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The Angels of Eden

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I stepped into the Eden Club at 10.00 PM sharp to pick up my ladies for the evening. They were waiting for me at the bar – Thumper, with whom I’d spent many delightful hours in the past and Bambi, who I’d never met before,
but came strongly recommended by Thumper. I got the usual bubbly welcome with smiles, kisses and hugs from Thumper, while Bambi was understandably more reserved, but gave me a warm greeting nevertheless. I noticed Bambi was holding the Eden traveling
bag of toys. Already my pulse was quickening and we'd just said hello. I knew that within the next few hours I'd be treated to a virtuoso performance of the Eden Club theme song, Duet On A Skin Flute (or piccolo, if I'm to be honest).

Thumper was at that time one of the stars of Eden – she stood on the left side of the line of anal demarcation- and was very well known throughout the BKK scene. She stood a few inches over five feet, weighed around 95 lbs, had a sweet
face and larger chest than many TGs. The scribe who thought up the word “cuddly” could have been thinking of her. She also spoke fluent English and had both an thorough understanding of, and affinity for, farang culture. On one of
our first evenings together, we'd had a late snack at the Huntsman Pub in the Landmark Hotel. She dumbfounded me by ordering steak-and-kidney pie. At the many breakfast buffets we shared together, she would load up on fried eggs, sausage,
baked beans and toast, while I ate rice porridge because of a stomach burned out by too many years of hard drinking and fast food.

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Slim and lithe, Bambi was taller than Thumper. She was also more provincial and her skills in English were limited. She was definitely cute and her smile melted my heart. I believed her when she said she was “shy,” even if that's
a term not often used about Eden ladies. Like her Disney namesake, there was something gentle, innocent and unsullied about her, her occupation not withstanding. At that time, she stood on the right of the line, but has since become a lefty.

I paid the standard all-night take-away fee (3,000 baht per lady) and we set off to my room at the Town Lodge Hotel. The plan that we hatched during the tax ride was that I would change clothes – I was wearing business attire because of obligations
earlier in the evening- then we’d go out for something to eat.

As we turn into Soi 18, Thumper suggested we could eat at the Rang Mahal, the Indian restaurant atop the Rembrandt Hotel, also on Soi 18. I agreed immediately and we had the taxi drop us off at the Rembrandt. It was a great restaurant and
a great meal. Among her other talents, Thumper is something of a gourmand and knew exactly what dishes to order. She ate with gusto, but Bambi just picked at hers and ate mostly rice. I got the feeling she'd rather have Thai food. There was
enough for six people and we left with a stack of take-away cartoons. As we exited the Rembrandt, a well-dressed man was arguing furiously at the front desk about paying a joiner fee. The hotel boasts several excellent restaurants, but isn't
guest friendly. The Rembrandt's tuk-tuk, with the uniformed doorman driving, took us the final yards to the TL.

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I parked the ladies in the bar of TOXIC at the TL, then rushed up to my room to put the food in the mini-fridge, shower and change clothes. I knew I'd be getting a thorough Eden-style scrubbing from in a short while, but I didn't
want to appear before the ladies as one of the lowest creatures on the customer scale – a stinky man. It reminded me of my mother, who at the age of 88, would spend hours straightening up her house before the weekly visit of the cleaning
lady. Mom said she didn't want the cleaning lady to think she was dirty or untidy.

Refreshed, smelling good and comfortably dressed, I went back to TOXIC. Bambi and Thumper had ordered brandies, but I had the very sexy bar tender make me one of her signature “Sex on the Beach” cocktails. I also exchanged some
words with TOXIC's owner, a very friendly guy. The five bar girls were having a great time dancing with each other as well as the guests. Those girls don't usually dance. They wear ordinary clothes and normally sit quietly until a guest
notices them. But that night they were in fine fettle and even Thumper and I got roped into the dancing. True to her shyness, Bambi sat by and watched.

After plenty of laughs (and drinks) all round, we adjourned to my hotel room, one of the jacuzzi suites at the TL. The ladies were impressed by it. Thumper turned on the water, then began arranging candles and incense sticks in the jacuzzi
room. Bambi took me into the bathroom for the scrub down. She went over every millimeter of my body, including about an inch inside. She even scraped under my fingernails and filed them down as I kissed goodbye to my $45 NYC manicure. She watched
as I brushed my teeth and gargled with mouthwash.

Once she was satisfied I was clean, she dried me off a bit and led me back to the jacuzzi. I'd brought a bottle of glow-in-the-dark bath foam and Thumper had used it with good effect. The mounds of bubbles reflected the light of the
candles she had lit in the otherwise dark room and the effect was striking. Bambi saw to it I was settled in the tub and began massaging my shoulders while Thumper went for her shower. When Thumper returned, Bambi went back for her intimate washing.

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Thumper climbed in and began some gentle and incredibly skillful foreplay. Bambi rejoined us quickly and took her place in the jacuzzi. Between the two of them, things were getting very exciting. This slow and dreamy manipulation continued
as I lay back and soaked in the jacuzzi.

I would have been happy to have stayed in that jacuzzi for eternity, but Thumper eventually asked me to stand up. After a brief detour to the bathroom to rinse off the bath foam, we climbed on the huge bed in the suite's other room.
The underbed lighting was perfect – enough light to follow all the action but subdued enough for the shy Bambi.

Deep Throat Versus Venus Butterfly

The oral extravaganza then began in earnest. The ladies worked as a perfect team and complemented each other. From past associations, Thumper knew I liked a lot of foreplay and for the
pace to build slowly. She was an expert in the Venus butterfly technique, using tongue and finger flutters, while Bambi was the deep throat specialist.

Maybe inspired by the Indian meal, we tried positions from the Kama Sutra that night. I don't know the Sanskrit names, but we did cowboy, reverse cowboy, doggy, spoon and missionary that would have Dr. Livingstone whirling in his grave.
Thumper knew I wasn’t in any hurry and in between the fast, furious bouts of sex, we talked and joked a lot. The ladies seemed amused by the amount of work it would take to make me climax. I mentioned one of the positions of the Kama Sutra
had the woman up-side-down. I don't know if that was literally true, but I thought I remembered seeing it in a picture of a temple sculpture and it sounded good at the time.

Thumper's face lit up like a Christmas tree and she said she'd like to try . I'm not acquainted with the Kama Sutra at all, but I have seen plenty of porno films. We put some pillows on the floor and Thumper lay with her shoulders
on them, then raised her torso, ending up in the bicycle exercise position I remembered from high school phys ed classes. Bambi helped hold her in place, hardly able to control her amusement at the situation. I was able to enter Thumper, but wasn't
easy or much fun. We also tried it with Thumper propped up against the side of the bed, but again, the angles were all wrong. Unless the man is supple as a rubber band or is hung like King Kong, up-side-down sex isn't practical.

The novelty had worn off for me and I was ready to try something else. Thumper kept saying, “More! More!” and I pushed harder and deeper. I don't know if she really came, but I sure did. Bambi and Thumper may not have actually
reached orgasm, but they gave convincing performances. A lot of P4P is about maintaining illusion and when illusion becomes inseparable from reality, it's as good as reality. We lay back in the middle of the bed and snuggled for a while and
They pressed tight against me as I basked in the post-orgasm glow.

It doesn't get any better than that. I was totally satisfied and wanted to sleep as soon as the clean-up session was over. After the ladies washed me and closed the bathroom door for their own wash up, I took some money out of the mini-safe.
I normally tip the Eden ladies 1,000 baht apiece for an overnight session, but they deserved more for this extraordinary adventure. I discretely pressed 1,500 baht into each of their palms.

For me, the session was over, but the ladies had other plans. In bed again, Bambi said she was hungry. I'm sure she remembered we had plenty of food in the fridge, so I asked her what she wanted to eat. Some conversation with Thumper
in Thai and the answer came back, “Papaya salad from the street.” Thumper prefers the luxury cocoon of a big five-star hotel and liked being able to phone for room service in the middle of the night, but Bambi preferred the nitty-gritty
of the Bangkok street scene. I told her if she wanted som tom, we could go out and get it.

Then came the next surprise . Thumper asked me if I'd ever been to a night market. Yes, but many years ago. Would I like to go? My honest would have been, “Not really,” but it seemed a small enough favor to grant after
all they'd done for me. And besides, I was getting too set in my ways, I needed a bit of spontaneous adventure even if I was tired.

Sure, I said and the ladies acted like kids on Christmas morning. Thumper began chanting, “Go market! Go market!” as we got dressed.

By then it was 3.30 AM and the three of us stepped out into a night as hot and humid as a steam bath. We only had to walk 50 meters until a cab swung onto Soi 18 from a sub-soi. We piled into the cab, Thumper still chanting, “Go market!
Go market!”

The cab turned down Sukhumvit Road and there were still masses of mongers and maidens in motion, although gaps were appearing in the wall of punters and providers. We continued past Soi 1 and the driver eventually turned right. I had no idea
where we were heading, but later found out it was the Bo Bae textile night market. I still have no concept of its location, other than it was about a 20-minute cab ride from Soi 18.

It was packed with people, thousands it seemed. Textiles and clothing of all description was sold from the stalls along the sidewalks. I saw only a tiny bit of it, but the night market stretched for blocks. For those of you who pride yourselves
on visiting places without other farangs, I have no problem recommending Bo Bae. The whole time I was there, I saw exactly one other farang. More about her later.

Cockroaches and Ladyboys

We looked around for awhile – there wasn't much of interest to me. I'd mentioned to the ladies I wanted to buy some souvenirs for my mother and other relatives, but Bo Bae didn't
hold much promise in my eyes. It was clothing by the bails, probably straight from Chinese factories. But commerce was brisk and Thumper lost no more time in beginning with her shopping. Bambi took me to a street eatery and we sat down on stools
at a rickety card table. The owner seemed pleased to see me and immediately plunked down two battered tin cups with ice water. I was very thirsty, but imagined there were whole battalions of bacteria in the water waiting to attack my intestinal
tract. Bambi ordered som tom for herself, but that would be a bit fiery for me at 4.00 am. In the morning, especially after a late dinner heavy on curry. Bambi ordered something for me, describing it only as “not spicy.” What I got
was a bowl of beef broth with thick, rope-like noodles and bits of beef offal floating in it. I guess Thai food doesn't get much more authentic than that and the broth tasted delicious, but I was still full from dinner and good only manage
a few spoonfuls. The chipped, mismatched bowls, tin spoons and one-cockroaches scurrying in the sour-smelling gutter also tended to blunt my appetite.

Thumper appeared with bags of clothing as well as some bottles of water and a few cans of Seven Up. She also had a cold towel which she laid across my neck. I drained a bottle of water – my bodily fluids needed to be replenished –
and started on a can of the soda. Thumper ate her own bowl of broth and scarfed down the rest of mine as well. She and Bambi had a brief conversation, the crux of it being that Bambi thought I needed to get back to the hotel because of the heat
and my tiredness. Thumper promised to finish her shopping quickly – she was buying “clothes for children and sexy clothes for ladies -” and Bambi and I continued to sit. She also continued to fuss, borrowing a newspaper from
the eatery's owner so she could fan me with it. We munched on a bowl of peanuts he put in front of us. After some minutes of rather boring people watching, I saw a motorcycle stop and a young farang woman, hop off the back. She had Mediterranean
features, but could have come from anywhere. A short, ratty-looking Thai guy sidled up beside her and something changed hands between them. I'd seen that kind of situation many time in Manhattan and knew what it meant. For some unfathomable
reason – maybe because I was bored – I decided to talk to the girl. I stood up, told Bambi to stay put and strode towards the girl. I no idea what I was going to say, perhaps something lame like “Just say no!” But I
never got the chance. As soon as the girl saw me, she jumped back on the motorbike and the driver peeled away so fast he almost dumped her in the street.

Bambi looked at me like I had been too long in the heat. I said, :joke, joke” to excuse myself, but in truth, it had been a very idiotic thing to do. The best way to get yourself hurt is to interfere with a doper and his or her score.
I mentally castigated myself for my stupidity, then paid the eatery owner all of 60 baht for our food. Bambi and I set off to find Thumper. She hadn't gotten far. Bambi started looking at children's clothing herself and I was left to
my own devices for a few minutes. As I stared aimlessly at the street, I felt a hand run up underneath my shirt. I thought it must be either Bambi or Thumper, although that would be out of character for them. I turned to face two lady boys, one
of whom was taller than me. They didn't really smile at me, just sort of leered. It wasn't a pleasant moment.

Then, by magic, Thumper appears at one side of me and Bambi at the other. It was the ladies versus the lady boys and by the tone of it, the ladies were winning. The lady boys shrugged and moved on. I asked my defenders what had been said.
Thumper just shook her head and Bambi answered, “Not beautiful,” as if that explained everything. By now, Thumper was totally loaded with bag after bag. Bambi and I helped her carry them. One more place to look and then we'd
go back to the hotel, Thumper said. She guided us to a stall which sold lengths of Thai silk. She and Bambi wanted to buy some lengths as gifts for my mother and other relatives of mine in the U.S. I protested that wasn't necessary, but they
insisted it was. They suggested three lengths and asked me to pick the colors. I chose royal blue, gold and a tan-brown hue. Thumper said farangs liked bright colors, while Thais would prefer the milder tan color, That's not exactly the color
scheme of the clothing of most TGs I knew, herself included, but maybe she was thinking of traditional styles.

The shopping complete, we caught a cab back to the Town Lodge. On the way back up Sukhumvit Road , Thumper asked the driver to pull over so she could buy breakfast at a food stall. Even though it was 5.30 AM, there were still a lot of people
in the street, but now the girls outnumbered the punters by three to one. The ladies hopped out and came back quickly with several bags of food. Thumper said she'd eaten my times at that stall on the way back home after all-night sessions
and it was very clean.

“When a lady boom-booms all day, she needs a lot of energy and has to eat a lot,” Thumper said.

Breakfast back at the hotel consisted of sticks of fried dough and bowls of rice porridge with meatballs of pork. The ladies stirred egg yolks – maybe from a duck egg – into theirs, but I passed on that. They brewed tea from the in-house
supply, I drank water. Feeling content but very tired, I thanked them profusely for the night's adventures and gifts. I tried to give them an extra 500 baht each, but they refused. Thumper said she knew I was trying to pay for the gifts,
but if I did that, it wouldn't be a gift. This had been a night that went beyond heavy-duty fucking and sucking. How much further I wouldn't realize until several months later. Already it numbered among my very best in-bed and out-of-bed
P4P experiences. I was ready to sleep and thought the ladies would want to head home. But they had one more surprise for me. I said I was going to take a shower and Bambi joined me again. For the second time that night, I got the full Eden scrub,
right down to the fingernails. After everyone was thoroughly washed, we crawled into bed.

Thumper asked me if I wanted to come again. I said I did, but didn't think I could. Some more cuddling and kissing, then some sleep. I woke up a t about 10.30 a.m to urinate. Bambi was still beside me, Thumper was nowhere to be seen.
I woke up again at about 1.00 p.m and Bambi had gone as well. I saw Bambi and Thumper several more times in the following days. Bambi told me she'd made a 1,000 baht profit on the Bo Bae clothes she'd sold to friends and neighbors. For
a lady of Thumper's caliber, there are quicker ways of earning 1,000 baht, but it was important for her to have earned money other than from P4P.

When I returned to the States, a friend of my took a picture of me presenting the lengths of silk to my mother. I made copies of the photo and sent them to Bambi and Thumper. Two months later, my mom passed away, suddenly and peacefully.
We used one of the lengths of silk – tan-brown color than Thai people like – to cover the table on which the urn with her ashes was placed at her funeral. Later, when the urn was interred beside the remains of my father, it was wrapped
in the same length of silk.

I took a trip to Thailand shortly after my mother's death and met up with Bambi and Thumper again, but separately. Bambi was still working at Eden, Thumper had left (she's since returned). It told them both of my mother' s
death , they were very sorry. I few days later, Bambi gave me a beautifully framed enlargement of the photo that I had sent her of my mother getting the silk from me.

That's class, gentlemen. Real class, something you don't see much of today. Not in Thailand or Farangland. The picture from Bambi, and the lengths of silk, are among the most precious gifts I've ever received. And they came
from ladies at the Eden Club.

Stickman's thoughts:

I'm not normally one for such reports, but this was particularly well written, definitely a cut above the average naughty boy's romping report.

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