to go back to the first shop to buy the blocky shoes. When we are there, Nahlee changes abruptly: She can't take the blocky ones, it must be the (less useful, as she knows) feminine shoes. "I could wear them to town too", she argues, even though I wanted her to find good winter boots for town on a separate mission.

On a general note, Nahlee still has to realize that slim smart-looking outfit – like the feminine hiking boots – is not a smart choise for the cold Euro winter. Weeks ago, on top of her short winter jacket she had demanded a knee-long back-stitched downpadded coat, the style her friend Dao wears to school every day. But when Nahlee tries a back-stitched downpadded coat in the shop, she asks annoyed, "Why I look so fat in this?" I say she doesn’t look fat, just like a back-stitched downpadded rice-sack. No back-stitched downpadded coat is bought then.

And now in the sports shop, she has to try the hiking boots of her choice. She sits down on the chair, and a salesman kneels down to manoeuvre her into the shoes. Firmly he fastens the bootlaces. She looks quite irritated already. "Now get up and walk around", I suggest.

As she gets up and walks two steps, her face suddenly looks shocked and angry. As if someone said something very impolite. What is that? Even salespeople and other customers notice her mood drop and look worried.

Why her bad temper? Here's why: It is the very first time in her life that Nahlee has had any shoes around her ankles! My exotic hot country creature is mostly used to sandals only, with a few sneakers, college shoes and closed high heels for a change. But never did she have shoes locking firmly around her ankles, as hiking boots should. She feels strangled around her feet! An exotic moment for her and for us.

Finally she makes a helpless smile and points down as if she had a ton of concrete on each foot: "How can one walk with that, dear?" The salespeople practice poker faces.

Very, very patiently I encourage my petulant wife to walk around more to see if these shoes could be hers. – "How can one walk with that, dear?"

Finally she agrees to buy them and today fully acknowledges that – on snow outings – hiking boots are so much more useful than her thin sneakers.


11 p.m., she falls asleep. I: “Do you know already what you will dream tonight, dear?” Just a mild joke.

She, unexpectedly firm: “Sure I know!”

“And what?”

“I'll dream about what I will eat tomorrow, of course.” With a triumphant smile, she's off to lala land.


I go back to the office. When I return to bed around 2 a.m., I see huge snowflakes coming down in the moonlight. She has an early appointment tomorrow morning, but I know she will like to see the fresh snow anyway. I fall asleep beside her.

Next morning I wake up from a loud “WHOAAA!!”

Is that the wife? Does she face an attack by that most dangerous of all creatures, a worm??

No, when I manage to open my eyes I see a naked Asian lady by the window – marvelling at the fresh white snow.

“Such a lot of new fresh snow, dear, come and look!! And more is coming down!”

“Ah, no, may I snooze another minute? I already saw the snow last night from the office window, it looked nice in the moon light.”


You saw the snow coming down in beautiful moonlight and did not tell me?? Why didn’t you wake me up to see snow falling in the moonlight??”

“Ah, you said you wanted to dream about today's food, didn’t you?”

“Oh, you know you can wake me up if lovely snow is falling!!”

She is seriously miffed!

"Hans, you like some lovely fresh snow on your body?!"

"NOO!! Don't you dare!"

"But you gave me a wonderful snow massage last time. Now I'll give back some snow to you, ok?"

"DEAR – I WARN you!!!"

Unfortunately, the sleeping room has balcony access.


Finally, she has to go out. So she stuffs herself into several layers of dress plus her new feminine town-worthy walking boots, and I help her to get into her massive skiing gloves, because she can’t mount them alone.

I take her to the house door. Snow is coming down by the truckload now. She jumps out and frolicks in the snow storm like a puppy. “Look, such a fresh new snow”, she raves, throwing the white substance all over herself, hugging every flake within reach.

“Dear, you have an appointment, don’t you? It’s a bit late already.”

“May I please enjoy this lovely snow a bit? You know, I never had that in my life, so please bear with me, ok?”

Off she is into the blizzard.

There I stand on the porch, half-naked in the driving snow. A dot that used to be my wife disappears into the white noise – but not before a snowball lands on my chest. And still I feel warm inside and out.

I return to the apartment for my breakfast. Oh look, she’s already cut me some fruit.

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Very nice, again!

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